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Abdel-Ghani, N. T., M. S. Rizk, and M. Mostafa, " Extractive determination of ephedrine hydrochloride and bromhexine hydrochloride in pure solutions, pharmaceutical dosage form and urine samples", Spectrochimica Acta, Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, vol. 111, pp. 131-141, 2013. Abstract

Simple, rapid, sensitive, precise and accurate spectrophotometric methods for the detn. of ephedrine hydrochloride (E- HCl) and bromhexine hydrochloride (Br-HCl) in bulk samples, dosage form and in spiked urine samples were investigated. The methods are based on the formation of a yellow colored ion-assocs. due to the interaction between the examd. drugs with picric acid (PA), chlorophyllin coppered trisodium salt (CLPH), alizarin red (AR) and ammonium reineckate (Rk) reagents. A buffer soln. had been used and the extn. was carried out using org. solvent, the ion assocs. exhibit absorption maxima at 410, 410, 430 and 530 nm of (Br-HCl)with PA, CLPH, AR and Rk resp.; 410, 410, 435 and 530 of (E-HCl) with PA, CLPH, AR and Rk resp. (E-HCl) and (Br-HCl) could be detd. up to 13, 121, 120 and 160; 25, 200, 92 and 206 µg mL-1, using PA, CLPH, AR and Rk resp. The optimum reaction conditions for quant. anal. were investigated. In addn., the molar absorptivity, Sandell sensitivity were detd. for the investigated drug. The correlation coeff. was ≥0.995 (n = 6) with a relative std. deviation (RSD) ≤1.15 for five selected concns. of the reagents. Therefore the concn. of Br-HCl and E-HCl drugs in their pharmaceutical formulations and spiked urine samples had been detd. successfully.

Abu El-Ezz, N. M. T., O. A. Mahdy, and A. A. Zayed, " Fine structures of adult female of Ergasilus sieboldi (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoidea) from Egyptian freshwater fish (Bagrus bayad)", Assiut Vet. Med. J. , vol. Vol.51 (106), pp. 127-138, 2005.
S, A. - A., E. S. A. Gaber O, M. D, A. M, K. EZ, and E. I, " FLT3-ITD Mutations in Egyptian Patients of Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Correlation with Cytogenetic, FAB Subgroups and Prognosis", Clin Lab, vol. May(1)63, issue 5, pp. 1027-1034, 2017.
Mahdi, A. E., A. E. Nakib, and D. Barakat, " Foreign Direct Investment in Egypt", The State of African cities 2018-The geography of African Investment: UNHABITAT, 2018. alia_fdi_report.pdf
Negm, S., G. E. Shenawy, K. Naga, M. Naga, and S. M. Mahfouz, " Gastroduodenal changes in collagen diseases", The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine, vol. 2, issue 1, pp. 377-379, 1988.
Maksoud, K. M. A., M. A. El-Shafeiy, and T. G. Rashed, " Geo-education in Egypt, ideas, challenges and vision.", International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review, vol. Vol.1, issue (2), pp. 14-20, 2014.
NR, E. B., Z. MM, H. OM, R. MK, and O. D, " Giardia Assemblages A and B in Diarrheic Patients: A Comparative Study in Egyptian Children and Adults.", J Parasitol., vol. 102, issue 1, pp. 69-74, 2016.
M.Omar, H., O. H.Omar, and M. S. Al-Dhubaibi, " Gigantobilharzia, possible cause of cercarial dermatitis: Case report ", International Journal of Health Sciences, Qassim University, , vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 145-153, 2016.
Metwaly, A., A. A. – Enein, A. Abd-Allah, and E. A. Hanafy, " Google Scholar", Egyptian Journal of Chemistry, vol. 65, issue 132, pp. 1193-1204, 2022. ejchem_volume_65_issue_132_pages_1193-1204.pdf
Mahmoud, S. M., A. A. Bayoumy, and W. A. E. N. Mohsen2, " Graphene Oxide Nano Sheets Increase Brain Damage and Alter Dopamine, Norepinephrine and 5-Hydroxytryptamine Levels in Brain of Albino Mice", International Archives of Integrated Medicine, vol. 5, issue 12, pp. 1-14, 2018.
Abdel-Razik, M. S. M., N. M, H. Ibrahim, and W. G, " Health-related Quality of Life of Young Women Heading their Families: a Community-based Study in El- SaidaZeinab", Bulletin of High Institute of Public Health , vol. 42, issue 2, 2012.
Abdelrazek, F. M., A. A. Fadda, and S. S. Mohamed, " Heterosynthesis using nitriles: novel pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridines. ", Internat. J. Organic Chem., vol. 1, issue ---, pp. 218-223, 2011.
M., M. A., and N. T. Abdel Ghani, " Hydrogen-bond effect, spectroscopic and molecular structure investigation of sulfamethazine Schiff-base: Experimental and quantum chemical calculations", Journal of Molecular Structure, vol. 1040, pp. 226-237, 2013. Abstract

Comprehensive theor. and exptl. structural studies on N-(4,6-dimethyl-pyrimidin-2-yl)-4-[(2-hydroxy-benzylidene)- amino]benzenesulfonamide (SMS) have been carried out by elemental anal., FT IR, 1H NMR, UV-Vis. and MS. Optimized mol. structure and harmonic vibrational frequencies have been investigated by DFT/B3LYP and HF methods combined with 6-31G(d) basis set. Stability of the mol. arises from hyperconjugative interactions, charge delocalization and intramol. hydrogen bond has been analyzed using natural bond orbital (NBO) anal. Electronic structures were discussed by TD-DFT method and the descriptions of frontier MOs and the relocation of the electron d. were detd. 1H NMR chem. shifts were computed by Gauge-invariant AO (GIAO) method in both gas and DMSO media, using the polarizable continuum model (PCM). Structure-activity relationship has been used to correlate biol. activity with some appropriate quantum descriptors such as EHOMO, ELUMO, energy gap, dipole moment (µ), global hardness (η), softness (S), electrophilicity index (ω), mol. polarizability (α), Mulliken electronegativity (χ), Mulliken charge (Qi) and mol. electrostatic potential (MEP).

Mohamed, A. R., H. H. Georgey, R. F. George, W. I. El-Eraky, D. O. Saleh, and N. A. M. Gawad, " Identification of some novel xanthine-based derivatives with bronchodilator activity. ", Future Med. Chem., vol. 9, issue 15, pp. 1731–1747, 2017.
Kandeel, A., Y. Mohamed, M. Mohamed, M. Abougabal, H. A. N. A. N. DARWISH, and M. A. L. Daly, " Impact of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in the initial staging and changing the management intent in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma", EANM'19, 26 August, 2019.
A.A.Farahat, A.A.Alsayed, H. S. El-Beltagy, and N. A. Mahfoud, " Impact of organicand inorganic fertilizers on nematode reproduction and biochemical alterations on tomato.", Notulae Scientia Biologicae 4 (1): 48- 55, vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 48-55, 2012.
Mohammed, A., and F. Stolzenburg, " Implementing hierarchical hybrid automata using constraint logic programming", Proceedings of 22nd Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming, Dresden, Germany, pp. 60-71, 2008.
Taha, A., M. Abdelmomen, O. Mahgoub, and E. Abulzahab, " Improving Permeability of Ferrite Cores Used in Switch-mode Power Supplies.", Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, vol. 13, issue 10, pp. 800-806, 2016.
Abdel-Naeem, H. H. S., A. G. Abdelrahman, K. Imre, A. Morar, V. Herman, and N. A. Yassien, " Improving the structural changes, electrophoretic pattern, and quality attributes of spent hen meat patties by using kiwi and pineapple extracts", Foods , vol. 11, issue 21 , pp. 3430, 2022.
MINIAWY, H. A. L. A. M. F. E. L., GEHAN.G.AHMED, and M. A. R. W. A. A. A. B. D. ELMAGID, " Incidence and morphological classification of hepatic tumours in dromedary camel", Advances in veterinary science research, Singapore, pp. 20-23, 2013.
HM, A., E. - S. SA, S. MF, H. HS, N. HH, A. - A. DM, and T. AE, " Incomplete RV Remodeling After Transcatheter ASD Closure in Pediatric Age.", Pediatr Cardiol, vol. Oct;36, issue 7, pp. 1523-1531, 2015. 8-transcatheter_asd_closure.pdf
A.Salim, S., S. A. Loutfy, E. M.El-Fakharany, T. H.Taha, Y. Hussien, and E. A.Kamoun, " Influence of chitosan and hydroxyapatite incorporation on properties of electrospun PVA/HA nanofibrous mats for bone tissue regeneration: Nanofibers optimization and in-vitro assessment", Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, vol. 62, pp. , 2021. Abstract

This study targets to develop curcumin-loaded polyvinyl alcohol/cellulose nanocrystals (PVA/CNCs) membrane as localized delivery system for breast/liver cancer. A novel strategy was developed for enhancing encapsulation capacity and maximizing therapeutic efficiency of curcumin-loaded PVA/CNCs membranes. Membranes were prepared by solution-casting method using citric acid as crosslinker. SEM revealed that PVA/CNCs ratio (80:20) was chosen as the optimum for loading curcumin. FT-IR indicated that, curcumin was incorporated into PVA/CNCs in amorphous-phase via intermolecular hydrogen bond between curcumin and membrane components. Curcumin showed biphasic-release through burst-release of 41% of curcumin during the first hour, followed by sustained-release of 70% and 94% during 24 h and 48 h, respectively. In vitro cytotoxicity of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membrane exhibited a selective inhibition proliferation of breast and liver cancer cells in a concentration-dependent without any toxic effect on normal cells. At high concentration (8 mg/ml) of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin, reduced viability to 35% and 7% of MCF-7 and Huh-7 cells, respectively; meanwhile high HFB-4 normal cell viability ≥80% was investigated. Antimicrobial activity of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin was investigated by multi-drug-resistant strains, and MIC values. PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membranes with concentration (40 mg/ml) showed broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities, thus inhibited ~96-99% of microbial growth. PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membranes could be as promised anti-infective biomaterials for breast and liver cancer wound healing.

R.S.;, F., G. S. El-Baroty, and A. L. – M., " Influence of paraffin oils on lipid rancidity", Grasas Y Aceites, , vol. 41, pp. 248-255, 1990.
R.S.;, F., G. S. El-Baroty, and A. L. – M., " Influence of paraffin oils on lipid rancidity", Grasas Y Aceites, , vol. 41, pp. 248-255, 1990.