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Hassan, O. M. A., الاستفادة من العرائس السوبرماريونت كبيرة الحجم وتوظيفها فى فن الاعلانات التجارية بالشارع المصري, , المهندسين – الجيزة, ميدان لبنان و ميدان مصطفى محمود , pp. اغسطس/ سبتمبر, 2010.
osama mohammed aly hassn, الخدع الحركية للشخصيات العرائسية وتشكيلها وفق الاحداث الدرامية للنص في العرض المسرحي ( بينوكيو ) ( من الادب العالمي ), , Giza, مسرح مكتبة الطفل مركز توثيق وبحوث ادب الطفل بالمنيل دار الكتب والوثائق القومية وزارة الثقافــة, pp. ابريل, 2008.
Hassan, O. M. A., دراما العرائس السوبر ماريونت كبيرة الحجم فى اعلانات الطرق الخارجية, , القاهرة, أعلى كوبرى اكتوبر, pp. يناير, 2013.
Hassan, O. M. A., شخصيات العرائس البشرية من عناصر البيئة الطبيعية ودورها في الاحتفالات و التوعية البيئية, , جيزة, طبقا لبرنامج التوعية ومناسبات جهاز شئون البيئة وزارة الدولة لشئون البيئة, 2010.
Zekri, W., M. Hammad, Y. ElBoraie, H. Taha, A. Refaat, A. S. AlFaar, and A. Younis, "Adrenocortical Carcinoma In The Pediatric Age Group; Experience At Children Cancer Hospital Of Egypt (CCHE)", American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Chicago, 2014. Abstract
Alfaar, A., M. Kamal, O. Hassanain, M. Sabry, S. Ezzat, and S. AbouElNaga, "Advancing Clinical Oncology Practice in Developing Countries: Integrating Research Informatics for Continuous Process Improvement.", European Society of Medical Oncology, Vienna, Austria, Oxford, 2012. Abstract
Hassanain, O., N. Adel, M. Kamal, S. AbouElNaga, and A. Samir AlFaar, "Building the First ELearning Paediatric Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Program for Developing Countries.", European Conference of Oncology Pharmacy, Budapest, Hungary, European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy, 2012. Abstract
Hanafy, N., and A. Samir Al-Faar, "Developing A Specialized Central Venous Catheter Nursing Team In Pediatric Oncology Setting.", International Conference on Cancer Nursing, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012. Abstract
Alei Eldin, A., A. Haddad, H. Elzomor, Y. Medhat, H. Taha, M. Saad, E. Zaky, R. A. ElRazk, M. Elshamy, S. Abouelnaga, et al., "Evaluation of Retinoblastoma management in the first Multidisciplinary system in the Cancer children hospital in Egypt", International Society of Ocular Oncology Meeting, Purpose: To evaluate the success of ocular survival following chemoreduction and efficency of local treatment in the management of Retinoblastoma in the first multidisciplinary system for the treatment of childhood cancer in egypt Methods: A total number , 2013. Abstract

Purpose: To evaluate the success of ocular survival following chemoreduction and efficency of local treatment in the management of Retinoblastoma in the first multidisciplinary system for the treatment of childhood cancer in egypt Methods: A total number of 262 retinoblastomas cases managed between July 2007 to December 2012 with six cycles of chemoreduction (vincristine, etoposide, and carboplatin (COG protocols). The tumors were then managed with local treatment alone (group A) or chemoreduction combined with , cryotherapy or Diode laser (group B and C) and some cases of group D. In addition to enucleation for group E and advanced cases . Results: Of 262 retinoblastomas cases , (0.9%) were in group A, (8.4%) in group B, (11.7%) in group C, (44.4%) in group D,and (33.6) in group E. The mean age at presentation is 21.17 months .Bilateral affection was in 43% and unilateral in 57%. Family history of cancer was 11% and consangunity was positive in 19%. Extraocular involvement was in 18% of cases . Incidence of ocular survival for bilateral cases was 95% in group A ,80% in group B 45% in group C and 35% in group D ,while in unilateral cases it was 80%in group B ,50% in group C ,15% in group D . Conclusions: There is no doubt that the application of different treatment modalities among a multidisciplinary system in the treatment of retinoblastoma in the cancer children hospital gives a very good percentage of success despite the relatively late presentation and the higher incidence of advanced cases Financial disclosure: There is no financial disclosure Paper

Kamal, M., O. Hassanain, S. AbouElNaga, H. Hussein, H. Hosny, M. Sabry, and A. Samir AlFaar, "Integrating Treatment Protocol Monitoring System with Real-Time Statistics: A Research Oriented In-House developed Solution.", International Society of Pediatric Neuro-oncology., Toronto., 2012. Abstract
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