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Nassar, S., R. M. El-Amir, and A. H. A. Moustafa, Some Remarks on the Institutional Framework of the Rice Industry in Egypt, , 1981. Abstract
M., H., R. M., F. M., E. - G. M., E. - B. A., and K. A.H., Speech Recognition Similarity of Isolated Arabic Words and its Utilization to Assist Handicapped, , Cairo, FRCU project No. 81020 Cairo University, pp. 1-5, 1982.
El Tayeb, S., M. H. Sayyouh, M.Samir, M. A. E. Ela, and S. E. Marsafy., A Study for Applying Water Flooding Project to Ferdaus Field-NORPETCO Oil Company, , Cairo, Egypt, NORPETCO, DRTPC-PPEC, Cairo University. Report, 2009.
TAKAHASHI, T., H. KANEDA, K. MURAKAMI, A. HASHIMOTO, T. AOYAMA, Y. KOGA, N. Miya, M. K. IBRAHIM, K. Mori, and Y. Nakamura, Study on Steady-State Sound Transmission and Propagation Analysis Using the Two-Dimensional Wave Based Method, , ISSN 1349-1113, JAXA-RR-09-008, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, pp. 1-18, 03, 2010. PDF
El Tayeb, S., M. H. Sayyouh, A.Dahab, M. A. E. Ela, F.Ashour, and S. E. Marsafy., Technical and Training Program for ETAP Petroleum Engineers in Tunis, , Cairo, Egypt, ETAP, DRTPC-PPEC, Cairo University. REport, 2008.
Tayeb, S. E., A.AbdelWaly, M.H.Sayyouh, and M.Samir, Tertiary oil recovery from Egyptian reservoirs by new methods, , Giza, Egypt, Cairo University, 2005.
Mobdy, Y. A. - E., and E. A. Abdel-Rahim, Toxicological Influences of Lambda Cyhalothrin and Evaluation of the, , Giza, faculty of agriculture, pp. 913-921, 2015. yasmin.pdf
Amer, A., E. Roberts, U. Mangar, W. H. Kraft, J. T. Wanat, P. C. Cusolito, J. R. Hogan, and X. Zhao, Traffic Incident Management Gap Analysis Primer, : Federal Highway, Administration Office of Operations, pp. 90p, 2015. Abstract

This document provides guidance to federal, State and local Traffic Incident Management (TIM) programs and their involved partners on the components needed to develop and sustain a successful fullfledged TIM program. The objectives of this primer are to: œ(1) Identify and summarize the current state of TIM practice and activities at the national and State/local levels. (2) Identify and summarize gaps found in TIM activities/information for national and State/local departments and agencies. (3) Identify and outline a framework for achieving a complete TIM program for the different levels of government utilizing national guidelines. (4) Outline the key elements that are contained in successful TIM programs. A key objective for this document is to address the actual challenges that different TIM stakeholders with varied levels of responsibility face in their current TIM practices on a day to day basis.

Mohammed, A., and F. Stolzenburg, Using Constraint Logic Programming for Modeling and Verifying Hierarchical Hybrid Automata, , Koblenz, Germany, Universität Koblenz-Landau, pp. 1-27, June 2009.
TAKAHASHI, T., H. KANEDA, K. MURAKAMI, A. HASHIMOTO, T. AOYAMA, M. K. IBRAHIM, Y. MURAHASHI, K. Mori, and Y. Nakamura, Verification of the Numerical Prediction Method by Fundamental Sound Transmission Experiments for Fairing Materials: Aluminum Plates, , ISSN 1349-1113, JAXA-RR-09-009, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, pp. 1-47, 03, 2010. AbstractPDF

The mechanical vibration is applied to a spacecraft via the interface to a launch vehicle at lift-off. The spacecraft is also exposed to acoustic pressure with wide frequency range. Lightweight and large area structures, such as solar paddles, antennas, and components with relatively high natural frequencies, are sensitive to acoustic load. Although the acoustic tests are usually conducted for components and system of the spacecraft, acoustic tests and analysis of the spacecraft mounted in a fairing have not been sufficiently done. It is expected that numerical analysis can be applied to the prediction of acoustic environment inside of fairings. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has been developing a vibroacoustic prediction tool by the wave based method (WBM), which is one of the deterministic approaches and is proposed for numerical prediction up to the mid-frequency range. The existing deterministic approaches can not accurately solve vibroacoustic problems in this range. In this paper, numerical prediction results of sound transmission by the 3D WBM and FEM are compared with those by an experiment, and verification of the 3D WBM is examined.

Alfaar, A. S., M. Alasmar, M. Abdelhameed, N. S. Mohammed, O. M. Abdelghaffar, A. S. Abdelmaksoud, I. M. Amer, and W. M. Hassan, Virtual Reality in Medical Education: Students-Led Efforts in Egypt., , 2018///. Abstract
M, E. - S., WEAR EQUATION FOR SOLID LUBRICANT FILMS, , Washington DC, ASLE Special Publication, ISSN 1988514, 1984.
Mohamed, N. N., التقرير الاقتصادي الخليجي ملف ازمة الغذاء العالمي, , الشارقة, مركز الخليج للدراسات, 2010.
Mohamed, N. N., تقرير الاتجاهات الاقتصادية الاستراتجية الازمه المالية والاقتصادية الامريكية والعالمية , , القاهرة, مركز الاهرام للدراسات السياسية والاستراتيجية, 2009.
Mahdi, A. E., and H. A. P. K. 2 N. V. 1 1 and Jelena Krstic, 1 Ali Abdallah, “The role of farmed fish in the diets of the resource-poor in Egypt”; (2015); , , Penang, Malysia, Worldfish, 2015.
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M.Shokry, F.El-Nady, and s. Gadallah, Veterinary orthopedic guidlines on a dog skeleton in combination with educational multimedia program, : faculty of veterinary medicine, surgery department, 2002. e-learning_software.pdf