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Sayed, A. A., M. Marzouk, A. M. Soliman, and S. R. Fahmy, Novel Antiosteoporotic supplements against estrogen deprived rats, , Germany, LAP - LAMBERT academic Publishing, 2014.
Sayed, A., M. Marzouk, A. M. Soliman, and S. R. Fahmy, Novel antiosteoporotic supplements against estrogen deprived rats, , Germany, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014.
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Ahmed Abdalrahman hassan Assistant Lecturer of nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, C. U. E., C. U. E. Eglal Ahmed A.EL Wahab Assistant professor of nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, and F. N. C. U. E. of Magda Abd El Hamid, Assistant professor of nursing Administration, ocupation hazards and safety practices in cardiac cathterization unit , , berlin , lampart acadmy puplisher , 2015. 978-3-659-68405-0_coverpreview.pdf
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Mansour, M., M. Abd Azim, A. Elbaz, and N. Solouma, Partially Premixed Flames in a Concentric Flow Conical Nozzle Burner with Turbulence Generator, , 2015/06/07. Abstract

This work presents experimental investigation of turbulent partially premixed flames (PPF’s) stabilized within a concentric flow conical nozzle (CFCN) burner with a turbulence generator. The burner stability limit is investigated. In addition, the flow and temperature fields are measured above the conical nozzle exit using 2D PIV and fine wire thermocouple, respectively. The turbulence generator is used to increase the turbulence level as compared to previous measurements. Six turbulent partially premixed natural gas (NG) flames are investigated to study the effect of the level of partial premixing, jet equivalence ratio and Reynolds number. The Reynolds numbers varies between 5.9×103 and 8.9×103 while the jet equivalence ratio varies between 3 and 4.5. The effects of heat release on the flow structure are investigated. The results show that the change of turbulence level has a limited effect on the flame stability. However, the turbulence affects the mixing and hence the best stabilization is achieved at smaller mixing length as compared to the original burner. The flow field shows flow divergence that leads to high flame stability. The centerline axial velocity increases in reactive case by a factor of 1.5-4 higher than that of the non-reactive case. Moreover, the reactive case reaches a reduction in the local Reynolds number by a factor of 4-5.5. The centerline normalized standard deviation increases in the reactive case by a factor of 2-9 higher than that of the nonreactive case.

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