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Elkorany, S. M., A. S. Yassin, M. A. Amin, and F. D. Mourad, Detection of Relevant Virulence Factors of Legionella pneumophila from Egyptian Environment, , Cairo, Cairo, 2015.
G.E.Nasr, M.A.Refai, E. S. d Badawy, and Y.F.Sharobeem, Development and Evaluation of A Turfgrass Aeration Machine, , Giza, cairo university, 2015.
Hassanein, A. A. A., A Development Framework for Integrating MIS and BPMS, , Giza, Cairo University, 2017. Abstract

For the organization to manage their business needs and attain competitive advantage it is
imperative to use different types of Information systems to support two main areas: namely
the transactions and data management as well as the business process management. Having
a number of disparate systems could result into the repetition of work and present data
inconsistencies. Thus the integration of these systems became of an extreme importance.
The principle key objective of this research is to propose a framework for the development
of an integrated and unified information system that will offer all the functions and features
of both Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and the Business Process
Management Systems (BMPS). This will provide the different organizations with the
capability to eliminate the repetition of work and removing the inconsistencies of having
two different systems.
The proposed framework reduces the cost of integrating such systems as well as increasing
the speed of their development process. It will be based on the Model-View-Controller
(MVC) design pattern. Justification for the choice is presented.
The proposed framework is evaluated through presenting three case studies which
compare the proposed framework results with other methods which achieve the ERP-BPM
integration specifically the process code embedding method which is the other alternative
method to achieve the integration during the development of the system.
The results of the comparison show that faster development and reduced number of lines
of code are used by average 24% leading to reducing the man/day cost needed to complete
the system development by average 22.7%

Hassanein, A. A. A., S. A. Mazen, and E. E. Hassanein, A Development Framework for Integrating MIS and BPMS, : Cairo university , 2017.
Ahmed, D. J., D. W. Mousa, D. E. Yassin, and D. N. Hanafy, Diagnosis of Entamoeba histolytica/ dispar Using Conventional and Molecular Techniques, , cairo, cairo, 2013.
samar Fahmy, F., and M. Mattar, diagnostic value of p-selectin in diagnosis of DVT, , Giza, Cairo univ , 2012.
Sayed, M., H. Okasha, H. Hussien, M. A. L. Sharkawy, R. F. Salam, W. A. Nabaoy, and M. S. M, Diagnostic Value of Sonography, FNAC and Genetic Alteration in Diagnosis of Malignant Thyroid Nodules, , Giza, Cairo univ , 2015. Abstractabstract-template.pdf

Background:-Thyroid nodule is common, malignancies found in ≈ 9-15% of the nodules evaluated with FNAB (1). High resolution US and FNAB are the most important steps in diagnostic workup of thyroid nodule. 20–40% of FNABs yield undetermined cytology (2). Surgery is required in indeterminate FNAB, but only quarter of them prove to be malignant after surgery (3), so 77% underwent unneeded surgery. so, finding a mean to diagnose malignant nodule preoperative is important. advances in molecular genetics can be applied to develop a new diagnostic markers for FNA samples.Objective:- evaluating the diagnostic value of high resolution U/S, FNAC, and BRAFV600 in diagnosing malignant thyroid nodules. Patients and Methodology: 50 patients from Kasr alainy endocrine outpatient clinic with solitary or multiple thyroid nodules, All subjected to Full history and examination, thyroid profile, high resolution neck U/S, U/S guided FNAC and BRAFV600E analysis on FNAB using DNA sequencing then HRMA for confirmation Results: - The incidence of BRAFV600E mutation among PTC patients was 55.6%, P value < 0.001. The sensitivity of BRAFV600E mutation was 42.9%, specificity was 100%. Ultrasound sensitivity in detecting malignancy was 88.2%, specificity 72.7%. Addition of ultrasonography to BRAFV600E analysis increased ultrasound sensitivity in detecting PTC preoperative to 92%.There was a positive correlation between most suspicious ultrasonography findings and presence of BRAFV600E mutation (increased AP/T diameter, Increase intra-nodular blood flow, cervical lymphadenopathy, absent or incomplete halo (all p value < 0.001), irregular border p value 0.004 , micro calcifications p value 0.007.
Conclusion1-High resolution US and FNAB are the most important steps in diagnosis of thyroid nodule.2-BRAFV600E mutation detected mainly in PTC.3- Adding BRAFV600E analysis to U/S and FNA will increase the sensitivity of preoperative diagnosis of PTC especially in indefinite nodules. 4-BRAFV600E positivity was associated with most known suspicious U/S finding and significantly present in cases with cervical lymphadenopathy that may give it a prognostic value.5-HRMA is simple, accurate, low cost tool for BRAFV600E analysis.

Moustafa, S. M., Differential mutagenic potentiality of pesticides in Drosophila melanogaster and mice, : Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Ph. D. Thesis, 1995. Abstract
Dina H.Gamal El-Din, M. S., M. D. Mohsen E.Khalil, M. D. NaserM.F.Elghandour, and M. Ayman A. El Basmy, Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Assessment of Cervical Spinal Cord Compressive Myelopathy, , 2015. abstract.docx
Mahmoud, E. A. - M., The distribution of some lipld materials in processed dairy fractions., : Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, M.Sc. Thesis, 1986. Abstract
elfishawi, S., ghada Mossallam, and O. Gohar, DNA repair systems in hematological malignancies, , Cairo, Cairo univeristy, 2010.
Khaled, W. A. H., A dramatic program to develop some social empowerment concepts for children with special needs in the integration institutions, , Giza, Cairo University, 2019. Abstractenglish.pdf

The concept of social empowerment for children with special needs in the institutions of ordinary people is a necessity of modern education in the field of people with special needs, because it is important to show the potential of these children and contribute to their interaction with members of society in a constructive manner.
The developed countries pay attention to the mentally handicapped children as considered citizens entitled to education, and are a part of the community, the mentally handicapped rehabilitation who are able to participate in various activities of human life, has become a national duty and a natural right for these children to move from marginalization to empowerment and social integration.
Based on the principle of social justice, and provide interaction experiences between people with special needs and their ordinary peers, which may enable children with mental disabilities to imitate the behavior of their peers and provide opportunities for social acceptance of both parties.
Children who are mentally disabled need to feel beloved, belonging and being accepted within their community, as they are an important part of the fabric of this society, and are positive and passive members who depend on others to meet their needs and requirements. They need to be trained and enabled to participate, learn, and contribute in different collective activities in the kindergarten community.
Drama is also one of the best ways to help provide a safe environment for understanding and alleviating the social and psychological problems of educable mentally handicapped children.

mohamed, R., N. ismael, H. N. Hosi, and S. E. Anis, E-cadherin expression in colorectal cancer, , 2017.
Fadel, S. A., H. M. Hussien, I. A. Sidhom, and H. E. A. Mahlawy, Early Detection and Treatment of Fungal Infection in High Risk Febrile Neutropenic Pediatric Patients With Hematologic Malignancies, , Cairo, Cairo, 2009.
Allam, M. A. M., M. H. Mahmoud, S. A. Soliman, I. M. E. Elnaggar, and A. A. Elsharkawy, Early outcomes of valve preservation in patients with ascending aortic aneurysm and bicuspid valve disease, , Cairo , Faculty of Medicine- Cairo University, Egypt, 2022. early_outcomes_of_valve_preservation.pdf
A.Barsoum, K., S. M.Said, K. K.Maurice, and D. A.Mansour, Early versus conventional postoperative oral feeding after elective colonic anastomosis, , 2019.
AKl, M. E., M. W. Mobasher, R. M. Mohamed, and M. A. F. Khalil, Eating Attitudes among Active and Early Recovering Male Patients with Opioid Dependence , , 2015.
Mahmoud, K., A. Zaki, Z. Ashour, and A. W. Sena, Echocardiographic predictors of right ventricular dysfunction after mitral valve surgery, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.
Mohamed, W. A., An Economic Evaluation Of The Factors Affecting The Poultry Industry in Egypt., : Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Ph.D. Thesis., 2015. Abstract