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AlFaar, A. S., and R. Labib, "eBanking of what really matters; Children’s Cancer Hospital-Egypt experience in electronic management of BioBanks.", Conference on Cancer Biobanking “Establishing the First Cancer Biobank in Jordan”., Amman, Jordan, 2014. Abstract
Labib, R., M. Mostafa, A. Samir, S. E. Alfaar, and S. Abouelnaga., "Omics-Ready Bio/Data Repository For Childhood Cancers in Egypt.", The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories Annual Meeting., Orlando, International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories Annual Meeting, 2014. Abstract
Alfaar, A. S., R. Labib, S. Ezzat, M. Mostafa, H. Taha, and S. Abouelnaga, "Telepathology to Improve Collaboration and Quality of Samples Annotation in Biorepository. ", ISBER Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, 2014. Abstract

Background: Telemedicine is the field of using information and communication technologies for facilitating diagnosis and treatment at distance. Using such disciplines in pathology has started long time ago with using closed TV circuits between teams. We’ve piloted the integration between caTissue open source biorepository suite and our telepathology system to facilitate verifying the diagnosis of stored and released samples. Methods: We have used LeicaTM telepathology system to produce digital formats for pathology slides of samples sent for biobanking. The diagnosis of scanned sets was discussed with our partners in US. We had implemented caTissue biorepository suite for handling the samples data including annotation. We’ve piloted using both caTissue 1.2 and caTissue plus 3.0 systems for integration with shared slides and reports. Results: Ninety-four tissue samples have been collected and stored . 109 slides/samples have been digitized for archival and assisting later annotation . Samples have been shared with our partners for discussion. H&E and biomarkers-labeled studies was used. New caTissue Plus 3.0 has proven more flexibility in sharing the annotations and reviewing the online slides. Conclusions: Telepathology has provided a new dimension for annotating sampled specimens giving an opportunity for researchers to discuss the cases without the need to get the physical samples.

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understanding is the criterion of hermeneutic methodology (p89)

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theory is interpretation p102.
GT may be the most widely employed interpretive strategy in the social sciences today p204.

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