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Mohamady, O., N. Ramadan, and H. Arnaout, "THE PREVALENCE OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI INFECTION IN DIABETIC PATIENTS AND ITS RELATION TO THE PRESENCE OF GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT COMPLICATIONS", International journal of academic research, vol. 5, issue 4, pp. 201-209, Submitted. paper_h._pylori.pdf
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el deeb, H. A., E. H. Mobarak, and M. M. Akah, "Repair bond strength of dual-cured resin composite core buildup materials ", Journal of Advanced Research, Submitted. paper.pdf
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Rahman, H. A., M. Sedky, asmaa hamoda, and E. Moussa, role of FDG-PET scan in the manegement of pediatric mature b cell non Hodgkins lymphoma.CCHE experience, , Submitted.
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