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Victoria, S., H. Amaral, I. Mulamitsi, S. Bhatnagar, H. Moustafa, H. Kartunihardja, F. Sundram, and K. Britton, "CRF on in vivo imaging for infection (sepsis) and inflammation", European Congress Nuclear Medicine, Berlin, 29 Aug- 4 Sept, Submitted.
Britton, K., S. Solanki, H. Ameral, A. Bhatangar, J. Katamihadja, J. Malamits, M. H, V. Soroa, F. Sundram, D. Warehan, et al., "Imaging of bacterial infection", European congress Nuclear Medicine, Paris , 2-6 September, Submitted.
Ibrahem, D. M., D. A. Mahmoud, D. M. E. Badry, and D. A. E. Shahaby, " Oxidative Stress in Patients with Moderate to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea", The Egyptian Journal of Chest diseases and tuberculosis, vol. 58, issue 2, Submitted.
Abdel-Aziz M, K. 's B, N. A, kamel A, N. N, and E. R. AR, "2 Mucocele of the hard palate in children.", Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. , vol. 85, issue 85, pp. 46-49, Submitted.
Abdel-Aziz M, K. B, N. A, kamel A, N. N, and E. R. AR, "2 Mucocele of the hard palate in children.", Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. , vol. 85, issue 85, pp. 46-49, Submitted.
Abdel-Aziz M, BADAWY KHALIFA, S. A, R. M, and N. Naguib, "3 Trans-oral endoscopic partial adenoidectomy does not worsen the speech after cleft palate repair.", Braz J Otorhinolaryngol. , vol. 82 , issue 4, pp. 422-426, Submitted.
Abdel-Aziz M, Azab NA, K. R. N. B. M. N., N. A. Azab, BADAWY KHALIFA, M. Rashed, and N. Naguib, "5 The association of Varicella zoster virus reactivation with Bell's palsy in children.", Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. , vol. 79, issue 3, pp. 328-331, Submitted.
O, M., and H. B, "Breast Molecular Profiling and Radiotherapy Considerations.", Novel Biomarkers in the Continuum Of Breast Cancer, London, Springer, Submitted.
Sayed, S. E. M., R. R. Basheer, and S. F. Bahgat, "COLOR STABILITY AND FRACTURE RESISTANCE OF LAMINATE VENEERS USING DIFFERENT RESTORATIVE MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES", Egyptian Dental journal, vol. 62, pp. 1-15, Submitted. 7._color_stability_pdf.pdf
Elbayoumi, K. M., E. R. Hassan, Z. A. M. S. Girh, A. M. M., H. M. Mekky, and M. A. Bosila, "Comparative study on immunogenicity of different inactivated Newcastle disease vaccines used in Egypt and role of prebiotic in improve immune response of commercial broiler chickens. ", Life Science Journal , vol. 11, issue 9, pp. 384-387. , Submitted.
Tamymy, M. E. M., Y. A. Bassiouny, H. E. ashmawy, M. A. Hamza, and A. Yehia, "Comparison between laparoscopic tubal disconnection and hysteroscopic tubal occlusion for the management of hydrosalpinx prior to ICSI ", Reproductive Health & Population Science , vol. 42, pp. 95-111, Submitted.
Barsoum, R., F. Arogudadae, B. Zayed, and M. Eldieb, "Correlation between Karnofsky Performance Status Scale and Short-Form Health Survey in patients on maintenance hemodialysis", J Natl Med Assoc, vol. 96, issue 12, pp. 1661-1667, Submitted.
Rashwan, S., A. A. Elmawgoud, and A. A. Badawy, "Effect of tramadol gargle on postoperative sore throat: A double blinded randomized placebo controlled study. ", Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia (2014) , vol. 30, pp. 235-239, Submitted. egja220.pdf
Bahgat, S. F., R. R. Basheer, and S. E. M. Sayed, "EFFECT OF ZIRCONIA ADDITION TO LITHIUM DISILICATE CERAMIC ON TRANSLUCENCY AND BOND STRENGTH USING DIFFERENT ADHESIVE STRATEGIES", Egyptian Dental journal, vol. 61, pp. 4519-4533, Submitted. 4._shear_bond_st_pdf.pdf
El-Aal, A. A. A., Ashraf Mohamed Emran, A. S. Al-Antably, E. A. E. Saftawy, I. R. bayoumy, N. S. Hassan, and M. Badawi, "immunohistochemical pattern of T lymphocytes population within bilharzial-associated bladder neoplasm microenvironment", international jpurnal of immunology and pharmacology , vol. 28, issue 2, pp. 209-217, Submitted.
Badawy, W. A., S. A. Fadl-allah, and A. M. Fathi, "Influence of nano Ni-Cu-P deposits on the surface characteristics of anodized Al, Al2014 and Al7075", ZPCH, vol. Published Online, 2015-02-10, DOI: 10.1515/zpch-2014-0645, February 2015, Submitted.
of the -“Factors affecting the utilization of marketing research: A reconceptualization”, P. E. M. A., P. B. A. of the annual of -“The marketing research patronage situation: An agency theory conceptualization”, P. B. of the “ Strategic Marketing Research: A Conceptual Framework, Research Agenda and Empirical Investigation”, V. M. S.: C. P. S. V.? D. M. C. V. - " in be a of of to be by Pragmati, P. - "Knowledge-Based Marketing: A Conceptual Framework for the Creation and Sustenance of Intellectual Marketing Capital", P. - "Using Marketing Applications of Data Warehousing in Achieving Organizational Excellence in Customer Support and Service", "T. R. S. ' E. E. I. L. P. M. O. B. - of and in the and of Schoo, and M. I. T. M. C. C. L. C. E. - T. C. C. U. I. - "A. A. of of B, International Conferences:, , Submitted. Abstract


Helal, M. H., S. Mahmoud Mansour, ahmed morsy mostafa, maissa kamel noaman, and manal mohamed refaat Beshir, "Loco-regional staging of cervical carcinoma: Is there a place for Multidetector CT?", egyptian journal of radiology and nuclear medicine, Submitted. paper_pdf_form.pdf
Badry, D. M. E., D. A. Hussein, D. H. E. Ghawaby, and D. M. E. Marzouk, "Metabolic Monitoring During Controlled and Spontaneous Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with Sepsis and COPD in Intensive Care Unit ", The Medical Journal of Cairo University, vol. 77, issue 2, Submitted.
Wadie, D. A., D. O. T. D. M. E. Badry, D. S. A. E. Shafee, D. A. Hussein, D. I. A. E. D. tarek Helmy, and D. K. Monereto, "On PUMP versus off PUMP coronary bypass grafting post-operative clinical and laboratory focus on neurological outcome", Medical Journal of Cairo University, Submitted.
Sweilam, N. H., H. Moharram, U. A. Badawi, and O. Ismail, "Online Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance Scheme using Diskless Checkpointing for Solving Sparse Linear Systems", Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences, Submitted.