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Nassar, K., E. Elfar, O. Tatar, J. Lueke, M. Lueke, A. Tura, H. Merz, A. Mohr, and S. Grisanti, Effect of applied treatment on the macrophage activity in CNV from AMD, , Submitted.
Rizk, S., K. Kamal, A. Mahmoud, and R. Abdella, "The effect of different phenylephrine infusion rates on uteroplacental blood flow during cesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia", Egyptian Journal of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, vol. 7, issue 2, pp. 85-91, Submitted. paper_7.pdf
El-Khashab, M. A., H. H. Fouad, M. H. G. El-Dein, and H. Morad, "Effect of Exercise Training on Bone Remodeling Markers in Pre and Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Women", Prolongation of Caudal Analgesia in Pediatric Surgery: Comparison between Dexmedetomidine, Clonidine, Tramadol, and Fentanyl, pp. 39, Submitted. Abstract

We tested the hypothesis that weight training would be an effective modality in maintaining or increasing bone mineral density (BMD) at the lumbar spine, femoral neck, and bone mineral content (BMC) at the distal wrist in early postmenopausal women. A total of 17 women completed a 9 month weight-training program, and 9 women served as a control group. Resistance training occurred three times per week using exercises designed to increase muscular strength. Mean change in lumbar BMD in the weight-trained group (1.6 ± 1.2%, mean ± SEM) was significantly different from the change in the control group (-3.6 ± 1.5%, p < 0.01) over the 9 month period. No significant weight-training effect was detected at the femoral neck or distal wrist site. We conclude that weight training may be a useful exercise modality for maintaining lumbar BMD in early postmenopausal women.

walid Ashraf, D. O. D. M., D. A. E. N. D. A. E. Sherif, D. H. E. A. D. A. Mowafi, D. A. A. E. D. Y. Nassar, and D. A. A. E. R. D. H. E. Ghawaby, "The Effect of High bolus dose Tirofiban Versus Conventional dose on angiographic complications and microvascular perfusion after PCI in patients with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction.", The Egyptian Heart Journal, vol. 60, issue 2, Submitted.
Elmawgoud, A. A., and A. Mohy, "Effect of oral dextromethorphan versus oral ketamin on sevoflurane related emergence agitation in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy ", Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia (2012) , vol. 28, pp. 243-248, Submitted. egja99.pdf
M.Ibrahium, N., N. E. Mohamed, K. Shoukry, and H. ElSabbagh, "Effect of Sensory Integration Therapy on Foot to Foot Distribution during Gait in Children with Spastic Diplegia", journal of medical science and clinical research, vol. 2, issue 8, pp. 1961-1967, Submitted. dr.nahla_mohamed_2.pdf
Akah, M. M., E. H. Mobarak, and M. M. Yousry, "Effect of Temperature of Single-step Self-etch Adhesives on Bonding to Tooth Substrates ", Cairo Dental Journal, Submitted.
Awaad, M. H. H., A. Atta, B. SHALABY, H. B. Gharieb, M. Elmenawey, K. Madian, F. F. Eman, and A. N. Amal, The Efficacy of Na-Butyrate Encapsulated in Palm Fat on Experimentally Induced Necrotic Enteritis and Enumeration of intestinal resident Clostridium perfringens in Broiler Chickens, , Submitted. Abstract

Over more than five decades, cancer remains a national and international health problem regardless of the discovery of several dozens of novel anticancer drugs (natural and synthetic). Accordingly, screening of natural products for promising anti cancer activity is very initiative field of studies in several countries with diversity of gardenia. Breast and cervix cancers are of the most common gynecological female solid tumors that represent major health problem. Herein, we have assessed the cytotoxic characteristics of several molecules of natural origin (cerulinin, chrysin, honikiol, limonin, mevinolin, resveratrol, salicin, retinol, ascorbic acid and calciferol) against two different gynecological breast (MCF-7) and Cervix (HeLa) solid tumor cell lines. After exposure to serial concentrations of the test compounds, SRB-u assay was undertaken and viability assessment was performed via fitting to Emax model to identify the cytotoxicity parameters such as, IC50 and resistant fraction (R-value). Tested compounds showed cytotoxic efficacy against both gynecological solid tumor cell lines (MCF-7 and HeLa) with IC50's ranged from 0.61 to 131.1 μg/ml. In MCF-7 breast cancer cell line; cerulinin, honikiol, mevinolin and calciferol showed the highest potency with IC50 less than 5 μg/ml. Chrysin showed moderate potency with IC50 of 7.27 μg/ml. Ascorbic acid and resveratrol showed the weakest cytotoxic activity with IC50 more than 10 μg/ml. In HeLa cervix cancer cell line; cerulinin and mevinolin showed the highest potency with IC50 less than 5 μg/ml. Chrysin, honikiol, resveratrol and calciferol showed moderate potency with IC50 of ranging from 5-10 μg/ml. Ascorbic acid was the weakest cytotoxic molecule with IC50 more than 10 μg/ml. Limonine, salicin and retinol failed to exert any cytotoxic effect against MCF-7 or HeLa cancer cell lines in-vitro. RT-PCR analysis revealed that the cytotoxicity of these products is multi-factorial and not solely dependent on p53 expression. Impressively, molecules of potent and moderate potency (except chrysin) showed low resistant fraction in both gynecological solid tumor cancer cell lines. In conclusion, our data showed wide range of variable efficacy of several molecules of natural origin against two hormone dependent solid tumor cell lines.

Mohamed, G., P. Murray, E. Nagy, and K. Vrzalikova, "Epstein–Barr virus, the germinal centre and the development of Hodgkin’s lymphoma", Journal of General Virology, vol. 95, issue 10.1099/vir.0.066712-0, pp. 1861–1869, Submitted. 1861.full_.pdf
Emam", "A. M., "E. S. Swelam", and N. "" Y. Megally, "Furocoumarin and quinolone alkaloid with larvicidal and antifeedant activities isolated from Ruta chalepensis leaves", Journal of Natural Products, vol. 2, pp. 10-22, Submitted. 03_res_paper-2.pdf
Gouda, O. E. - S., and A. T. Mohamed, Grounding Systems for Electric Substations in Non-Uniform Soil: Design and Operation , : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (November 14, 2014), Submitted.
El-Sakhawy, F. S., H. A. Kassem, S. H. El-gayed, and M. M. Mostafa, "Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction Analysis of Volatile Compounds of the Aerial Parts and Flowers of Plectranthus neochilus Schltr. and Salvia farinacea Benth.", Journal of essential oil bearing plants , vol. 21:3, issue 0976-5026, pp. 674-686, Submitted. mostafa_et_al.pdf
Mostafa, R. E., A. A. A. Salama, R. F. Abdel-Rahman, and H. A. Ogaly, "Hepato- and neuro-protective influences of biopropolis on thioacetamide-induced acute hepatic encephalopathy in rats", Canadian iournal of physiology and pharmacology, vol. 95, issue 2017, pp. 539–547, Submitted. cjpp-biopropolis.pdf
Afifi, N. A., S. R. Emam, Mostafa A. Shalaby, and H. A. El-banna, "Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of Marjorana hortensis plant in CCl4-intoxicated rats", Natural Products , vol. Volume 9, issue Issue 8 , Submitted. mlkhs_lbhth_lmnshwr_13_20.docx
A.H, A., H. D. M. Soad M. Nasr 2, H. Soufy, A. M. Soliman, S. A. Nassar, A. A. Maweri, T. A. H. El-Aziz, and H. M. Desouky, "Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of methanol extractof Moringa oleifera leaves in rats", Wulfenia J., vol. 24, issue 3, pp. 249-268, Submitted.
Ramadan, S. I., M.A.Shalaby, N. Afifi, and H. A. El-Banna, "Hepatoprotective and Antioxidant Effects of Silybum marianum", IJAVMS, vol. Vol. 5, issue Issue 6, pp. 541-547, Submitted. 25-1319649745.pdf25-1319649745.pdf
Esawy, Y. E. F., B. I. Mounir, D. O. Helmy, and H. M. H. Ali, Immunohistochemical study of hepatic progenitor cells by c-Kit (CD117) in chronic hepatitis C viral liver disease, , Cairo, Cairo university, Submitted.

Head and neck cancer are among the most debilitating malignancies because they affect basic functions such as breathing, speaking, and eating. The majority of patients receiving radiation therapy to the head and neck are treated as outpatients every day for up to 6 weeks. Physical and psychological side effects of treatment include mucositis, xerostomia, loss of taste, dysphagia, anorexia, nutrition alteration, skin reactions, fatigue, anxiety and depression. These reactions severely limit normal life and may lead to drop out of treatment program, patients may return later with more advanced and/or incurable stage of the disease. Thus, the purposes of the study were to: 1) construct and implement a teaching program for cancer patients receiving external radiation therapy, 2) investigate the impact of a designed teaching program on anxiety level and satisfaction with care among cancer patients receiving external radiation therapy, and 3) validate the effectiveness of the designed teaching program. A quasi-experimental time series design was utilized to compare level of anxiety and satisfaction between patients before, during and after receiving the teaching program. The sample was composed of 60 adult male and female divided into 2 groups, 30 patients each. Each group was assigned randomly to a line of management. The control group received the routine hospital care, while the study group received the constructed teaching program on individual basis. Data were collected using a sociodemographic data sheet, the State-trait Anxiety Inventory, and the Patient Confidence and Patient Satisfaction with Care Scale. The results revealed that, no statistical significant correlations were found between sociodemographic characteristics and anxiety state after treatment in both the study and control groups, also there were no statistically significant differences detected between the anxiety state scores for the study and control groups before during and after treatment. In conclusion, head and neck cancer patients who received the teaching program rated their anxiety the same as those not receiving the program, but they rated their satisfaction with received help, information, medical care and nursing care higher than those not receiving the program. It is recommended that radiotherapy departments should be staffed by trained oncology nurses or radiographers to provide information and support for patients, a training program for nurses is needed to cover nursing and medical treatment for head and neck cancer patients, psychological reactions, coping strategies and crisis interventions. Also, further research is recommended to investigate anxiety one month after completion of treatment with continuing follow-up strategies focusing on psychological aspects.

Hamdy, M. S. E. - D., A. S. Nasr, M. M. Makhlouf, Z. A. El_Saadany, S. M. Khedr, and M. Samir, Impact of Prothrombotic Risk Factors on the Clinical Phenotype in Haemophilia Patients, , Submitted.
Gouda, O. E., S. F. Mahmoud, A. A. El-Gendy, and A. A. El-Gendy, "Improving the Dielectric Properties of High Density Polyethylene by Incorporating Clay-Nanofiller", TELKOMNIKA, vol. 12, issue 4, pp. 763-772, Submitted.