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Elyazed, T. A. I., I. M. A. -allah Al-Azab, M. M. E. Semary, M. A, S. S. Abd-Elhamed, and A. M. E. Gendy, " Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Depression and Insomnia in Egyptian Geriatrics Parkinson's Population. ", Bioscience Research , vol. 15, issue 3, pp. 1601-1609., 2018. effect_of_aerobic_exercises_on_depression.pdf
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Farawela, H., K. M., I. Shaheen, H. Gouda, A. Nasef, N. Abulata, H. A. Mahmoud, H. M. Zawam, and S. M. Mousa, "• The association between hepatitis C virus infection, genetic polymorphisms of oxidative stress genes and B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma risk in Egypt. ", Infect Genet Evol, vol. Aug;12(6), issue (6), pp. 1189-94, 2012. AbstractWebsite

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) has been postulated to be an etiological agent for lymphoid malignancies. Polymorphisms in oxidative stress genes as; superoxide dismutase (SOD2), glutathione peroxidase (GPX1), catalase (CAT), myeloperoxidase (MPO) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS2) may influence non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) risk. HCV screening and polymorphisms in these five genes coding for antioxidant enzymes were studied in 100 Egyptian patients with B cell-NHL and 100 controls to clarify the association between HCV infection, oxidative stress genes polymorphisms and B cell-NHL risk. A significantly higher prevalence of HCV infection was detected among NHL patients relative to controls and this carried a 14-fold increased NHL risk (odds ratio (OR)=14.3, 95% confidence interval (CI)=5.4-38.3, p<0.0001). GPX1 and MPO genetic polymorphisms conveyed increase in B-NHL risk (OR=3.3, 95% CI=1.4-7.4, p=0.004 and OR=4.4, 95% CI=1.3-14.2, p=0.009 respectively). Further analyses stratified by HCV infection revealed that concomitant HCV infection and GPX1 gene polymorphism had a synergetic effect on NHL risk with an OR of 15 (95%CI=2.2-69.6, p<0.0001). In addition, combined HCV infection and MPO gene polymorphisms had a pronounced NHL risk (OR=9.2, 95%CI=2.5-33.9, p<0.0001). SOD2, CAT and NOS2 genetic polymorphisms were not found to confer increased NHL risk. This study revealed that HCV infection is a risk factor for NHL in Egypt. Polymorphisms in GPX1 and MPO genes may influence NHL risk in HCV infected Egyptian patients. Larger scale studies are warranted to establish this genetic susceptibility for NHL.
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Saleh, A. A., N. E. M. Fayoumy, S. M. Gohar, and M. A. Khalil, "• Social and Non-social Cognitive Functions in Patients with Schizophrenia: A Comparative Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological study", Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neuro-surgery, In Press.
Youssef, M. A., L. Abdelsalam, R. A. Harfoush, I. M. Talaat, E. Elkattan, A. Mohey, R. M. A. Abdella, M. S. Farhan, H. A. Foad, A. M. Elsayed, et al., "• Prevalence of human papilloma virus (HPV) and its genotypes in cervical specimens of Egyptian women by linear array HPV genotyping test.", Infectious Agents and Cancer , vol. 11, 2016.
Elmahgoub, I. R., H. M. Gouda, M. A. Samra, I. A. Shaheen, and A. H. ElMaraashly, "• Polymorphisms of xeroderma pigmentosum genes ( XPC, XPD and XPG) and susceptibility to acute leukemia among a sample of Egyptian patients", Journal of Hematopathology: Journal of Hematopathology, 2017. AbstractWebsite

DNA repair systems play a key role in protecting the DNA from damage caused by different endogenous and environmental factors. Genetic polymorphisms in DNA repair genes may lead to increased cancer susceptibility including leukemia. Due to different environmental genetic interaction among each population, the aim of the current study was to assess the association between three genetic polymorphisms of xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group: XPD (rs13181), XPC (rs2228001), XPG (rs17655) and the susceptibility to Acute Leukemia in Egypt. The present study included 50 patients with acute leukemia, in addition to 100 normal volunteers as control group. Genotyping for the genes was done by PCR- RFLP technique. The study revealed that patients homovariant for XPD had four fold increased risk of developing AML (OR=4.4, p=0.025) either alone or with variant genotypes of XPC and XPG. No statistically significant association was found between neither individual nor combined polymorphisms and disease risk of ALL in this study. Determination of XPD polymorphism could be considered as molecular markers associated with susceptibility to develop AML.

Ahmed, S. A., A. A. Hassan, D. fouad Ghoniem, and A. T. S. Saif, "• Histopathological Changes of the Retina After Nd:YAG Laser Thrombolysis in Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: An Experimental Study", Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences, vol. winter:10, issue (1), pp. 50-55, 2019.
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Galos, M. S., H. M. A. El-Saied, T. A. Macky, and P. H. Fouad, "• Brinzolamide/timolol versus dorzolamide/timolol fixed combinations: A hospital based, prospective, randomized study", indian journal of ophthalmology, vol. 64, issue 2, pp. 127-131, 2016.
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Sabet, S., M. A. George, H. A. I. D. A. N. M. EL-SHORBAGY, H. Bassiony, K. Y. Farroh, T. Youssef, and T. A. salah eldin, "“Gelatin nanoparticles enhance delivery of hepatitis C virus recombinant NS2 gene”", PLOS ONE, vol. 12, issue 7, pp. 1-15, 2017. journal.pone_.0181723-compressed.pdf
;H, S., G. Ghonemy, and M. Fawaz, "“Determine Of Non Adherence To Antenatal Care During Pregnancy ; ", Published At First International Nursing Conference , Beni Suief University, Beni Suief University ,Faculty Of Nursing , Egypt , May 22, 2016.