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Ismail, M., "Comparison between 40Ca-40Ca potentials derived from different effective nucleon-nucleon forces", Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics, vol. 7, no. 7, pp. 961-964, 1981. AbstractWebsite

The energy density method was employed to calculate the real part of the 40Ca-40Ca interaction potential in the sudden approximation. A simple effective two-body force as well as the Skyrme and Negele interactions were used to derive the energy density functional. The real part of the 40Ca-40Ca potential calculated using Negele's (1970) force agrees well with the experimental results.

Ismail, M. Y., "EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR COMPRESSIBILITY ON THE OPTICAL MODEL REAL POTENTIAL.", Atomkernenergie, Kerntechnik, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 292-293, 1981. AbstractWebsite

A simple semiphenomenological effective nucleon-nucleon interaction is used to show the effect of compressibility of nuclear matter on the real part of p plus Ca40 optical-model potential a proton energies up to 85 MeV. It is found that this nucleon-nucleon potential can predict both the depth and the shape of the phenomenological optical-model potential for energies up to 60 MeV assuming that is corresponds to a compression modulus of about 290 MeV.

Iftikhar, T., G. Bell, Y. Gao, J. R. Todd, P. Christen, N. Angeles, A. Farres, S. Revah, M. R. Egmond, and W. P. Antheunisse, "Extracellular lipase production by a sapwood-staining fungus Ophiostoma piceae.", Biotechnology, vol. 1, issue 1: orgz, pp. 1703-1719, 1981. Abstract
El-Zahab, A. A. A., A. F. Ibrahim, A. Abdel-Raheem, M. M. F. Abdalla, and M. S. El Shazli, "Induced variability of agronomic and fiber quality characters in two Egyptian cotton cultivars by gamma rays", Egyptian journal of agronomy, 1981. Abstract
K. R., S. F., M. A. Ibrahim, O. El-Husseiny, and A. S. Shalaby, "Metabolizable energy values of some feedstuffs for Japanese quail.", Moshtohor Annual Agricultural Science, 1981. Abstract
A.S., S., A. K. Abou-Raya, F. K. R. Stino, M. A. Ibrahim, and G. A. Al-Kaissy, "Nutritional evaluation of different broiler rations containing various plant protein sources in the subtropics.", Moshtohor Annual Agricultural Science, pp. 402, 1981. Abstract
Ismail, M. Y., "ON INTERPRETING SKYRME FORCE.", Atomkernenergie, Kerntechnik, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 295-297, 1981. AbstractWebsite

This paper discusses the two different methods of interpreting Skyrme force, namely: the expansion of the two-body interaction and the density matrix expansion method. An approximation is presented which reduces the Hamiltonian energy density of the density matrix expansion to that produced by expanding the two-body force in Skyrme approximation.

Osman, A., M. Y. Ismail, and M. M. Osman, "Optical-model potential using a generalised Skyrme force", Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 347-357, 1981. AbstractWebsite

The theory of nucleons elastically scattered from different nuclei is reconsidered. A nucleon-nucleon interaction of generalised Skyrme type is used to calculate the real part of the optical-model potential. This generalised force is used to introduce the consistency between the microscopic description of elastic scattering and the structure of bound nuclei. This theory is applied for neutron elastic scattering on 28Si, 32S, 40Ca and 208Pb at neutron energies of 11.0, 14.5, 20.0 and 26.0 MeV. Also, proton elastic scattering on the nuclei 40Ca, 58Ni and 208Pb is studied at proton energies of 21.3, 30.3 and 61.4 MeV. The imaginary parts of the optical-model potentials used in the present calculations are changed so that they produce the best fit to the experimental data. The calculated differential cross sections together with the polarisations are in good agreement with the experimental measurements.

Mourad, H. M., I. I. Ibrahim, and H. I. Youssef, "Thyroid function in relation to age at puberty in Egyptian water buffaloes heifers [Egypt]", Egyptian Journal of Animal Production, Cairo (Egypt), 1981. Abstract
M.Mounir, I.K.Lazareva, and A.E.Yunovich, "Study of luminescence spectra of GaP BY doubly doping of epitaxial layers with N,Mg,Zn,and Te", Egypt . J. sol., vol. 12, issue 12, pp. 57-61, 1981.
Ali, K. E. M., M. T. Abu-Samra, and A. M. Ibrahim, Trichophyton mentagrophytes infection in the domestic donkey (Equus asinus asinus), , vol. 75, issue 6: Taylor & Francis, pp. 623 - 626, 1981. Abstract
Ismail, M., and S. M. Refaei, "Calculation of the energy dependence of the ion-ion potential using the Negele force", Physical Review C, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 1494-1498, 1982. AbstractWebsite

The energy dependence of the real part of the ion-ion interaction potential is studied using an energy density functional derived from the Negele realistic nucleon-nucleon interaction. It is found that the Negele force produces an ion-ion potential which varies slowly with energy compared to that derived using a simple two-body effective interaction. NUCLEAR REACTIONS Antisymmetrization effects, Fermi gas model, momentum density, Negele force, energy dependence of ion-ion potential. © 1982 The American Physical Society.

Said, A. H., M. Shokry, M. A. Abdel Hamid, and I. M. Ibrahim, "Ocular anaesthesia in buffaloes", Acta veterinaria, 1982. Abstract
Mourad, H. M., I. I. Ibrahim, and H. I. Youssef, "Thyroid function in relation to age at puberty in Egyptian water buffalo heifers", Egyptian journal of animal production, vol. 1981, 1982. Abstract
Soliman, A. M., and M. Ismail, "A New High Frequency Active Compensated Weighted Summer", Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Houghton, Michigan, pp. 469-471, 1982.
A.H.Said, M.Shokry, A. M. A. Hamid, and I.M.Ibrahim, "Ocular anasthesia in buffaloes", Acta Vetetrinaria (Beograd), vol. 32, pp. 313-318, 1982. ocular_anesthesia_in_buffaloes.pdf
A.H.Said, M.Shokry, M. A. A. Hamid, and I.M.Ibrahim, "Ocular anasthesia in buffaloes", Secodo Convegno Internazionale Sull'Allevamento Bufalino Nel Mondo, Caserta, Italy, pp. 43, 1982. ocular_anaesthesia_in_buffaloes_conference.pdf
Tantawi, H. H., Z. I. Iman, J. C. Mare, R. El-Karamany, M. A. Shalaby, and F. Tayeb, "Antigenic relatedness of pigeon herpes encephalomyelitis virus to other avian herpesviruses", Avian diseases: JSTOR, pp. 563–568, 1983. Abstract
Ibrahim, A. F., D. A. El-Kadi, and A. A. K. S. A. and Shrief, "Comparative studies on the performance of twelve superior mutant lines relative to local sesame (Sesamum indicum, L.) cultivars.", Bull. Fac. Agric. Cairo Univ. Vol. XXXIV, pp. 105-129, 1983. Abstract
Elnashaie, S. S. E. H., M. A. El-Rifai, and G. Ibrahim, "The effect of hydrogen ion production on the steady-state multiplicity of substrate-inhibited enzymatic reactions", Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, vol. 8, no. 4: Humana Press, pp. 275–288, 1983. Abstract
Borady, A. M. A., T. H. Mikhail, R. Awadallah, K. A. Ibrahim, and G. A. R. Kamar, "Effect of some insecticides on fat metabolism and blood enzymes in rats [Egypt].", Egyptian Journal of Animal Production, 1983. Abstract