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Abdelkader, A., A. E. Gohary, H. Murad, and D. E. Salmawy, The role of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in treatment of diabetic polyneuropathic resistant pain , , cairo, Egypt , cairo university , 2017. merged-1.pdfmerged-2.pdf
Ahmed, P. D. A. A. |A., P. D. A. M. E. Soliman, A. P. D. A. R. Mohammed, D. A. M. G. Lecturer, and A. L. B. H. M. K. Z. A. Razek, Rotational stability of the knee after ACL reconstruction using anatomic double bundle technique versus anatomic single bundle plus anterolateral ligament augmentation, , 2017.
Hegab, O. W., E. F. Abd El-latif, and A. A. Moawad, Safety and quality assessment of some Egyptian traditional dairy products: trials for improving Karish cheese, : Cairo university, 2021.
Hussein, S. H. M., D. M. A. El-Sammaa, D. M. A. El-Sakhawy, D. A. E. - A. A. El-Saba, and D. Moham, Seasonal Changes in the Histology and Histochemistry of the Adenohypophysis, Testes and Ovaries of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus), , cairo, cairo, 2012.
Mahmoud, N. E., Securing Real-Time Video over IP Transmission, , Giza, Cairo, Cairo University, 2009. Abstract

The world has become a small village. The internet has played an important role in the communications revolution. It facilitates the management of institutions and organizations in many countries. Due to advances in using multimedia streaming (especially video), it becomes important to secure real time video transmission.
Securing video depends on many factors. The key two factors are: the complexity of encryption algorithm and time to break the encryption by hackers or competitors.
There are two main components for securing multimedia transmissions: security protocols and text encryption algorithms. Security protocols have been used to provide security and data integrity for communications over IP networks. Text encryption algorithms have been used for encrypting and decrypting video frames.
This thesis proposed a security scheme for streamed video frames over IP network. We used Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol. We applied the most four famous text encryption algorithms on video frames. These algorithms are Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and Blowfish. They were used to determine the most suitable one to be selected to secure video frames. We compared our results with previous results on video frames encryption. We also modified the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) to adapt the proposed security scheme. RTP is used as a standardized packet format for delivering video over the IP networks. Our proposed scheme would be feasible for real time applications without any extra dedicated hardware.
After determining the most suitable encryption algorithm, we compared the proposed security scheme with normal video transmission scheme according to the following parameters: Frame Loss, Packet Loss and Data Rate. We evaluated the overheads of the proposed scheme. We also studied the impact of frame rate on securing real time video transmission over IP networks.
We used JAVA programming language to develop the proposed scheme. We found that the secured connection setup needed more time than normal one. The secured setup time is an offline process, so it does not affect the transmission of video frames in the real time. Using random generated keys for encryption process for every connection makes attacks harder to happen. The AES algorithm is considered the most suitable text encryption algorithm to be used in video, as it achieves less encryption time per frame. We found that the size of the overhead was very small compared to video original size.
Finally, we studied the impact of frame rate on securing real time video streaming. We determined the best frame rate needed to achieve fewer frame, packet loss and best quality on video.

ElSeify, M. O., A. M. Maher, O. A. Hodhod, and M. M. El-Attar, Seismic Analysis of Infilled Frames, : Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of …, 2003. Abstract
Mady, M., Seismic Behaviour of Exterior Beam-Column Joints Reinforced with FRP Bars and Stirrups, , Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, University of Manitoba, 2011. Abstract

Reinforced concrete beam-column joints (BCJs) are commonly used in structures such as parking garages, multi-storey industrial buildings and road overpasses, which might be exposed to extreme weathering conditions and the application of de-icing salts. The use of the non-corrodible fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars in such structures is beneficial to overcome the steel-corrosion problems. However, FRP materials exhibit linear-elastic stress-strain characteristics up to failure, which raises concerns on their performance in BCJs where energy dissipation, through plastic behaviour, is required. The objective of this research project is to assess the seismic behaviour of concrete BCJs reinforced with FRP bars and stirrups. An experimental program was conducted at the University of Manitoba to participate in achieving this objective. Eight full-scale exterior T-shaped BCJs prototypes were constructed and tested under simulated seismic load conditions. The longitudinal and transversal reinforcement types and ratios for the beam and the columns were the main investigated parameters. The experimental results showed that the GFRP reinforced joints can successfully sustain a 4.0% drift ratio without any significant residual deformation. This indicates the feasibility of using GFRP bars and stirrups as reinforcement in the BCJs subjected to seismic-type loading. It was also concluded that, increasing the beam reinforcement ratio, while satisfying the strong column-weak beam concept, can enhance the ability of the joint to dissipate seismic energy. An analytical investigation was conducted through constructing a finite element model using ANSYS-software. The model was verified against the experimental results in this research. Then, a parametric study was performed on number of different parameters known to affect such joints including column axial load, concrete compressive strength, flexural strength ratio and joint transverse reinforcement. It was concluded that 70% of the column axial load capacity can be recommended as an upper limit to the applied axial loads on the column to avoid damage occurrence within the joint. It was also concluded that a minimum flexural strength ratio of 1.50 is recommended to ensure the strong-column weak-beam mechanism. In addition, a minimum joint transverse reinforcement ratio of 0.60% is recommended to insure that the failure will not occur in the joint zone.

Hussien, M. G., Self and Community Cognition to the Homosxeuality, , Alexandria , Alexandria, 2012. summary. pdf
Morsy, E. S. M., S. Salah, and M. Iraqy, The Sentence Structure System and its Role in the Cohesion of the Text in the Poetry of Ibn El Fared, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractehab_saud_mohammad_morsy.pdf

This research is titled [the sentence structure system and its role in the cohesion
of the text in the poetry of Ibn El fared] subject revolves around two issues: first to
specifically include the installation of different patterns in the poetry of Ibn El
fared; to detect the most important structural properties that Inmaz by his hair. The
second; is represented in the statement of the impact of the structural coherence of
the sentence in the text. Thus, the ultimate goal of this research is to study the
structural system of the phrase in the poetry of Ibn El fared; to try to detect the
contribution of the structural coherence in the text. And the poetry of Ibn El fared
just a practical model; that is not taught to the same as what was taught to
strengthen the idea of theory in research; Valmqarbh text of the research can be
applied to any other provision, whether text, poetry or prose; but the results will be
different depending on the type of text, depending on the style product text.

Yehia, Z. A., E. A. M. Samir, S. S. Mona, and F. A. Sahar, Shift work and occupational accidents , , Cairo, Cairo, 1994.
Abdelatty, A. M., F. F. Mohamed, M. A. Tony, B. B. Teter, and R. A. Erdman, Short Term Dietary Modifications Alter Mammary Lipogenic Gene Expression in Mid-Lactating Dairy Cow Using Novel Non-Invasie RNA Extraction Technique, , Maryland, University of Maryland, 2016.
Hassan, M., rokia abd el aziz, ahmed el mazni, and sahar sharaf, significance of TERTmRNA as a novel biomarker for early detection of HCC, , cairo, cairo (kasr el aini), 2012.
Rashed, L. A., N. M. Hasan, H. A. H. Maamoun, and S. S. E. - D. Mohammad, SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISM OF IL-18 PROMOTER REGION IN PATIENTS WITH DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY, , Cairo, Cairo, 2013. abstract_2.docx
alshaimaa mahmoud, A. Hassan, kamel hamouda, and mohammed elawadi, sleep disorders among healthy individuals, , cairo, kasr aini, 2013.
Mahmoud.m.abdelrady, social capital of street children : field study in cairo city, , cairo, cairo university, 2012. mhmd.pdf
Frederic, A. B., S. S. Mona, S. M. Mohamed, and H. F. Sawsan, Some effects of noise among laundry female workers at Kasr El Eini hospital , , Cairo, Cairo, 2000.
M, M., E. A, A. A, and S. D, Some health effects due to chronic occupational exposure to cyanide, , Cairo, Cairo, 2007.
Mona, S. S., A. - M. A. Nabil, A. N. Said, and E. S. H. Ghada, Some health hazards among workers in Aluminuim industry, , Cairo, Cairo, 2004.
M, M., F. A, G. I, and R. L, Some health hazards among workers in glass industry, , Cairo, Cairo, 2003.