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El-Rahimy, H. H., A. M. Mahgoub, W. A. F. Mansour, and M. M. Khater, A Comparative Study on Some Immunodiagnostic Techniques Currently Used for the Diagnosis of Lymphatic Filariasis in Egypt, , Cairo, Cairo university, Faculty of medicine, 2009.
Omar, W., H. Elgawaby, H. Elatroush, A. Moafi, and K. Mashhour, Comparison Between Complete Revascularization in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention versus Culprit-Only Revascularization, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2012. md_paper.doc
Mattar, A., and Reham.Gamal, comparison of the ultrasonic CVP insertion between internal jugular and axillary approaches, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2013.
prof dr fatina fadel, prof dr amal mostafa, lecturer dr. ahmed salah, and lecturer dr hanan abd el aziz, complications and long term outcome of peritoneal dialysis in children, : cairo, 2014.
Mohamed, D. M. E. -sayed, Composite Figures in Ancient Iraq , , Giza, Cairo University, 2005. Abstract

The thesis of the “Composite Figures in Ancient Iraq ” deals with the fabulous creatures which appear in the art of the ancient Iraq .
The composite figure consists of some limbs of two or more creatures . These limps are The most instinctive parts in such creatures ; e.g. The human head which refers to the intelligence , the lion or bull body which refers to the physical power , and the wings of the bird which refers to the speed of flight .

The ancient Iraqi artist wanted to create perfect beings differentiate from the human beings , the animals , and the birds , but contain all the properties of these creatures.

This study divides to two parts , the text and the catalogue .
The text divides to introduction , four chapters and conclusion :

1 - The first chapter deals with : the notion of creation in ancient Iraq mythology .

2 - The second chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of two different beings, e.g. the two faced god , the bull – man , the boat – man , the lion – man , the winged dragon , the winged griffin and the lion headed eagle .

3 - The third chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of three different beings , e.g. Lamassu and the goddess Lamaštu .

4 - The fourth chapter deals with : the figures which consist of some parts of four different beings e.g. the god Pazuzu .

Kamal, A. M. M., M. O. K. H. T. A. R. B. O. S. H. R. A. RIAD, and S. Mazen, Computerized Passenger Information System For Cairo International Airport Complex, , 1997.
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MSc, R. A. A., A. S. E. A. M.D, T. A. K. M.D, and H. M. A. MD, Corneal Biomechanical Properties Before and After Collagen Cross Linking In Keratoconus, , cairo, cairo, 2015. my_papers.pdf
Mowafy, H. A., T. S. Elgohary, E. Omar, A. Battah, and M. H. Mohamed, Correlation between vascular endothelial growth factor level and the severity of the acute thrombotic events, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2009. total1.pdf
Abdu, M. T., Creep Behavior of Nano-Particle Strengthened Aluminum Alloy 6082, , Irvine, CA, University of California, 2011.
Moawad, A. R., Cryopreservation of ovine oocytes, : University of Nottingham, 2010. Abstract
Mohammad, W. M. A., P. D. H. A. Sami, and D. L. A. S. El-Dein, CT and MRI staging of rectal cancer , , cairo, cairo, 2011.