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Hussein, A. A., and M. R. Cooperberg, "Point: Surgery is the most cost-effective option for prostate cancer needing treatment.", Brachytherapy, vol. 14, issue 6, pp. 753-5, 2015 Nov-Dec. Abstract
Hussein, H., G. bohaliga, wendell Johnson, N. Taus, and M. ueti, "Babesia bigemina gene expression during parasite development within adult female tick Rhipicephalus microplus ", Washington state VMP Research symposium, Pullman, WA, USA, 31 October 2017. gamila_poster.pdf
Hussein, N. M., H. M. A. El-Hamaky, A. F. Refaei, and M. A. Hegazy, "Joint action of certain insecticides, Bacillus thuringiensis and their mixtures on the pink bollworm infestation in cotton plantation in Egypt.", Joint action of certain insecticides, Bacillus thuringiensis and their mixtures on the pink bollworm infestation in cotton plantation in Egypt., vol. 55, issue 2a, pp. 307-312, 1990. Abstract
Hussein, K., A. E. Hadidy, M. Ashraf, H. Mowafe, and N. Esmael, "Cardiac Troponin and Brain Natriuretic Peptide: Prediction of Mortality Among Septic Pts", The Medical Journal of Cairo University , vol. 78, issue 1, 2010.
Hussein, A. A., N. Hinata, S. Dibaj, P. R. May, J. D. Kozlowski, H. Abol-Enein, R. Abaza, D. Eun, M. S. Khan, J. L. Mohler, et al., "Development, validation and clinical application of Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Assessment and Completion Evaluation: intraoperative assessment of lymph node dissection after robot-assisted radical cystectomy for bladder cancer.", BJU international, 2016 Dec 17. Abstract

OBJECTIVES: To develop a scoring tool, Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Appropriateness and Completion Evaluation (PLACE), to assess the intraoperative completeness and appropriateness of pelvic lymph node dissection (PLND) following robot-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC).

PATIENTS, SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A panel of 11 open and robotic surgeons developed the content and structure of PLACE. The PLND template was divided into three zones. In all, 21 de-identified videos of bilateral robot-assisted PLNDs were assessed by the 11 experts using PLACE to determine inter-rater reliability. Lymph node (LN) clearance was defined as the proportion of cleared LNs from all PLACE zones. We investigated the correlation between LN clearance and LN count. Then, we compared the LN count of 18 prospective PLNDs using PLACE with our retrospective series performed using the extended template (No PLACE).

RESULTS: A significant reliability was achieved for all PLACE zones among the 11 raters for the 21 bilateral PLND videos. The median (interquartile range) for LN clearance was 468 (431-545). There was a significant positive correlation between LN clearance and LN count (R(2) = 0.70, P < 0.01). The PLACE group yielded similar LN counts when compared to the No PLACE group.

CONCLUSIONS: Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Appropriateness and Completion Evaluation is a structured intraoperative scoring system that can be used intraoperatively to measure and quantify PLND for quality control and to facilitate training during RARC.

Hussein, H. T., H. A. Hassan, H. H. R. Madkor, A. A. Abdel-Ghany, and K. A. Ahmed, "THE ROLE OF VISFATIN AND CYTOGLOBIN IN OBESE DIABETIC RATS: THE MODULATORY EFFECTS OF RASPBERRY KETONE", Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences Assiut University, vol. 43, issue 1, pp. 53-72, 2020.
Hussein, B., D. Negrut, and A. A. Shabana, "Implicit and explicit integration in the solution of the absolute nodal coordinate differential/algebraic equations", Nonlinear Dynamics, vol. 54, no. 4: Springer, pp. 283–296, 2008. Abstract
Hussein, H. A., S. M. Abdelmawella, E. H. Esmail, A. H. Ragab, R. Roshdy, and N. Kishk, "Grief versus depression in multiple sclerosis", Neuropsychiatry, vol. 7, pp. 487-493, 2017. Abstract
Hussein, A. A., S. Dibaj, N. Hinata, E. Field, K. O'leary, B. Kuvshinoff, J. L. Mohler, G. Wilding, and K. A. Guru, "Development and Validation of a Quality Assurance Score for Robot-assisted Radical Cystectomy: A 10-year Analysis.", Urology, vol. 97, pp. 124-129, 2016 11. Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To develop quality assessment tool to evaluate surgical performance for robot-assisted radical cystectomy program.

METHODS: A prospectively maintained quality assurance database of 425 consecutive robot-assisted radical cystectomies performed by a single surgeon between 2005 and 2015 was retrospectively reviewed. Potentially modifiable factors, related to the management and perioperative care of patients, were used to evaluate patient care. Criteria included the following: preoperative (administration of neoadjuvant chemotherapy); operative (operative time <6.5 hours and estimated blood loss <500 cc); pathologic (negative soft tissue surgical margins and lymph node yield ≥20); and postoperative (no high-grade complications, readmission, or noncancer-related mortality within 30 days).The Quality Cystectomy Score (QCS) was developed (1 star: achieving ≤2 criteria or mortality within 30 days; 2 stars: 3 or 4 criteria met; 3 stars: 5 or 6 criteria met; and 4 stars: 7 or all criteria met). Univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazard regression models were fitted to test for the association between QCS and survival outcomes.

RESULTS: Most patients (85%) achieved at least 3 stars, and more patients achieved 4 stars with time. High QCS was associated with better recurrence-free, cancer-specific, and overall survival (P values <.05). None of the patients with 1-star were alive at 1 year. Patients with 4 stars achieved the best survival rates (recurrence-free survival [62%], cancer-specific survival [70%], and overall survival [53%] at 5 years) (log rank P < .0001).

CONCLUSION: Continuous assessment for quality improvement facilitated implementation and maintenance of robot-assisted program for bladder cancer.

Hussein, G. M., S. S. Muhammad, N. A. Gomaa, M. R. Shehata, and W. M. Hosny, "Potentiality of methyltrioctylammonium chloride ligand for selective extraction of the Uranium (VI) metal ions from selective carbonate leach liquor", Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, vol. 38, issue 8: Taylor & Francis, pp. 1204-1210, 2017. Abstract
Hussein, A. I., A. N. Mohieldin, F. Hussien, and A. Eladawy, "Fully integrated high accuracy continuous current sensor for switching voltage circuits", Industrial Electronics (ISIE), 2014 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on: IEEE, pp. 497–502, 2014. Abstract
Hussein, M. A., H. Hassan, and M. Nassef, "Automated language essay scoring systems: A literature review", PeerJ Computer Science, vol. 5: PeerJ Inc., pp. e208, 2019. Abstract
Hussein, M. E., E. A. S. Senousy, H. I. El-Askry, S. M. Mouneir, and A. M. El-Fishawy, "Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities of the defatted alcoholic extract and mucilage of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. leaves, and their chemical characterization", Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, vol. 8, issue 4, pp. 982-990, 2019. immunomodulatory_and_anti-inflammatory_activities.pdf
Hussein, E., "Blood donor recruitment strategies and their impact on blood safety in Egypt.", Transfusion and apheresis science : official journal of the World Apheresis Association : official journal of the European Society for Haemapheresis, 2013 Nov 19. Abstract

INTRODUCTION: Because of the high incidence of HCV, blood safety presents a serious challenge in Egypt. Given the constrained economy which limits the implementation of nucleic acid amplification technology, proper recruitment of blood donors becomes of paramount importance. To evaluate the effectiveness of blood donor recruitment strategies, the seroprevalence of positive infectious markers among blood donors was studied.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Donors' records covering the period from 2006-2012 were reviewed. Blood donations were screened for HCV antibodies, HBs antigen (HBsAg), HIV-1 and 2 and syphilis antibodies.

RESULTS: Of 308,762 donors, 63.4% were voluntary donors (VD). VD of 2011-2012 were significantly younger than family replacement donors (RD) .The overall prevalences of HCV antibodies, HBsAg, HIV and syphilis antibodies were 4.3%, 1.22%, 0.07%, and 0.13%, respectively. All tested markers (except HIV) were significantly higher among RD, when compared to VD (P<0.0001). A consistent steady trend for decrease in HCV seropositivity was observed in RD and VD from 8.9% and 4.2% to 3.8% and 1.5%, respectively. A trend for decrease in HBsAg was demonstrated in VD from 1.2% to 0.53%.

CONCLUSION: The decreasing trends in HCV antibody and HBs antigen is promising and may reflect the improved donor selection criteria.

Hussein, G., L. Mansour, H. A. Ghafar, F. A. Mostafa, and L. Fawaz, "Short-term Effects of Corticosteroid Therapy on Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles in Muscular Dystrophies", Journal of Investigative Medicine, vol. 62, issue 6, pp. 875-879, 2014. short_term_effect_of_corticosteroids.pdf
Hussein, M. M., L. A. Zaki, N. A. Zaki, and M. M. Mohammed, "• Effect of kinesio taping on subacromial impinement syndrome; a systematic review", The 17 th international scientific conference, Faculty of Physical Therapy Cairo University , Cairo University, March, 2016.
Hussein, M. F., N. A. Ahmed, and M. M. ‎ Fathi, "Effect of concussion on the total brain acetylcholine content of ‎Gerbillus pyramidum and Acomys cahirinus . ‎", Bull. Fac. Sci., Cairo University , vol. 53, pp. 177-199.‎, 1985.
Hussein, G., M. Faisal, M. kamal, and M. Al-Daly, "Evaluation of miRNA-135a and miRNA-9 as Prognostic Markers in Breast Cancer Patients", ACTA SCIENTIFIC CANCER BIOLOGY, vol. 3, issue 5, pp. 02-08, 2019.
Hussein, D. L., "The Effect of Takaful Acceptance on the Intention of Purchasing an Insurance Policy", Egyptian Insurance and Actuarial Science Review, A Refereed Journal, Published by Faculty of Commerce- Cairo University, vol. ISSN:2314-5161, issue Issue No. 2, pp. 137-188, 2014. the_effect_of_takaful_acceptance_on_the_intention_of_purchasing_an_insurance_policy.pdf
Hussein, A. A., N. D. Tran, and J. F. Smith, "Fertility preservation for boys and adolescents facing sterilizing medical therapy.", Translational andrology and urology, vol. 3, issue 4, pp. 382-90, 2014 Dec. Abstract

Improvements in childhood cancer survival have allowed boys and their families to increasingly focus on quality of life after therapy, particularly their future ability to father children. Treatments should maintain comprehensive cancer care goals and consider the long-term quality of life of these children. While semen cryopreservation is a well-established method of fertility preservation for post-pubertal children, the use of cryopreserved pre-treatment testicular tissue represents a promising, yet experimental method of fertility preservation for prepubertal males facing sterilizing therapy. Healthcare providers should counsel families about the fertility risks of therapy, discuss or refer patients for standard fertility preservation options, and consider experimental approaches to fertility preservation while being mindful of the ethical questions these treatments raise.

Hussein, H., C. Suarez, M. ueti, G. Scoles, D. Schneider, and wendell Johnson, "Babesia bovis sexual stages induced in in vitro culture", Washington state show case, Pullman, WA, USA, 27 March 2017. hussein-hala-poster.pdf
Hussein, H. A., M. M. Youssef, A. H. Osman, E. A. El-Ebiary, and M. A. Shalaby, "Immunopathogenesis of attenuated strain of chicken infectious anemia virus in one day old specific pathogen free chicks", Egypt. J. immunol., vol. 10, pp. 89-102 , 2003.
Hussein, M. I., and M. A. El-beltagy, "Optimization of phononic filters via genetic algorithms", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 92, no. 1: IOP Publishing, pp. 012110, 2007. Abstract
Hussein, Asaad, H.M.El-Mofty, and M. A. Hassanien, "Climate change and predicted trend of fungal keratitis-in Egypt", Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, vol. 17, issue 6, pp. 468-473, 2011. AbstractCU-PDF

Rising rates of invasive fungal infections may be linked to global climate change. A study was made of the trend of ophthalmic fungal corneal keratitis in the greater Cairo area of Egypt and its association with climate records during the same period. Data on diagnosed cases of fungal keratitis were collected from records of ophthalmic departments of Cairo University hospital and atmospheric temperature and humidity for the greater Cairo area were obtained from online records.