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N, H., S. O, and M. N., "Diphencyprone and Topical Tacrolimus as Two Topical Immunotherapeutic Modalities", J Dermatol treat, 2011. Abstract

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of two topically applied immunomodulative agents through the detection of lymphocyte subsets using monoclonal antibodies against CD4, CD8 and MHC II. Methods: Fifty patients from the Departments of Medical Biochemistry, Dermatology and Pathology at Cairo University with different degrees of alopecia areata (AA) were included in this study. They were classified into two groups each of 25 patients. Each patient was treated with the immunomodulative agent on one side of the scalp and the other side was left as a control. Biopsies were taken from all patients at the beginning of treatment and at the end of the study. Tissue specimens were prepared for histologic and immunophenotypic analysis. The main outcome measures were the uses of diphencyprone (DPCP) and topical tacrolimus as two topical immunotherapeutic modalities in the treatment of AA.

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