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L.A.Ibrahim, "Midterm outcome of Egyption children post univentricular repair (experience of singlr center)", journal of Egyption Pediatric Assosiation Gazette, vol. 62, issue 1, pp. 14-17, 2014.
L.A.Refaat, H.Shaaban, M.Emara, A.M.Metwaly, S.Negm, A.A.Tohamy, E.A.Sinna, and H.Khaled, "Role of cyclins A and E in endometrial carcinogenesis in breast cancer patients under tamoxifen treatment", journal of the egyptian national cancer institute, vol. 25, issue 4, pp. 193-198, 2013.
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L.El-Sayed, O., and M.El-Said, "Charaterization of MultipleParallel Post Power Combining Mounts and Irises For Waveguide Filters", Journal of Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University., issue 1, pp. 247-256, 1981.
L.Hassaan, A.Badr, and I.Farag, "A Fuzzy Genetic Based Classifier P System to Predict Cell Aging", International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, vol. 3, 2011. Abstract

systems are computational models that simulate the structure and functions of a living cell. Fuzzy logic deals
with approximate reasoning rather than fixed. A classifier system is a machine learning system that helps to create new rules that can be used in classification in order to add new information to a given database. Cell aging is one of the main phases of any cell cycle. The rate of aging progression may vary from a person to another; furthermore, the cells of the same organ do not age in the same rate. In this paper, we are creating
a classifier system with the structure and functions of P systems. The proposed classifier P system deals with imprecise biological data of cell aging, so the new rules generated by the system should be evaluated using a fuzzy rule base. Transition rules and inhibitors accompany the P system and executed in a parallel manner.

L.Hassan, A.Badr, and I.Farag, "A P-Simulator with Carriers of Cellular Respiration and Mitochondrial Oxidative Metabolism", International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering, vol. 3, 2011. Abstract

Aerobic respiration is the process of oxidizing food molecules to carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen to produce energy. The functions done by the cell and its mitochondrion to produce energy can be simulated by computer programs. One approach is a membrane system which is also called P system. P systems are usually accompanied by transition rules that represent cellular chemical reactions and carrier rules that represent the transportation of cellular molecules without changing them. The proposed simulator is a Java simulator that implements Psystems with transition rules and carriers in order to simulate cellular energy production. The results of the system meet the values of cellular metabolism and correctly vary according to the inputs.

L.Hassan, A.Badr, and I.Farag, "Channel Formation in P-Systems", Babes Bolyai, 2011.
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