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Fagrell, H., K. Forsberg, and J. Sanneblad, {FieldWise}: a mobile knowledge management architecture, : ACM Press New York, NY, US, pp. 211 – 220, 2000. Abstract

The paper presents results of a research project that has aimed at developing a knowledge management architecture for mobile work domains. The architecture developed, called FieldWise, was based on fieldwork in two organisations and feedback from users of prototype systems. This paper describes the empirically grounded requirements of FieldWise, how these have been realised in the architecture, and how the architecture has been implemented in the news journalism domain. FieldWise adds to the field of CSCW by offering an empirically grounded architecture with a set of novel features that have not been previously reported in the literature.

Faggal, M. S., M. S. Abdelsalam, S. M. Adel Elhakk, and N. F. Mahmoud, "Proprioceptive training after ACL reconstruction: Standard versus stump preservation technique", Physiotherapy Practice and Research, vol. 40, issue 1, pp. 69-75, 2019. AbstractWebsite

BACKGROUND:Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are considered to be among the most disabling knee injuries. The proprioception function affected due to ACL injuries results in functional instability as neuromuscular control is altered in consequence. PURPOSE:To compare proprioceptive training outcomes following ACL reconstruction with and without stump removal. METHODS:Thirty male patients received a three months rehabilitation program, including an integral proprioceptive training component, after having autogenous hamstring tendon ACL reconstruction. Fifteen patients had done stump shaving technique (group A), and fifteen patients with stump preservation (group B). Mean age was (32.87±7.51 years) for group A and (31.53±6.46 years) for group B. Clinical evaluation included functional performance measured by Lysholm scale, dynamic balance measured by Biodex balance system test (overall stability index), and sense of position measured by active and passive repositioning tests (absolute angular error) on Biodex system 3 isokinetic dynamometer. RESULTS:No significant differences were detected for active and passive repositioning tests and overall stability index of affected and non-affected legs between groups. Moreover, Lyshlom scores between both groups revealed no significant difference. Pairwise comparisons of affected and non-affected legs within either groups were also non- significant (p < 0.05). CONCLUSION:Proprioceptive training after arthroscopic ACL reconstruction showed similar effects on function, dynamic balance, and sense of position in patients operated by stump shaving or preservation techniques.

Keywords: ACL reconstruction, proprioceptive training, balance, residual stump, joint position sense

Faessler, A. a, and M. b Ismail, "The volume contribution of the ion-ion optical potential from realistic complex nucleon-nucleon interaction", Zeitschrift für Physik A Atoms and Nuclei, vol. 316, no. 2, pp. 195-199, 1984. AbstractWebsite

The real and imaginary parts of the optical model potential for several pairs of magic nuclei have been calculated by a double folding procedure. The complex effective interaction is calculated from the Reid soft core potential by solving the Bethe-Goldstone equation in two colliding nuclear matters. The calculated potentials were approximated with a Woods-Saxon shape. We studied the dependence of the parameters of these Woods-Saxon forms on the masses of the interacting nuclei. © 1984 Springer-Verlag.

Fadodun, O. G., A. Kaood, and M. A. Hassan, "Investigation of the entropy production rate of ferrosoferric oxide/water nanofluid in outward corrugated pipes using a two-phase mixture model", International Journal of Thermal Sciences, vol. 178: Elsevier Masson, pp. 107598, 2022. Abstract
Fadly, D., Is there a resource curse in financial development ? , , Lund , Lund University, 2013.
Fadlallah, M., A. Zedan, N. Allam, A. Aljaber, and S. Alqaradawi, "Optimization Of The Electronic And Optical Properties Of Tio2 For Clean Fuel Production", Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings Volume 2014 Issue 1, vol. 2014, no. 1: Hamad bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press), pp. EEPP0201, 2014. Abstract
sahar Fadlallah, A., "Future Perspectives of Biomimetic Calcium-Phosphate Coating", Environmental Science and Engineering, Vol.10 Industrial Processing & Nanotechnology, India, Studium Press LLC, USA, 2016. book_chapter_1-activity_9.pdf
Fadlallah, M. M., M. F. Shibl, T. J. H. Vlugt, and U. Schwingenschlögl, "Theoretical study on cation codoped SrTiO 3 photocatalysts for water splitting", Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 6, issue 47: Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 24342-24349, 2018. Abstract
Fadlallah, M., A. Zedan, N. Allam, A. Aljaber, and S. Alqaradawi, "Optimization Of The Electronic And Optical Properties Of Tio2 For Clean Fuel Production", Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings Volume 2014 Issue 1, vol. 2014, no. 1: Hamad bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press), pp. EEPP0201, 2014. Abstract


Fadlallah, S. A., N. El-Bagoury, S. G. M. F. El-Rab, R. A. Ahmed, and G. El-Ousamii, "An overview of NiTi shape memory alloy: Corrosion resistance and antibacterial inhibition for dental application", Journal of Alloys and Compounds , vol. 583, pp. 455–464, 2014. paper_4.pdf
Fadlallah, M. M., T. J. H. Vlugt, and M. F. Shibl, "Towards an efficient perovskite visible-light active photocatalyst", arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.07405, 2015. Abstract
Fadlalla, W. M., A. Hanafy, mahmoud abdel hakim, H. A. Kassem, E. S. Ashraf, and A. A. Elbary, "Randomized Controlled Trial of Laparoscopic versus Open Radical Cystectomy in a Laparoscopic Naïve Center.", Advances in urology, vol. 2021, pp. 4731013, 2021. Abstract

Background: Laparoscopic radical cystectomy is a challenging surgical procedure; however, it has been largely abandoned in favor of the more intuitive robotic-assisted cystectomy. Due to the prohibitive cost of robotic surgery, the adoption of laparoscopic cystectomy is of relevance in low-resource institutes. . This is a randomized controlled trial comparing laparoscopic radical cystectomy (LRC) to open radical cystectomy (ORC) at a single institute. Each group included thirty patients. The trial was designed to compare both approaches regarding operative time, blood loss, transfusion requirements, length of hospital stay, time to oral intake, requirement of opioid analgesia, and complications.

Results: LRC was associated with less hospital stay (9.8 vs. 13.8 days, =0.001), less time to oral solid intake (6 vs. 8.6 days, =0.031), and lower opioid requirements (23.3% vs. 53.3%, =0.033). There was a trend towards lower blood loss and transfusion requirements, but this did not reach statistical significance. Overall complication rates were comparable.

Conclusion: Laparoscopic radical cystectomy was associated with comparable postoperative outcomes when compared to ORC in the first laparoscopic cystectomy experience in our center. Benefitting from the assistance of an experienced laparoscopic surgeon is recommended to shorten the learning curve.

Fadlalla, W., A. Mohamed, M. Salama., and A. Attia, "• Comparative Study Between Ileal conduit and Indiana Pouch After Cystectomy for Patients With Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder: ", • Comparative Study Between Ileal conduit and Indiana Pouch After Cystectomy for Patients With Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder: Journal of American Radium Society. , vol. 30, issue 1, pp. 6, 2016.
Fadl-allah, S. A., R. A. El-Serief, and W. A. Badawy, " "Electrochemical Formation and Characterisation of Porous Titania, (TiO2) films on Ti"", J. Appl. Electrochem. , vol. 38, pp. 1459-1466, 2008.
Fadl-allah, S. A., N. S. El-Shenawy, and Q. Mohsen, "Oxidative stress and antioxidant responses of liver and kidney tissue after implantation of titanium or titanium oxide coated plate in rat tibiae", J Mater Sci: Mater Med (2012) , vol. 23, pp. 1763-1774, 2012. paper_2.pdf
Fadl, A. M., A.M.ghallab, M. M. A. Ahmed, and A. R. Moaoud, "Melatonin can improve viability and functional integrity of cooled and frozen/thawed rabbit spermatozoa", Reproduction in domestic animals , vol. 56, issue 1, pp. 103-111, 2021.
Fadl, S. E., G. A. El-Gammal, O. A. Sakr, A. A. B. S. Salah, A. A. Atia, A. M. Prince, and A. M. Hegazy, "Impact of dietary Mannan-oligosaccharide and β-Glucan supplementation on growth, histopathology, E-coli colonization and hepatic transcripts of TNF-α and NF- ϰB of broiler challenged with E. coli O78", BMC Vet Res. , vol. 16, pp. 204, 2020.
Fadl, H. O., D. E. H. Akkad, D. A. E. S. Fattah, S. E. O. Bassiouni, and H. E. A. Bolaky, Study of protease enzyme activity of Blastocystis isolates from gastrointestinal symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects, , 2016.
Fadl, F. A., N. A. A. Aita, M. A. Abdelaziz, and A. H. Mohamed, "In vitro Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles against Pathogenic Streptococcus parauberis", Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol. 9, issue 6, pp. 913-918, 2021.
Fadl, H., N. Elsayed, M. Rehan, N. El-Gebaly, and I. Abdel-Shafi, "Stressing a tired host: Cryptosporidium species and Helicobacter pylori infections in diabetes mellitus patients with gastrointestinal manifestations", Parasitologists United Journal, vol. 14, issue 3: Egyptian Parasitologists United Society (EPU), pp. 261-268, 2021. Abstract
Fadl, M., W. Khalifa, and S. El-hadad, "Effect of Soaking Treatment on the Microstructure and Wear Behavior of the Ultrasonic Melt-Treated B390 Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy", TMS Annual Meeting, Light Metals, vol. 2016, Nashiville, USA, TMS, pp. 821-825, 2016.
Fadl, A. M., E. A. Abdelnaby, H. R. El-Sherbiny, and others, "INRA82 extender enhances semen quality in ram under cooled and cryopreserved stages", Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction, vol. 11, no. 2: Medknow Publications, pp. 100, 2022. Abstract