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Hussein, B. E. M., S. F. Elkholy, M. M. Nabeel, A. O. Abdelaziz, T. M. Elbaz, H. I. Shousha, M. M. Ibrahim, A. H., A. H. Ramadan, and A. H. K. Abdelmaksoud, Role of MRI in the assessment of treatment response after radiofrequency and microwave ablation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma, , 2016. role_of_mri_in_the_assessment_of_treatment_response_after_rfa_and_mwa_therapy_for_hcc.pdf
Hussein, H. M. E., T. A. Ali, and N. A. D. I. A. H. RAFAT, "New designs of a complete set of Photonic Crystals logic gates", Optics Communications, vol. 411, pp. 175 - 181, 2018. AbstractWebsite


Hussein, S., "MACRO AND MICROSCOPIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT OF THE CATTLE EGRET (BUBULCUS IBIS)", nternational Journal of Anatomy and Research 4(2):2162-2174, vol. 4, issue 2, pp. 2162-2174, 2016.
Hussein, M. A., A. El-Hindawi, and G. Ragab, "Everolimus in Erdheim–Chester disease", The Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine, vol. 25, issue 3: SpringerOpen, pp. 159-163, 2013. Abstract
Hussein, A. - H. A., M. T. Abdu, E. - S. M. El-Banna, S. E. Soliman, and M. M. Tash, "Interrelation of Steel Composition, Hardening Route, and Tempering Response of Medium Carbon Low-Alloy Steels", Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, vol. 25, issue 4, pp. 1463–1473, 2016.
Hussein, H. E., Reginaldo G. Bastos1, D. A. Schneider, Wendell C. Johnson3, Fatma K. Adham2, M. W. Ueti, and C. E. Suarez, "The Babesia bovis hap2 gene is not required for blood stage replication, but expressed upon in vitro sexual stage induction", PLoS Negl Trop Dis, vol. 11(10): e0005965, issue 11(10): e0005965, pp. 11(10): e0005965, 2017.
Hussein, H. A., and G. A. Elsamman, "Effect of Chest Physiotherapy on Improving Chest Airways Among Infants with Pneumonia", The Journal of American Science, vol. 7, issue 9, pp. 460-466, 2011. CU-PDF
Hussein, M. K., D. A. Hamza, and E. Ismael, "The Occurrence of Clostridium difficile in Different Animal Species in Egypt ", International Journal of Veterinary Science , vol. 8, issue 0975-8585 , pp. 138-142, 2019. dly.pdf
Hussein, S., "A Comparative Analysis of Potential Privacy in Nubian Houses in Egypt before and after the Resettlement", Engineering Research Journal, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, issue 150, pp. 15 –29, 2016. Abstract

With the construction of the High Dam at Aswan, Egypt, 50,000 Nubians were resettled from their informal houses to new public housing resettlement. The aim of this paper is to note, and analyze the difference in potential privacy before and after the resettlement - between the informal and the institutional housing units. A sample of nine dwelling units, both informal and institutional, was selected. Comparative analysis of potential privacy between the two samples was carried based on ‘space syntax’ techniques using a justified permeability graph and other measures of privacy on two levels; the relations of spaces within the unit, and the relations of spaces with the outside world. Findings reveled that traditional informal Nubian houses, in general, have more permeability and accessibility, with potential privacy more considered and more successful than potential privacy in the institutional sample which have more visibility from outside. These measures of potential privacy have to be taken into consideration and previously calculated in any coming resettlement projects.

Hussein, Y., S. A. Loutfy, E. A. Kamoun, S. H. El-Moslamy, E. M. Radwan, and S. E. I. Elbehairi, "Enhanced anti-cancer activity by localized delivery of curcumin form PVA/CNCs hydrogel membranes: Preparation and in vitro bioevaluation.", International journal of biological macromolecules, vol. 170, pp. 107-122, 2021. Abstract

This study targets to develop curcumin-loaded polyvinyl alcohol/cellulose nanocrystals (PVA/CNCs) membrane as localized delivery system for breast/liver cancer. A novel strategy was developed for enhancing encapsulation capacity and maximizing therapeutic efficiency of curcumin-loaded PVA/CNCs membranes. Membranes were prepared by solution-casting method using citric acid as crosslinker. SEM revealed that PVA/CNCs ratio (80:20) was chosen as the optimum for loading curcumin. FT-IR indicated that, curcumin was incorporated into PVA/CNCs in amorphous-phase via intermolecular hydrogen bond between curcumin and membrane components. Curcumin showed biphasic-release through burst-release of 41% of curcumin during the first hour, followed by sustained-release of 70% and 94% during 24 h and 48 h, respectively. In vitro cytotoxicity of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membrane exhibited a selective inhibition proliferation of breast and liver cancer cells in a concentration-dependent without any toxic effect on normal cells. At high concentration (8 mg/ml) of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin, reduced viability to 35% and 7% of MCF-7 and Huh-7 cells, respectively; meanwhile high HFB-4 normal cell viability ≥80% was investigated. Antimicrobial activity of PVA/CNCs/Curcumin was investigated by multi-drug-resistant strains, and MIC values. PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membranes with concentration (40 mg/ml) showed broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities, thus inhibited ~96-99% of microbial growth. PVA/CNCs/Curcumin membranes could be as promised anti-infective biomaterials for breast and liver cancer wound healing.

Hussein, M. M., and W. A. Attia, "Study of wind tunnel test results of high-rise buildings compared to different design codes", Wind and Structures, vol. 20, issue 5, pp. 623-642, 2015. was20050021.pdf
Hussein, M. A., I. M. Eissa, and A. A. Dahab, "Vision-Threatening Behcet’s Disease: Severity of Ocular Involvement Predictors", ophthalmology, vol., 2018. Vision-Threatening Behcet’s Disease: Severity of Ocular Involvement Predictors.pdf
Hussein, H. A., and Rohaim, M.A., "Continuous Evolution of Avian Influenza H5N1 Clade 2.2.1 Sublineage C in Commercial Poultry in Egypt during 2013.", 5th Oxford International Influenza Conference , Oxford- England, 2013.
Hussein, M. A., I. M. Eissa, and A. A. Dahab, "Vision-Threatening Behcet's Disease: Severity of Ocular Involvement Predictors.", Journal of ophthalmology, vol. 2018, issue 2018, pp. 9518065 / 6 pages, 2018. Abstract

Purpose: To examine and spot systemic findings commonly associated with a serious form of ocular Behcet's disease. This could potentially help ophthalmologists categorize their patients based on future risk and plan treatment accordingly.

Subjects and Methods: The data of 249 patients with Behcet's disease were examined thoroughly. Correlations between systemic and ocular findings were recorded. Patients were further subgrouped by the authors as having a vision-threatening form of the disease or not. Regression analysis was done to spot predictors for a vision-threatening form of the disease.

Results: The presence of systemic vasculitis and oral and genital ulcers in a patient with Behcet's disease was found to be associated with a milder form of ocular affection or none at all and vice versa. Certain correlations between findings were also found.

Conclusion: Certain findings in Behcet's disease may act as predictors for the severity of ocular affection. Directing our attention to these factors by the internist and ophthalmologist can help plan the frequency of follow-up as well as the aggressiveness of treatment in patients with Behcet's disease.

Hussein, H. A., H. M. Amer, M. S. Saber, A. El-Sanousi, and M. A. Shalaby, "Cloning and expression of bovine coronavirus genes in baculovirus expression system", In 4TH International Veterinary Vaccines and Diagnostics Conference, Oslo, Norway, 2006.
Hussein, S. H., R. Samir, R. K. Aziz, and M. A. Toama, "Two putative MmpL homologs contribute to antimicrobial resistance and nephropathy of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157:H7", Gut pathogens, vol. 11, issue 1, pp. 1-13, 2019.
Hussein, A. A., K. R. Ghani, J. Peabody, R. Sarle, R. Abaza, D. Eun, J. Hu, M. Fumo, B. Lane, J. S. Montgomery, et al., "Development and Validation of an Objective Scoring Tool for Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: Prostatectomy Assessment and Competency Evaluation.", The Journal of urology, vol. 197, issue 5, pp. 1237-1244, 2017 May. Abstract

PURPOSE: Comprehensive training and skill acquisition by urological surgeons are vital to optimize surgical outcomes and patient safety. We sought to develop and validate PACE (Prostatectomy Assessment and Competence Evaluation), an objective and procedure specific tool to assess the quality of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Development and content validation of PACE was performed by deconstructing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy into 7 key domains utilizing the Delphi methodology. Reliability and construct validation were then assessed using de-identified videos performed by practicing surgeons and fellows. Consensus for each domain was defined as achieving a content validity index of 0.75 or greater. Reliability was assessed by the intraclass correlation and construct validation using a mixed linear model accounting for multiple ratings on the same video.

RESULTS: After 3 rounds consensus was reached on wording, relevance of the skills assessed and concordance between the score assigned and the skill assessed. An intraclass correlation of 0.4 or greater was achieved for all domains. The expert group outperformed trainees in all domains but reached statistical significance in bladder drop (4.5 vs 3.4, p = 0.002), preparation of the prostate (4.4 vs 3.2, p <0.0001), seminal vesicle and posterior plane dissection (8.3 vs 6.8, p = 0.03), and neurovascular bundle preservation (4.1 vs 2.4, p <0.0001). Limitations included the lack of assessment of other key skills such as communication and decision making.

CONCLUSIONS: PACE is a structured, procedure specific and reliable tool that objectively measures surgical performance during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. It can differentiate different levels of expertise and provide structured feedback to customize training and surgical quality improvement.

Hussein, M. M. M., and M. M. Kamel, "Response of Amaranthus tricolor, L. plants to nitrogenous nutrition and their role in remediating some polluted soils with heavy metals.", Annals of Agricultural Science (Cairo), vol. 52, issue 1: Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, pp. 213-229, 2007. Abstract
Hussein, E. R. M. A., E. A. Gihad, T. M. El-Bedawy, and M. H. Abdel-Gawad, "Effect of dietary oilseed supplement on nutrient utilization, milk yield and composition of lactating buffaloes", Egyptian J. Anim. Prod, vol. 1, pp. 27-42, 2003. Abstract
Hussein, M., "Enabling Compliance Monitoring for Process Execution Engines", BPMDS, vol. 1859: CEUR- Workshop Proceedings, pp. 30–37, 2017. Abstract
Hussein, G., Y. Bughdady, H. M. Bazaraa, and H. Taher, "Doppler assessment of brachial artery flow as a measure of endothelial dysfunction in pediatric chronic renal failure", Pediatr Nephrol, vol. 23, pp. 2025–2030, 2008. endothelial_dysfunction.pdf
Hussein, G. M., S. S. Muhammad, N. A. Gomaa, M. R. Shehata, and W. M. Hosny, "A Study on the extraction of uranium(VI) from sulphate leach liquor using LIX63", Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, vol. 38, issue 6, pp. 866–875, 2017. a_study_on_the_extraction_of_uranium_vi_from_sulphate_leach_liquor_using_lix63_2.pdf