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Cacciola, P., M. Shadlou, A. Ayoub, and T. A. YF Rashed, "Exploring the performances of the vibrating barriers for the seismic protection of the Zoser pyramid", Scientific Reports, vol. 12, issue 1, pp. 1-12, 2022.
Cabrera, W., S. Genta, A. Said, A. Farag, K. Rashed, and S. Sánchez, "Hypoglycemic Activity of Ailanthus excelsa Leaves in Normal and Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats", Phytotherapy Research, vol. 22, issue 3, pp. 303-307, 2008.
Cabanillas, C., M. Resinas, A. R. Cortés, and A. Awad, "Automatic Generation of a Data-Centered View of Business Processes", Advanced Information Systems Engineering - 23rd International Conference, CAiSE 2011, London, UK, June 20-24, 2011. Proceedings, vol. 6741: Springer, pp. 352–366, 2011. Abstract
c;, E. B. L. A. U. R. O. C. K. - B. U. S. C. H.;b;, O. R. Amin, H. H. Dessoki, and T. RABAHd, "Toxic Metals and Essential Elements in Hair and Severity of Symptoms among Children with Autism", Maedica A Journal of Clinical Medicine, Volume 7 No.1, 2012. 2nd_research_2nd_part.pdf
C.Raisn, L.Lassabatere, A. B. G. A. F. C. G., and P. Voisin, "Optical Investigation of a GaSb-AlSb Single Quantum Well", Solid State Communication, vol. 61, no. 1, pp. 17, 1987. Abstract
C.Amir, A.Badr, and I.Farag, "A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Ant Algorithms", Computing and Information Systems Journal, vol. 11, issue 7, 2007. Abstract

Parameter setting highly affects the performance of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithms which inspired us to develop a module to be added to the standard Ant Colony System (ACS) algorithm by which the parameter-setting is done automatically. The module we added to the algorithm is a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) which is used to tune the parameters according to robust performance measures of the algorithm. The parameter-tuning is performed as the algorithm runs, and this allows the dynamic setting of the parameters based on the current performance of the algorithm. The adaptive ACS algorithm was tested on many TSP problems with different sizes and the results were compared to those of the standard algorithm, where this comparison showed that the adaptive ACS algorithm outperformed the standard algorithm and reached near-optimal solutions that the standard algorithm could not find. It also showed a faster convergence to the solutions than the standard algorithm.

and C GrecoG Bedogni3, RP Wennberg4, T. 1 C. D. C. Z. 1C. 3, I. F. Iskander, D. M. Akmal, S. Z. E. Houchi, D. A. Khairy, G. Bedogni, R. P. Wennberg, C. Tiribelli, and C. D. C. Zabetta, "Comparison between Bilistick System and transcutaneous bilirubin in assessing total bilirubin serum concentration in jaundiced newborns", Journal of perinatology, vol. 37, pp. 1028-1031, 2017. bilistick.pdf
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