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Mohamed, N. N., Energy in Agriculture Under Climate Change, : Springer, Cham, 2020. Abstract

In general, both agriculture and energy have double roles as user and supplier for each other. Agriculture supplies energy by wood, charcoal, vegetable and crop wastes as primary energy. Moreover, it supplies biogas and biofuel with both ethanol and diesel as clean and sustainable energy.

M., H., Engineering Drawing, Two Parts, : Cairo University Press, 1982. Abstract
Taha, M., E. Shokir, A. Attia, A. Yahia, and K. Mansour, Enhancing Hydrocarbon Production Through Thermal Gas Injection from a Retrograde as Condensate Reservoir in the Western Desert in Egypt, , Dubai, UAE, September 2021, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, SPE-206190-MS, 2021/09/15. Abstract

In retrograde gas condensate reservoirs, condensate blockage is a major reservoir damage problem, where liquid is dropped-out of natural gas, below dew-point pressure. Despite that most of this liquid will not produce due to not reaching the critical saturation, natural gas will be blocked by the accumulated liquid and will also not produce.This work investigates the effects of gas injection (such as methane, carbon-dioxide, and nitrogen) and steam at high temperatures on one of the Egyptian retrograde gas condensate reservoirs. Several gas injection scenarios that comprise different combination of gas injection temperature, enthalpy, injection gas types (CO2, N2, and CH4), and injection-rates were carried out.
The results indicated that all conventional and thermal gas injection scenarios do not increase the cumulative gas production more than the depletion case. The non-thermal gas injection scenarios increased the cumulative condensate production by 8.6%. However, thermal CO2 injection increased the condensate production cumulative by 28.9%.
It was observed that thermal gas injection does not vaporize condensate It was observed that thermal gas injection does not vaporize condensate more than conventional injection that have the same reservoir pressure trend. However, thermal injection mainly improves the condensate mobility. Appropriately, thermal injection in retrograde reservoirs, is mostly applicable for depleted reservoirs when the largest amount of non-producible liquid is already dropped out. Finally, this research studied executing thermal gas injection in retrograde gas condensate reservoirs, operationally, by considering the following items: carbon dioxide recovery unit, compressors, storage-tanks, anti-corrosion pipe-lines and tubing-strings, and corrosion-inhibitors along with downhole gas heaters.

Matar, M., H. Osman, Maged Georgy, A. Abou-Zeid, and M. Elsaid, Evaluating the environmental performance of pipeline construction using systems modelling, , pp. 1 - 26, 2019/05/07. Abstract

Environmental performance criteria currently represent major decision factors in civil engineering projects, including pipeline construction. This paper presents a framework based on systems modelling and multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) that captures different setups of pipeline installation techniques and the environmental impacts expected from different execution scenarios. A model is developed via SysML using the principles of systems modelling and engineering to capture the interactions of the pipeline as a product, the installation technique utilized, together with the environment. A TOPSIS-based MCDA module permits selecting the optimum alternative among construction alternatives. Open cut trenching and microtunneling are exemplified and a case study is provided where both techniques are evaluated in terms of environmental impacts. The contribution of this work is providing a structured and versatile framework that properly captures the interactions of different pipeline installation techniques and the environment, enabling the quantification of environmental impacts to a high degree of precision. The capacity to model different scenarios allows comparison and selection of the most suitable alternative.

Madbouly, N., A. E. Amir, and S. E. Deeb, Evaluation of the immunomodulatory efficacy of artemether, : Scholar's Press, 2015.
Herman, J. L., L. L. Morris, and C. T. Fitz-Gibbon, Evaluator's {Handbook}, , Newbury Park, California, Sage, 1987. Abstract
M.Nassef, A.Badr, and I.Farag, Exploring the Referentially-compressed Genomes: Advantages and Challenges, , Cairo, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015.
Hosam, A., Y. M. Asal, A. M. Mohammad, and I. M. Al-Akraa, "Facile Electro-Oxidation of Methanol at Pd-Au/C Nanocatalyst", Green Energy and Technology, vol. Part F2329: Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, pp. 227 - 234, 2024. AbstractWebsite

In the current study, a cleaned glassy carbon (abbreviated as C) electrode was modified by the sequential electrodeposition of gold (AuNPs) and palladium (PdNPs) nanoparticles (denoted as Pd-Au/C) for the catalytic electro-oxidation of methanol (EOM). Interestingly, the catalyst showed a higher (~ 5 times increase) oxidation peak current, Ip, and a lower (~ 9 times decrease) charge transfer resistance (Rct) than the Au-unmodified Pd/C catalyst. This finding recommended the significant lowering of the catalyst’s surface poisoning together with enhanced charge transfer kinetics as the enhancement origin of EOM. Besides, the effects of NaOH concentration in the electrolyte and scan rate during oxidation were optimized to achieve an optimized EOM electrocatalysis. © The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2024.

Marzouk, M., A. Soliman, and T. Omar, Fenugreek and termis seeds as ameliorative agents for diabetes "Anti-hyperglycemic effects of some natural agents.", , Germany, Germany, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2016.
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Anwar, M., S. Mahfouz, and N. Marie, general pathology (Department of Pathology book), , 2014.
Cho, Y., N. Dixon, R. El-Sherbiny, I. R. Fleming, V. P. Guedes, R. L. S. dos Izzo, E. Kavazanjian Jr, S. M. Merry, W. Powrie, K. Reddy, et al., Geotechnical Characterization, Field Measurement, and Laboratory Testing of Municipal Solid Waste, , 2011. Abstract


Gouda, O. E. - S., and A. T. Mohamed, Grounding Systems for Electric Substations in Non-Uniform Soil: Design and Operation , : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (November 14, 2014), Submitted.
El-Gawad, M. A. M., Nagat Said Habib, and emanseif el naser M., Guidelines in Preventive Health Care Measures For Nurses and Dentists, , Germany, Lambert, 2015. preventive_measures.pdf
ezz, H. A. S., Y. A. Khadrawy, and I. M. Mourad, Health Hazards of Bisphenol A. The effect of bisphenol A on vital organs of adult rat, , Germany, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Deutschland , 2015. the_book.pdf
ezz, H. A. S., Y. A. Khadrawy, and I. M. Mourad, Health Hazards of Bisphenol A. The effect of bisphenol A on vital organs of adult rat, , Germany, LAP Lambert Academic publishing, Saarbrucken, Deutschland, 2015.
Khalil, E. E., M. M.Kamel, and A. M. Rizk, Heat & Fluid in Power System Components. H.M.T.Series Volume 3 , , , USA, Pergamon Press. November- 1979,ISBN 0-08-024235-9, 1979.
Samy, R., W. M. youssef Morsy, and N. S. Ali, High Alert Medications: Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge and Practice among Critically Ill Patients, , Germany, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014. 978-3-659-57771-0.pdf
Mohieldin, A. N., and E. Sanchez-Sinencio, High Performance Continuous-Time Filters: Baseband and RF Applications, , Germany, VDM Verlag, 2009.
M.Omara, A.Badr, and E.Nabil, Immunoinformatics: A New Technique for MHC Class-II Epitope Prediction, , Cairo, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015. Abstract


Mansour, W. Y., Impact of single strand annealing on DNA repair in mammalian cells, , Hamburg, Suedwestdeutscher Verlag fuer Hochschulschriften, 2010.