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Latif, A., M. Sharafeldin, and A. M. Osman, "Physical and chemical studies on fine and coarse wool. ii. chemical constitution of suint", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, vol. 1972, 1972. Abstract
Latif, N. A. S., S. N. Amin, A. S. Khashaba, M. F. Youakim, L. A. Rashed, H. D. Yassa, and S. S. Hassan, "Hippocampal and Cerebellar Changes in Acute Restraint Stress and the Impact of Pretreatment with Ceftriaxone", Brain sciences, vol. 10, pp. 193, 2020.
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Latif, D., A. A. Hafiz, and W. A. Mostafa, "is use of misoprostol considered safe for second trimester pregnancy termination with a prior c.s. scar", december 2012, vol. 80, issue 1, Submitted. 3_2.pdf
Latif, N. A. A., R. Z. Batran, S. F. Mohamed, and M. I. Kobeasy, "Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Dynamics Simulation Studies of New 7-oxycoumarin Derivatives as Potential Antioxidant Agents.", Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 18, pp. 1572-1587, 2018. mrmc_paper.pdf
Latif, A. A. E. L., "Response of wheat plants to spray of humic and amino acids.", Egypt. J. of Soil Sci., 2012. Abstract
Latif, N. S. A., A. - Q. N. Saeed, S. N. Amin, S. A. A. EL-Wahed, M. O. A. El-Halim, M. A. Elkordy, and W. I. Ali, "Effect of Blocking Neurosteroids Synthesis on Brain Electrical Activity and behaviour in Animal Models of Type A and Type C Hepatic Encephalopathy", Annals of R.S.C.B, vol. 25, issue 6, pp. 19609 - 19629, 2021.
Latif, M. S. A., M. S. A. Latif, yasmine Elsawey, and U. A. Mabed, "Obesity and Waist Circumference are Possible Risk Factors for Thyroid Cancer: Correlation with Different Ultrasonography Criteria", Cancer management and research, vol. 12, issue 11791322, pp. 6077- 6089, 2020.
Latif, R., "Zero-order release profile of metoclopramide hydrochloride sublingual tablet formulation", Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, vol. 18, issue 6, pp. 1372–1378, 2013. Abstractfinal_sublingual_paper.pdf

This report describes zero-order approximation for metoclopramide hydrochloride sublingual tablet formulation. Effects of type and concentration of excipients on release were investigated. Study revealed that highest rate of dissolution was attained with crosspovidone and decreased in the order crosspovidone > sodium starch glycolate > ac-di-sol. All formulations demonstrated flush release, except the one containing 10% crosspovidone where a lag time of 0.5 min. was depicted. Increasing the concentration of crosspovidone from 5 to 10% gave the same half-life, whereas kinetics of release changed to zero order. Differential scanning colorimetry and infrared spectroscopy did not reveal any sign of physical or chemical interaction between drug and crosspovidone. In order to study the alignment of polymeric network inside tablet matrix, scanning electron microscopy was performed on the tablet and its cross-section. Matrix with 10% crosspovidone showed higher density of interconnections extending to the interior of core enabling fast and constant release. Hence physicochemical characteristics of crosspovidone could be tailored by varying its concentration, in a way that provided a porous matrix with tight arrangement of polymeric chains, resembling to an assemblage of cylinders with constant apertures, from which zero-order release was approached.

Latif, M. A. E., H. E. Akabawy, M. O. H. A. M. E. D. FAWZY, and A. E. Raoof, "Comparison between coronary artery bypass surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents for Egyptian diabetic Patients with Multivessel disease", Biolife, vol. 5, issue 3, 2017.
Latif, N. A. S., A. H. Galal, F. A. El-Batrawi, E. F. Alalkamy, H. M. Khatab, and M. M. Ftahy, Antifibrotic potential of a selective COX-2 inhibitor (celecoxib) on liver fibrosis in rats Comparative Clinical Pathology, ISSN 1618-5641., , Cairo, Cairo, 2012.
Latif, R., R. R. Makar, E. A. Hosni, and O. E. N. Gazayerly, "The potential of intranasal delivery of nanocrystals in powder form on the improvement of zaleplon performance: in-vitro, in-vivo assessment", Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, vol. 47, issue 2, pp. 268-279, 2021. 2nd_paper_of_rana_with_volume2021.pdf
Latif, A., M. A. Sharafeldin, and M. A. Osman, "Physical and chemical studies on fine and coarse wool. 1. fleece components as affected by breed and body region", J Anim Prod United Arab Repub, vol. 1972, 1972. Abstract
Latif, N. S. A., S. S. Kamar, M. F. M. Elrefai, and S. N. Amin, "Gastroprotective effects of nebivolol and simvastatin against cold restraint stress-induced gastric ulcer in rats", Anatomy& Cell Biology, vol. 53, pp. 301-312, 2020.
Latif, N. A. E., N. M. Abdel-Aal, and A. F. Morshed, "Alteration of cervical proprioception in postural scoliosis", Delta University Scientific Journal , vol. 5, 2022. alteration_of_cervical_proprioception_in_postural_scoliosis.pdf
Latif, D., A. Abdelhafez, and W. A. I. Mostafa, "Could vaginal misoprostol be effective in second-trimester pregnancy termination in women with a previous uterine scar", Evidence Based Women’s Health Journal , vol. 3, issue 2, pp. 70-73, 2013.
Latif, W. A., S. E. Shakhs, M. M. Saber, E. Talaat, H. Omar, and H. A. Kassem, "Clinico-Epidemiological pattern and survival of colorectal carcinoma: An inter-institutional comparative analysis", Med. J. Cairo Univ. , vol. 6, issue 1, 2002.
Latif, N. A. S., F. Al-Hashem, S. A. Humayed, M. A. Haidara, and B. Al-Ani, "Captopril suppresses hepatic mammalian target of rapamycin cell signaling and biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in thioacetamide-induced hepatotoxicity in rats", ARCHIVES OF PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 127, issue 5, pp. 414-421, 2021.
Latif, S. A., R. Kamel, and I. Badr, Horseshoe lung malformation associated with classic scimitar syndrome, , Submitted. Abstract
Latif, M. A. M., "What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know about Arab Gulf EFL/ESL Students' Writing?", Perspectives (TESOL Arabia), vol. 18, issue 2, pp. 6, 2011. CU-PDF.pdf