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nag, D. E. E., D. F. A. Azeem, D. G. E. Menyawy, and D. F. M. A. Aty, Introduction to Physical Therapy in Paediatrics” (Book), , Submitted.
Latif, D., A. A. Hafiz, and W. A. Mostafa, "is use of misoprostol considered safe for second trimester pregnancy termination with a prior c.s. scar", december 2012, vol. 80, issue 1, Submitted. 3_2.pdf
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M, N., G. M, A. E, and T. A, Lecturer of Anesthesiology , , Submitted. khalil2016.pdf
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Ibrahim, M. A. A., M. M. Aboudina, and A. N. Mohieldin, "A Low-Power MPPT Architecture For Photovoltaic Transducers", Circuits and Systems, IEEE International Midwest Symposium on,, Fort Collins, Colorado, Submitted.
Aal, A. A. E., M. Hammouda, Hesham El Aassar, Mohamed Hammouda, K. Hussein, and S. M. Mohamed Magdi, Sherif Hamed, "Mapping and ablation of typical atrial flutter. Is there a need for Three-D electroanatomic mapping?", Egyptian Heart Journal, Submitted.
Morad, H., H. Abdallah, and S. Ali, "Mentha longifolia protects against acetic-acid induced colitis in rats.", Ethnopharacology, Submitted.
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omaima ahmed yehia mohmed, samira mohamed fouad fahmy, thorya fawzy salam, and elsayed mosalam mohamed, micromorphological studies on the lung of japenes quail, , cairo, cairouniversity, Submitted.
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Elsabee, M. Z., R. E. Morsi, and M. Fathy, "mzelsabee", Antimicrobial Food Packaging: Academic Press, pp. Chitosan-Oregano Essential Oil Blends Use as Antimicrobial Packaging Materia, Submitted.
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Sweilam, N. H., H. Moharram, U. A. Badawi, and O. Ismail, "Online Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance Scheme using Diskless Checkpointing for Solving Sparse Linear Systems", Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, Submitted.
Nabih, M., H. M. Fahmy, A. Abd-Elaziz, A. El-Hadidi, S. Mokhtar, and A. El-Shehabi, "Osteoprottegerin and Soluble TRAIL serum level in patients with CAD.", Journal of Egyptian Internal Medicine Society, vol. 18, issue 3, Submitted.
Nabih, M., H. M. Fahmy, A. Abd-Elaziz, A. El-Hadidi, S. Mokhtar, and A. El-Shehabi, "Osteoprottegerin and Soluble TRAIL serum level in patients with CAD.", Journal of Egyptian Internal Medicine Society, vol. 18, issue 3, Submitted.
y, S., A. M, A. M, and G. S, "Patterns of violent deaths associated with positive ethanol finding in eastern province, saudi arabia", Egyptian journal of forensic sciences, vol. 6, pp. 388-395, Submitted.
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ElTaweel, M. E. S., E. S. Taghreed, and H. M.Has, "Plasma Homocysteine in first episode schizophrenia ;one year outcome A prospective study", Middle East Current Psychiatry, Submitted.
Farouk, K., Enas Fakhry, Reem Jan, Mariam Onsey, and R. Khalefa, "Platelet neutrophil conjugates in diabetes mellitus: possible role in coronary artery disease", المجلة المصرية للأمراض الباطنة- 2007, vol. 4, issue 19, Submitted.
M.Hanafy, "prelimenery investigation", journal of chemical engineering, Submitted.
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