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Alsharnoubi, J., and O. Mohamed, Photobiomodulation effect on children’s scars, , 2017.
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Hussein, K., A. Hasanin, S. Mostafa, and G. Obaya, " PERIOPERATIVE COMPLICATIONS OF LAPAROSCOPIC SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY: A SINGLE CENTer EGYPTIAN EXPERIENCE. ", critical care medecine, vol. 43, issue 12, pp. 298, 1975 Sep, 2015. Abstract

It has been established that H+ secretion can be maintained in frog stomach in the absence of exogenous CO2 by using a nutrient bathing fluid containing 25 mM H2PO4 (pH approximately equal to 4.5) or by lowering the pH of a nonbuffered nutrient solution to about 3.0-3.6. Exogenous CO2 in the presence of these nutrient solutions uniformly caused a marked decrease in H+ secretion, PD, adn short-circuit current (Isc) and an increase in transmucosal resistance (R). Elevation of nutrient [k+] to 83 mM reduced R significantly but transiently without change in H+ when nutrient pH less than 5.0, whereas R returned to base line and H+ increased when nutrient pH greater than 5.0. Acidification of the nutrient medium in the presence of exogenous CO2 results in inhibition of the secretory pump, probably by decreasing intracellular pH, and also interferes with conductance at the nutrient membrane. Removal of exogenous CO2 from standard bicarbonate nutrient solution reduced by 50% the H+, PD, and Isc without change in R; K+-free nutrient solutions reverse these changes in Isc and PD but not in H+. The dropping PD and rising R induced by K+-free nutrient solutions in 5% CO2 - 95% O2 are returned toward normal by 100% O2. Our findings support an important role for exogenous CO2 in maintaining normal acid-base balance in frog mucosa by acting as an acidifying agent.

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Shaalan, M. I., M. M. El-Mahdy, and F. F. Mohammed, " Pathological and clinicopathological studies on the effect of I/P injection of silver nanoparticles in rats", 2nd international conference on animal and dairy sciences,, Hyderabad, iIndia, september , 2014.
Shaalan, M. I., F. F. Mohammed, S. T. A. Eldin, and M. M. El-Mahdy, " Pathological and clinicopathological studies on the effect of I/P injection of silver nanoparticles in rats", 2nd international conference on animal and dairy sciences,, Hyderabad, iIndia, september , 2014.
Mahmoud, A. M., and A. I. Tanios, " Pathogenicity of Aeromonas hydrophila in chickens", Egyt. J. of Comp. Path. & Clinical Path., , vol. 21, no. 3 , pp. 88-110, 2008. Abstract

.Seventeen isolates of Aeromonas hydrophila were isolated from 250 commercial broiler chicks with an incidence of 6.8 %. Most A. hydrophila isolates (88.24 %) were positive for exotoxin assay and congo red binding test, while 52.94 % were positive for crystal violet binding activity. Most strains of A. hydrophila were sensitive to chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin followed by gentamicin and neomycin while nalidixic acid, tetracycline, streptomycin and trimethoprim sulphamethoxazole had moderate effect. On the other hand, all A. hydrophila strains were resistant to amoxicillin, cephalothin, erythromycin and penicillin G. All chicks infected with 1.5 X 109 organisms via subcutaneous and yolk sac were dead within 24 h. A. hydrophila was isolated from most organs. The lesions observed included congestion in the internal organs and few cases showed hepatic and muscular petechiae. Histopathological examination of experimentally infected chicks revealed severe necrosis in hepatic, splenic and muscular tissue in the two days old chicks. The ultrastructural study of this group showed presence of the bacilli inside the hepatocytes and macrophages with marked cellular changes. An attempt was made to determine a correlation between level of exposure and mortality. It was found that the mortality rate was relatively high (52.5 %) than in lower dose (35 %). A. hydrophila was isolated from most organs examined. Marked degenerative and necrobiotic changes in both hepatic and splenic tissue and characteristic muscular lesions manifested by muscular hemorrhage, degeneration, oedema and myositis in low dose treatment group. In the group injected with high dose, the lesions were more severe and characterized by diffuse areas of necrosis in hepatic tissue, thrombus formation in the blood vessels together with large number of bacterial colonies and bacilli in the hepatic tissue. Marked muscular necrosis and myophagia were also noticed. The ultrastructural study using transmission electron microscope for this group showed heterocells and hepatocytes contain bacilli. In other cases, the bacilli were present in the phagosomes of phagocytic cells in the splenic tissue. Cytopathological lysis was common evidence in the examined cells.

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