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Gaber, A. M., S. Mazen, and E. E. Hassanein, "Comparative Study for Software Project Management Approaches and Change Management in the Project Monitoring & Controlling", International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, vol. 7, pp. 259-264, 2016. Abstract
Gaber, W., S. Sayed, Y. Ezzat, H. Khalil, and T. W. Kassem, "Comparative study of kidney affection in SLE patients with and without antiphospholipid syndrome", The Egyptian Rheumatologist , vol. 34, pp. 51-57, 2012. 1-s2.0-s1110116412000026-main.pdf
Gaber, Y., U. T?rnvall, M. A. Kumar, M. A. Amin, and R. Hatti-Kaul, "HPLC-EAT (Environmental Assessment Tool): A tool for profiling safety, Health and Environmental Impacts of Liquid Chromatography Methods", Green Chemistry, 2011. Abstract

A simple and efficient approach for profiling the greenness of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods is presented. This environmental assessment tool (EAT) takes into consideration the environmental, health and safety issues for all solvents involved in the chromatographic method, and calculates a total score that can be used for comparison of the greenness of different methods. A software, HPLC-EAT, has been designed to facilitate the calculation and can be downloaded free of charge at HPLC-EAT was successfully applied for a set of different HPLC methods from the literature, including both analytical and preparative chromatography. The performance of the tool was validated and it was further combined with another free software Eco-solvent tool to perform life cycle assessments of waste disposal options of distillation or incineration. HPLC-EAT can be routinely used in method development to calculate the greenness beside the conventional standards of accuracy, robustness and reproducibility.