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SALEM, H. E. B. A. M. O. H. A. M. M. E. D. M. O. H. A. M. M. E. D., P. D. E. - D. G. A. Khelfa, D. K. M. A. Dyab, and D. A. A. E. - F. M. A. El-Meneisy, FURTHER STUDIES ON CLOSTRIDIUM PERFERINGENS INFECTION IN WEANED RABBITS, , egypt, Cairo university, 2015. 3_abstract.pdf
kord, P. M. A. E. A., D. A. Diab, D. T. Kapiel, and A. Maghraby, Genomic studies on Egyptian Durum wheat (Triticum durum desf) under drought stress, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2010.
Mohammed, M., M. Aboelela, and H. T. Dorrah‎, Hybrid Modeling and Control Method and Its Application to a Power Plant, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2011.
Mohammad, R. S. S., The Impact of Lanaguge in National in Integration in South Sudan, , cairo, Cairo University Institute of African Research & Studies Antropology Dept, 2012. abstract.doc
Maghraby, A., M. Kord, and A. A. Diab, In-Silico Mapping of Some Genes Responsible for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Cereals , : Cairo , 2018.
Khalifa, H. A. M., M. H. Darwish, and M. Soliman, Influence of Aerobic Exercise on Cognitive Function in Patients with Stroke, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractheba_ahmed_metwally_khalifa.pdf

Background: One third of stroke patients suffered of cognitive
deficits which impede recovery. Purpose of this study was to assess and explain
from physiological point of view the efficacy of aerobic exercise on cognitive
impairment of stroke patients. Methods: Thirty ischemic stroke patients from both
sexes represented the sample of the study. Their age ranged from 40 to 60 years.
The patients were assigned into two equal groups; control group (G1) and study
group (G2). The control group treated by a selective physical therapy program and
the study group treated by the same program in addition to aerobic exercise on
bicycle for 40 min. The physical therapy program was conducted three times per
week, for two months. Different domains of cognitive function (attention,
memory, language, verbal fluency and visuospatial ability) were assessed by
Addenbroke's Cognitive Examination Revised test (ACER). Transcranial Doppler
was used to measure blood flow velocity in MCA of both sides. Venous blood
sample was analyzed to determine level of serum Brain Derived Neurotrophic
Factor (BDNF). The Results: Before starting the treatment, there was a nonsignificant
difference in the mean values of all variables in G1&G2. At the end of
the treatment there was a non-significant change in all variables in (G1) except the
verbal fluency domain of ACER test. In the study group (G2) there was a
significant improvement in all domains of ACER test except the language domain.
A significant increase in mean and maximum velocity in the affected MCA with
lowering of pulsatility and resistance index in ipsilesional and contralesional MCA
was observed. The mean value of serum BDNF level also showed significant
increase (p<0.05). There was a significant positive correlation between
improvement in total score of ACER test, blood flow velocity and level of serum
BDNF in (G2). Conclusion: Aerobic exercise has a positive effect in improving
cognitive function in stroke patients.

Dawood, H., Interval Mathematics: Foundations, Algebraic Structures, and Applications, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractinterval_mathematics_msc_thesis_by_hend_dawood.pdf

We begin by constructing the algebra of classical intervals and prove that it is a nondistributive abelian semiring. Next, we formalize the notion of interval dependency, along with discussing the algebras of two alternate theories of intervals: modal intervals, and constraint intervals. With a view to treating some problems of the present interval theories, we present an alternate theory of intervals, namely the "theory of optimizational intervals", and prove that it constitutes a rich S-field algebra, which extends the ordinary field of the reals, then we construct an optimizational complex interval algebra. Furthermore, we define an order on the set of interval numbers, then we present the proofs that it is a total order, compatible with the interval operations, dense, and weakly Archimedean. Finally, we prove that this order extends the usual order on the reals, Moore's partial order, and Kulisch's partial order on interval numbers.

Classical interval arithmetic, Machine interval arithmetic, Interval dependency, Constraint intervals, Modal intervals, Classical complex intervals, Optimizational intervals, Optimizational complex intervals, S-field algebra, Ordering subsets of the reals, Interval arithmetic, Ordering interval numbers, Ordinal power, Total order, Well order, Order compatibilty, Weak Archimedeanity, Dedekind completeness, Interval lattice, Interval order topology, Moore's partial order, Kulisch's partial order.

Draz, R. S., M. M. Taha, A. F. Rahmy, Z. M. H. Serry, and M. S. el berdesi, interval training versus electroacupuncture on liver functions in patients with fatty liver, , Cairo, Cairo, 2019.
Sabry, F., N. Darwish, and M. Fayek, Learning Gene Regulatory Networks Structures using Dynamic Bayesian Networks, : Cairo University, 2009.
E, H., G. T, Khoweiled A, S. AE, A. D, M. R, F. H, and L. N, "Lifetime prevalence of alcohol and substance use in Egypt: a community survey.", Subst Abus., vol. 34, issue 2, pp. 97-104, 2013. Abstract

The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of substance use and addiction in Egypt and study its sociodemographic correlates.
A total of 44,000 subjects were interviewed from 8 governorates by stratified sampling. A questionnaire derived from the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) was individually administered.
The lifetime prevalence of any substance use varies between 7.25% and 14.5%. One-month prevalence varies between 5.4% and 11.5% when adjusted to different population parameters. A total of 4832 subjects were identified as using illicit substances at least once in their life (9.6%), including 1329 experimental and social use (3.3%), 1860 regular use (4.64%), and 629 substance dependence (1.6%). The prevalence of substance use in males is 13.2% and 1.1% in females. Prevalence increases significantly in males of Bedouin origin, in seaside governorates, with lesser levels of education, and in certain occupations. The 15-19 age group showed the highest onset of substance use. Cannabis is the drug mostly misused in Egypt; alcohol is a distant second.
The prevalence of substance use is lower than Western countries and higher compared with a 1996 survey. The true population prevalence is probably higher due to underreporting. The demographic pattern reflects availability and accessibility to drugs.

Dr. Maha Mohamed Ghobashi Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine Faculty of Medicine, C. U., C. U. Dr. Mohamed Hani Shehata Professor of Obstetric and Gynecology Faculty of Medicine, and C. U. Dr. Rehab Abdelhai Ahmed Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Maternity Patient Out of Pocket Expenditures in Obstetric and Gynecology Department at Kasr Al-Ainy, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2015. pdf_raghda.pdf
Ahmed, A. S. Z., D. Z. Y. Daw, D. M. K. Zahra, and D. N. F. Nasr, Microbiological and Chemical Quality of Active Dry Yeast , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
Elshamy, F. H. M., NEUR-AXIAL BLOCKADE IN ELDERLY, , Gizo, Cairo, 2009.
Rizkallah, L. W. A., and N. M. Darwish, A New Hybrid Algorithm to Solve the Subgroup Discovery Problem Applied to Semantic Relation Discovery, : Cairo University Faculty of Engineering, 2020.
Daihom, B., and A. A. Badawi, Niosomes as topical drug delivery systems, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012.
Seaadawy, Y., H. T. Dorrah, and M. Aboelela, Nonlinear Process Control Using Neural Networks With Application To Some ‎Special Industrial Systems, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012.
Sedo, M. A., M. Aboelela, and H. T. Dorrah‎, Optimal Variable Structure Load Frequency Controller Design Using Evolutionary ‎Techniques‎, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2009.
Daihom, B. A., A pharmaceutical study on certain gastro-retentive drug delivery systems, , Cairo, Cairo University , 2021.