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-importamce of legal research skills, esp using computers is rising
- points to generic categories of LEGAL ISSUES

par Machhour, T. H., Les Arabes face à l'agression. Texte de Tarek El Bechri, , Le Liban, Albouraq, 2009.
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In this chapter three marine polysaccharides have been reviewed: chitosan, alginate and carrageenan. Their origins, structures, blending with each other and with other polymers and structure modifications were discussed, with special emphasis on their applications in various pharmaceutical fields, biotechnology, tissue engineering and gene delivery if ever used. © 2010 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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The value of maximum specific growth rate (mu(max) = 0.0177 h(-1)), the maximum growth value (X(max)= 1.82 g l(-1)) The initial biomass concentration was calculated (X(o) = 0.0285 g l(-1)), the maintenance coefficient (K(c) = 0.245 g g(-1)h(-1)), the biomass yield (Y(X/S) = 0.039 g g(-1)) and the product yield (Y(P/S) = 0.0828 g g(-1)) were calculated from the model. The presented model provided a satisfactory representation of the biomass growth; biosurfactant production. The average error of biomass growth and biosurfactant production were 10.2 and 5.7%; respectively. The present model gave a satisfactory representation of the biomass growth; whereas the average percentage error in biosurfactant production through the fermentation process was 5.74% and in microorganism concentration was 10.172%.