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Khedr, R., I. H. B. Hassan, M. O. H. A. M. M. E. D. F. O. U. A. D. MOHAMMED, and T. A. R. I. K. H. A. S. S. A. N. M. KABEL, Clostridium Difficile Causing Nosocomial Diarrhea in children with malignant tumors, , CAIRO, AL AZHAR UNIVERSITY, 2015.
ahmed farag ahmed farag, A. Mohsen, A. N. Mashhour, and A. M. Abdelsalam, Coloplasty and Teniectomy for Neorectum after Low Anterior Resection, Comparative Study, , Cairo, Cairo, 2015. paper.docx
Bakr, K. A., A. A.Zaki, and R. N. Mohamed, COLOR ASSESSMENT OF A ZIRCONIA ALL-CERAMIC SYSTEM UNDER DIFFERENT ILLUMINANTS, , cairo, Cairo university, 2011. paper.pdf
karim Khalil, M., Comparative anatomical studies on the vascular architecture of the blood vessels of the testis of some farm animals, , Giza, Cairo University, 2013. Abstract1_front_page.pdf


(Key words: Angioarchitecture, Testicular artery, Testes)

The topography and morphometry of the testicular artery and pampiniform plexus, in the spermatic cord and testis were cited. 150 Samples were collected from different species of farm animals for this study. Different masses (Urographine®, Latex and Epoxy) were injected either through the testicular artery or the pampiniform plexus. The coils of the testicular artery forming a cone-like structure with its base fixed to the head of the gonad. The variations in the vascular Pattern of the testis among farm animals have showed a high degree of species specificity. The funicular part of the testicular artery gave off two epididymal branches to the head and tail of epididymis before it became marginal artery. The architectural pattern of the pars marginalis was classified into four patterns in farm animals. The mean values of the lengths, diameters and the degree of the vascular convolutions were recorded and statistically tabulated. The increase in the length of the testicular artery with increase in the size of the testes played a great role in the degree of complexity of the architectural vascular pattern among the species understudy. The degree of complexity is affected by the number of coils formed by the vessel. The testicular artery appears more complex in buffalo and ram than camel, donkey and rabbit. The pampiniform plexus originated from marginal plexus which gathered blood from the intraparenchymal network of veins. The coiling pattern of the artery and density of the veins in the pampiniform plexus was varied in different species of animals and played a major role in the heat regulation mechanism of the testis.

Bashir, D. W. M., P. D. S. M. F. Fahmy, P. D. M. H. A. Kandil, D. T. Salam, and D. S. H. Mohamed, Comparative Micromorphological Study on the Striated muscles in the Flying and non-Flying birds, , cairo, cairo, 2017.
university hospitals) Mohamed Alaa El Din El Zoheiry(urology assistant lecturer, Kasr al Ainy medical school, C., C. U.) PROF.DR. MOHAMMED EISSA(Professor of urology, Faculty of Medicine, C. U.) PROF.DR. HANY ABDELRAOUF(Professor of urology, Faculty of Medicine, and C. U.) DR. AHMED ISMAIL SHOUKRY(Assisstant professor of urology, Faculty of Medicine, Comparative study between vesicostomy and fulgeration of posterior urethral valve in ureamic children, , Cairo, Cairo, 2014. abstract.pdf
Aziz, A. A., A. r Mohamed, and A. M. Gad, comparative study between anatomic single bundle and anatomic double bundle ACL reconstruction, , Cairo, Cairo, 2012.
Mohamed, A. F., M. M. Rasmy, G. A. Al-Nahry, M. Y. Ahmed, and G. M. Obayah, A Comparative Study between General Anesthesia Alone and Combined Peribulbar Block with General Anesthesia in Strabismus Surgery in children., , cairo, faculty of medicine, 2014.
Abdel-Halim, R. A. - H. M., M. M. E. Far, and A. F. Metwally, Comparative Study Evaluating the Effect of Two Different Border Molding Materials on Retention of Maxillary Complete Denture, , Giza, Cairo univ , 2012. Abstract

ural teeth and associated structures. One of the goals to be achieved is
to construct a denture that is retentive and stable in place. As irretentive
denture disturbs all other goals as speech, mastication and in turn affects
patient’s psychology.
Goiato et al., (2008) stated that Patient’s requirements of complete
denture are to restore the normal contour, function, esthetics and speech.
Most of these goals are accomplished through achieving retention.
Retention is directly proportional to the adaptation of the base to
the supporting oral tissues, border seal and to a lesser degree to the
surface tension at the periphery.
Appropriate peripheral extension and accurate recording of tissue
details in the final impression are responsible for success of a complete
denture. The denture borders of a final impression should simulate the
finished & polished denture base.
Winkler, (2009) declared that effective border seal is attained
through border molding; one can’t depend on the secondary wash to
achieve a positive retentive response.
Various techniques and impression materials have been tried for
successful shaping of the borders of a denture according to the
morphological and functional conditions of an edentulous mouth. The
original material used for border molding was modeling compound it
records the borders accurately but later on more simple materials and
techniques were introduced.
Rubber base impression material was recommended for border
molding and final wash impression, for its simplicity, ease of
manipulation, decreased discomfort to the patient, short chair time and
accurate reproduction of undercut areas.
However, it has not been determined yet which type of border
molding materials is better for maxillary complete denture retention

dr. AbdelAzeem, P. H., P. M. A. H. dr. Kaddah, Pdr.A. Moharram, and D. M. youness, A comparative study in biological fixation of fracture femur , , Cairo, Cairo, 2010. 1.front_cover.docx
dr Monaalfalaki, dr yousrriya yehia youssef, and dr abdelmeguid mohammed, A comparative study of lung sonography versus high resolution CT chest in the assessment of pediatric interstitial lung disease and bronchiectasis, : Cairo University, 2019.
Makled, H. T. S. M., P. D. M. H. Nabih, P. D. A. M. Khattab, and D. A. E. - S. M. Habib, A comparative study of pars plana vitrectomy versus combined pars plana vitrectomy with scleral buckle for the primary repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2015.