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E.A.El-Gendy, M.Helal, N.H.Goher, and A. Mostageer, "Molecular characterization of genetic biodiversity in ducks, using RAPD-PCR analysis", Arab Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 8, issue 2, pp. 253-264, 2005. Abstract545562b00cf26d5090a6fe04.pdfWebsite

ABSTRACT This study aimed at elucidating the genetic variation within and between duck populations and estimating the phylogenetic relationships among them. Five duck breeds of two species, Muscovy and Sudani of Cairina species, and White Pekin, Damietti and Khaki Campbell of Anas species, were used. The technique of random amplified polymorphic DNA-polymerase chain reaction (RAPD-PCR) was applied using five random primers. Individual DNA samples within breed and also a bulk of DNA samples for each breed were used. Primers amplified bands with an overall mean of 8.45 and 8.68 bands for individual and pooled samples, respectively. No significant difference was observed between pooled and individual samples indicating the reliability of mixing DNA samples within breed. High levels of polymorphism and heterozygosity between breeds were obtained. Two primers (OPC-08 and OPC-11), resulted in highly polymorphic markers for duck genomes. Specific bands were obtained for species and also for breeds. The overall mean of genetic variability indices within breed was low to moderate and averaged 0.38, whereas band sharing levels within breed were high and averaged 0.73. Variability estimates between breeds were 0.47 and 0.35 for individual and pooled samples respectively, whereas band sharing estimates were 0.63 and 0.74. Genetic distance indices between breeds ranged between 0.264 and 0.728.

E.A.Elish, S., F. A.Sanad, M. H.Baky, Noha A.E. Yasin, A. Temraz, and W. H.El-Tantawy, "Ficus natalensis extract alleviates Cadmium chloride-induced testicular disruptions in albino rats", Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, vol. 70, pp. 126924, 2022.
E.A.Rady, E.F.Lashin, and F.A.Abass, "Testing EBUASI Class of Life Distribution Based on Goodness of Fit Approach", Interstat, vol. 14, issue 9, 2008.
E.A.Rady, A. M. M. E. El-Monsef, and A. W. A. El-Latif, "A Modified Rough Set Approach to Incomplete Information Systems", Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences, vol. Volume 2007, issue Article ID 58248, pp. 1 - 13, 2007. 058248.pdf
E.A.Sinna, and N. Ezzat, "Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in thyroid lesions", Journal of Egyptian National Cancer Institute, vol. 24, issue 2, pp. 63-70, 2012. Abstract

Purpose: Evaluation of the accuracy of FNAC in the preoperative diagnosis of different thyroid lesions.
Patients and methods: This is a retrospective study of 296 diagnosed cases of thyroid nodules referred to cytology unit, pathology department, NCI, who underwent preoperative cytologic diagnosis. The results were categorized into: insufficient for diagnosis, benign, atypical follicular lesion of undetermined significance, follicular neoplasm, suspicious for malignancy, and malignant sampling according to the recent Bethesda classification. The final histologic diagnosis and/ or follow up ultrasonography assessment for non-neoplastic lesions were considered the gold standard.
Results: The study included 296 cases presented with thyroid nodules who underwent preoperative diagnostic thyroid FNAC. Male to female ratio was 5.2:1, and the median age was 44 years. 98 cases (33.1%) were diagnosed as benign, 40 cases (13.5%) as follicular lesion of undetermined significance, 49 cases (16.5%) as follicular neoplasm, 30 cases (10.1%) as suspicious for malignancy, 58 cases (19.5%) as malignant, and 21 cases (7.1%) as unsatisfactory. Nodular hyperplasia represented the majority of benign cases (89.8%), while papillary carcinoma was the most frequent malignant lesion (72.4%). Cytologic diagnoses were compared with their corresponding final histologic ones. FNAC achieved a sensitivity of 92.8, specificity of 94.2%, positive predictive value of 94.9%, negative predictive value of 91.8%, false positive rate of 7.2%, false negative rate of 5.8%, and a total accuracy of 93.6%.
Conclusion: FNA cytology is a sensitive, specific, and accurate initial diagnostic test for the preoperative evaluation of patients with thyroid swellings.

E.AbdelWahed, I.AlEmam, and A.Badr, "Feature Selection for Cancer Classification: An SVM based Approach", International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012.
E.abuelhassan, U., M. S. Rezk, M. M. S. Soliman, M. Al-Harrass, T. Saber, and T. Saber, "Role of Antiviral Therapies in Laboratory Confirmed Influenza Cases in Egypt 2010-2012/Single Center Experience Study", EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, vol. 8.8 , pp. 695-700 , 2019.
E.Aref, N., S. A, G. A, S. F. Darwish, and J. El-Jakee, "Characterization of coagulase negative staphylococci isolated from mastitic animals.", J. Egypt Vet. Med. Assoc, vol. 77, issue 3, pp. 565-581, 2017.
E.Aref, N., S. A, G. S. A. F. Darwish, and J. El-Jakee, "Antimicrobial resistance of b-lactamase coagulase negative staphylococci (CNS) producers isolated from dairy sheep and goats. ", J. Egypt Vet. Med. Assoc, vol. 77, issue 3, pp. 555-564., 2017.
E.Assaf, A.Badr, and I.Farag, "Application of Computational Intelligence to Virtualized Data Center Management", International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012. Abstract

Server Virtualization is a growing trend in almost all the critical IT infrastructures
all over the world. Apart from the cost savings involved with such approach, it is even useful
in increasing the infrastructure operational efficiency as it speeds up the operation

E.Ateia, and A. T. Mohamed, "Nonstoichiometry and phase stability of Al and Cr substituted Mg ferrite", journal of magnetism and magnetic materials, vol. 426, pp. 217-224, 2017. alcr.pdf
E.Ateia, E., A. A. Azab, and S. A. Esmail, ".Comparative study on the physical properties of transition metaldoped (Co, Ni, Fe, and Mn) ZnO nanoparticles", Applied Physics A, vol. 124, pp. 469, 2018. azab.pdf
E.Ateia, E., M. K. Abdelamksoud, and M. A. Rizk, "Improvement of the physical properties of novel (1 − x) CoFe2O4 (x) LaFeO3 nanocomposites for technolopy applications", J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, vol. 28, pp. 16547–16553, 2017. 9.pdf
E.Ateia, E., A. A. El-Bassuony, G. Abdelatif, and F. S. Soliman, "Novelty characterization and enhancement of magnetic properties", J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, vol. 28, pp. 241–249, 2017. cocu_2017.pdf
E.Ateia, E., and F. S. Soliman, "Modification of Co/Cu nanoferrites properties via Gd3+/", Applied physics A Materials science, vol. 123, pp. 312, 2017. cocu_rare_earth_.pdf
E.Ateia, E., and A. T. Mohamed, "Nonstoichiometry and phase stability of Al and Cr substituted Mg ferrite", journal of magnetism and magnetic materials, vol. 426, pp. 217-224, 2017. alcr.pdf
E.Ateia, E., G. Abdelatif, and M.A.Ahmed, "Effect of Different Gd3+ Ion Content on the electrical and magnetic properties of Lithium Antimony Ferrite", Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic polymers and materials, vol. 25 no 5, pp. 1011-1304, 2015. gd.pdf
E.Ateia, E., A. A. H. El-Bassuony, G. Abdellatif, and A. T. Mohamed, "The Impact of Ni Substitution on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Mg Nano-Ferrite", Silicon, 2018. silicon_final.pdf
E.Ateia, E., S. K. Abdel‑Aal, and A. S. M. A. A. ABDALLAH, "Synthesis and characterization of nonstoichiometric potassium/magnesium nanoferrites for multifunctional applications", J Mater Sci: Mater Electron, vol. 29, pp. 1489–1496, 2018. asmaa_seham_2018.pdf
E.Ateia, E., L. M. Salah, and A. A. H. El-Bassuony, "Investigation of Cation Distribution and Microstructure of Nano Ferrites Prepared by Different Wet Methods", J Inorg Organomet Polym, vol. 25(4), issue 1574-1443, pp. 619-1010, 2015. different_wet_methods_final.pdf