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Ouf, S. A., J. Almarashi, and A. - A. Mohamed, Characterization and Evaluation of Cold Atmospheric Plasma as Seedborne Fungal Disinfectant and Promoting Mediator for Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Moringa Oleifera Seedlings, : Research Square, 2022. Abstract

Large volume atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma was developed and investigated to enhance the biological activities of M. oleifera seeds. The generated plasma was characterized optically, electrically, and spectroscopically. The large volume plasma size can reach 40 mm gape and 150 mm diameter. One hundred ns magnetic pulse compression high voltage system was used to generate the plasma where the current increases with increasing applied voltage at a constant frequency and discharge gap while the current decreases with increasing discharge gap at constant voltage and frequency. The plasma homogeneity was enhanced with higher applied voltage and frequency. Nitrogen second positive system bands dominated the plasma emission spectra, and its intensity increased with increasing applied voltage and frequency. There was a steady reduction in the total count of emerged seedborne fungi on the application of cold plasma with complete elimination of fungi at ≥ 13 A. The low doses of cold plasma (3.9 and 5.8 A) induced an increase in the seed germination, a significant increase in chlorophyll content (chl a and chl b ) and antioxidant activities of the seedlings emerged from soaked or wet seeds rather than dry seeds. There was a steady reduction in the total count of emerged fungi reaching complete decontamination of seedborne fungi at higher plasma doses (≥ 13 A). The plasma was harmful when applied at higher doses (≥ 13 A) and more harmful to the wet seeds compared to the dry ones, where the chlorophyll a content of the seedling developed from 1% H 2 O 2 soaked seeds.

Wahdan, A. S., A. A. Al-Madawi, K. A. El-Shafey, and S. H. Othman, "Comparison of intermittent versus continuous infusion of 3% hypertonic saline on intracranial pressure in traumatic brain injury using ultrasound assessment of optic nerve sheath", EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF ANAESTHESIA, vol. 38, issue 1, pp. 291-299, 2022.
Iqbal, T., M. Ashraf, S. Afsheen, A. Masood, M. T. Qureshi, S. T. Obediat, M. F. Hamed, and M. S. Othman, "Copper sulfide (CuS) doped with carbon quantum dots (CQD) as an efficient photo catalyst", Optical Materials, vol. 125: Elsevier, pp. 112116, 2022. Abstract
Sen, P., L. Gupta, J. B. Lilleker, V. Aggarwal, S. Kardes, M. Milchert, T. Gheita, B. Salim, T. Velikova, A. E. Gracia-Ramos, et al., "COVID-19 vaccination in autoimmune disease (COVAD) survey protocol.", Rheumatology international, vol. 42, issue 1, pp. 23-29, 2022. Abstract

The coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues to be a cause of unprecedented global morbidity and mortality. Whilst COVID-19 vaccination has emerged as the only tangible solution to reducing poor clinical outcomes, vaccine hesitancy continues to be an obstacle to achieving high levels of vaccine uptake. This represents particular risk to patients with autoimmune diseases, a group already at increased risk of hospitalization and poor clinical outcomes related to COVID-19 infection. Whilst there is a paucity of long-term safety and efficacy data of COVID-19 vaccination in patients with autoimmune diseases, the current evidence strongly suggests that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of adverse effects and disease flares. Herein, we report the protocol of the COVID-19 Vaccination in Autoimmune Diseases (COVAD) study, an ongoing international collaborative study involving 29 countries and over 110 investigators.

Sonousi, A., R. A. Hassan, E. O. Osman, A. M. Abdou, and S. H. Emam, "Design and synthesis of novel quinazolinone-based derivatives as EGFR inhibitors with antitumor activity", Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry, vol. 37, issue 1, pp. 2644-2659, 2022.
Ouf, A. M. A., H. A. Allam, M. Kamel, F. A. Ragab, and S. A. Abdel-Aziz, "Design, synthesis, cytotoxic and enzyme inhibitory activities of 1,3,4-oxadiazole and 1,3,4-thiadiazine hybrids against non-small cell lung cancer ", Results in Chemistry , vol. 4, pp. 100373, 2022.
Osemwinyen, O., A. Hemeida, F. Martin, I. T. Gürbüz, P. S. Ghahfarokhi, and A. Belahcen, "Determination of core losses using an inverse modeling technique", IEEE Access, vol. 10: IEEE, pp. 29224–29232, 2022. Abstract
Yasser, N., Samy Sayed, N. Ghanem, A. Thabit, A. Abdelal, W. Elmenofy, and E. Osman, "Determination of virulence and genetic variability of three Spodoptera littoralis nucleopolyhedrovirus isolates from Egypt", Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control, vol. 32, issue 15: Springer, pp. 1-8, 2022. Abstract
Mohamed, E. H., A. B. Nashed, M. A. F. Elainin, and D. A. Osman, "Effect of Body Composition on Thyroid Hormones in Euthyroid Post-pubertal Females: An Observational Study", Egyptian Journal of Physical Therapy, vol. 9, issue 1, pp. 9-14, 2022. Website
Noor, N. E., K. A. Olama, and R. S. Abdul-Rahman, "Effect of Body Mass Index on Plantar Pressure Distribution in Children During Standing", International journal of health sciences, vol. 6, issue S1, pp. 373-381, 2022.
Noor, N. A., E. N. Hosny, Y. A. Khadrawy, I. M. Mourad, A. I. Othman, H. A. S. ezz, and H. S. Mohammed, "Effect of curcumin nanoparticles on streptozotocin-induced male Wistar rat model of Alzheimer’s disease", Metabolic Brain Disease, vol. 37, pp. 343–357, 2022.
Osman, D. A., A. M. AlShenqiti, hamada ahmed hamada, and M. I. Mabrouk, "Effect of exercise versus diet on visceral adiposity indicators in obese postmenopausal diabetic women: A comparative study", Fizjoterapia Polska, vol. 22, issue 2, pp. 42-48, 2022. Website
Emara, H. M., H. A. Khalil, M. A. F. Elainin, and D. A. Osman, "Effect of low level laser therapy versus pulsed electromagnetic field on cortisol level in primary dysmenorrhea : A randomized controlled trial", Egyptian Journal of Physical Therapy, vol. 9, pp. 15-20, 2022. Website
Mohamed, K. N., K. S. Abdulaziz, M. A. F. Elainin, and D. A. Osman, "Effect of Shockwave Therapy on Postmenopausal Sacroiliac Joint Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial", The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine, vol. 88, issue 1, pp. 4024-4030, 2022. ejhm-volume_88-issue_1-_page_4024-4030.pdfWebsite
WK, A., I. AA, A. OW, H. M. Hussein, A. SM, and AlsubaieSF, "Effect of twelve-week concurrent aerobic and resisted exercise training in non-dialysis day on functional capacity and quality of life in chronic kidney disease patients", Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci, vol. 26, issue 17, pp. 6098-6106, 2022. abdelbasit_et_al_2022.pdf
Taha, H. S., G. Youssef, R. M. Omar, A. M. Kamal El Din, A. A. Shams El Din, and M. S. Meshaal, "Efficacy and speed of conversion of recent onset atrial fibrillation using oral propafenone versus parenteral amiodarone: A randomized controlled comparative study.", Indian heart journal, 2022. Abstract

BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation is the most commonly encountered arrhythmia. Several antiarrhythmic agents are effective in restoring and maintaining sinus rhythm.

AIM OF THE WORK: To compare the efficacy and rapidity of conversion of recent onset atrial fibrillation using oral propafenone versus intravenous infusion of amiodarone.

METHODS: The study included 200 patients with recent onset atrial fibrillation. Patients were equally divided into 2 groups; group A where intravenous infusion amiodarone was given and group B where oral propafenone was administrated. The effectiveness and the time needed for conversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm were compared in both groups.

RESULTS: The success of conversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm was 83% in group A and 85% in group B, p-value = 0.699. The time elapsed from drug administration till conversion of atrial fibrillation was 9.07 ± 5.04 hours in group A versus 3.9 ± 1.54 hours in group B, p-value = 0.001. In both groups, patients who showed failed conversion had a significantly larger left atrial diameter and a significantly higher high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) level.

CONCLUSION: Oral propafenone was faster than parenteral amiodarone in the conversion of recent onset atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm. Patients with failed conversion had a bigger left atrial diameter and a higher hsCRP when compared to patients with successful conversion.

Saber, A. M., M. F. O. Hameed, J. El-Azab, R. Y. Amer, T. Ismail, and S. S. A. Obayya, "Efficient Partial Discharge Detection by Plasmonic Photonic Crystal Fiber Sensor with Bimetallic Grating", IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation: IEEE, 2022. Abstract
Fouad, Y., G. Esmat, R. Elwakil, S. Zakaria, A. Yosry, I. Waked, M. El-Raziky, W. Doss, M. El-Serafy, E. Mostafa, et al., "The egyptian clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of metabolic associated fatty liver disease.", Saudi journal of gastroenterology : official journal of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association, vol. 28, issue 1, pp. 3-20, 2022. Abstract

The landscape of chronic liver disease in Egypt has drastically changed over the past few decades. The prevalence of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) has risen to alarming levels. Despite the magnitude of the problem, no regional guidelines have been developed to tackle this disease. This document provides the clinical practice guidelines of the key Egyptian opinion leaders on MAFLD screening, diagnosis, and management, and covers various aspects in the management of MAFLD. The document considers our local situations and the burden of clinical management for the healthcare sector and is proposed for daily clinical practical use. Particular reference to special groups was done whenever necessary.

El-Bashar, R., M. Hussein, S. F. Hegazy, Y. Badr, B. M. A. Rahman, K. T. V. Grattan, M. F. Hameed, S. S. A. Obayya, and others, "Electrical performance of efficient quad-crescent-shaped Si nanowire solar cell", Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1: Nature Publishing Group, pp. 1–20, 2022. Abstract
El-Bashar, R., M. Hussein, S. F. Hegazy, Y. Badr, B. M. A. Rahman, K. T. V. Grattan, M. F. Hameed, S. S. A. Obayya, and others, "Electrical performance of efficient quad-crescent-shaped Si nanowire solar cell", Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1: Nature Publishing Group, pp. 1–20, 2022. Abstract