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Bawish, B. M. A. E. M., R. H. Fayed, and A. A. E. H. Razek, Effect of Management Factors on Welfare and Productive Performance of Muscovy Ducks, , Cairo,Egypt, Cairo, 2018. english_abstract.pdf
Mohamed, R. A., W. A. H. Kader, A. - E. A. Balbaa, and S. M. A, Effect of Quadriceps Muscle Fatigue on Electromyographic Activities in Knee Osteoarthrities, , Egypt, Cairo, 2012. abstract.docx
Badran, A. M. M., F. K. R. Stino, A. A. El moneem Desoky, and E. M. Aboeta, Effect of Sodium bicarbonate supplementation on laying performance and physiological parameters during hot weather, : M. Sc. Thesis, Faculty of Agric. Cairo University, Egypt, 2003. Abstract
Badawy, M. A., S. A. Shehata, and M. M. Elmogy, Effect of some pre and post harvest treatmenys on storageability of som snap bean cultivars , , giza, cairo, 2001.
Badawy, M. A., S. A. Shehata, A. M. Elbehary, and Z. F. Fawezy, Effect of sowing dates and foliar spray With phosphorus and potassium on growth and yield of cowpea , , giza, c, 1997.
Al-Weshahy, A., M. El-Nokety, M. A. A. Bekheet, and V. Rao, Effect of storage on antioxidant activity of freeze-dried potato peels, : Faculty of Agriculture Cairo University, 2013. Abstract
El-Sawy, R. E. - S. E. - S. M., and B. H. Botrus, The Effectiveness of a Program to Develop Auditory Perception and Readiness to Read for the Kindergarten Child with Learning Difficulties, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractrehab_el-said_el-sawy_mohamed_el-sawy.pdf

Hence this study is to answer the main question: Can the used program that
lead to the development of auditory perception and reading readiness of
kindergarteners with learning difficulties? The final study sample consists of (21)
children from the second year of kindergarten in Alexandria who suffer from
deficiencies in their the academic skills of audio perception and reading readiness,
whose ages range between the ages of time (5-6) years, Achieving the objectives
of the study requires the use of certain tools and the following standards:
l) Stanford scale-home of intelligence, the fourth image: prepared by Louis
Malika (1998).
2) Measure of the social economic, and cultural measure of the Egyptian
family: prepared by / Mohamed Bayoumi Khalil (2000).
3) A list of early detection of developmental learning difficulties inprschool
children: prepared by Suheir Kamel (2010).
4) A Battery for those with developmental learning difficulties.
5) A measure of auditory perception of kindergarten children with learning:
prepared by the researcher.
6) A measure of readiness of kindergarten children with learning difficulties:
prepared by the researcher.

Badawy, R. I., D. S. S. Badawy, D. M. A. Mansour, M. H. Ahmed, and A. M. A. A. Al-Wahab, Efficacy and safety of thoracic paravertebral block in breast surgery: Blind-landmarks- technique vs Ultrasound guided technique, , cairo, cairo, 2015. ahmed_md.pdf
Negm, H. M., H. M. El-Bosraty, H. A. Badiea, and M. S. Fahim, Endoscopic sellar, suprasellar and parasellar surgery with image guidance, , 2014.
Bahr, A. D., M. M. Amin, W. R. El-Ashmawy, and A. A.M., Epidemiological Study on Pasteurellosis in Cattle and Buffaloes, , 2017.
Elsherif, M. A., H. T. Elhamamsy, and T. A. Baraka, Equine Metabolic Syndrome - Laminitis, , El Geiza, Cairo Univeristy, 2014.
Badr, A., and undefined, Estimation of Serum Bcl-2 as a Marker of Apoptosis in type II diabetes, , Cairo, Cairo University , 2003.
Marzouk, S. A., M. A. Bushnak, M. A. Kaddah, and M. E. Sorogy, Evaluation of Alveolar Bone After Rapid Maxillary Expansion, , Cairo, Cairo, 2000.
Bassiouni, M. E., H. B. Elsayed, M. A. Salem, and G. A. Malak, Evaluation of coronary artery disease among egyptian population with non alcoholic fatty liver disease using multislice CT, , Cairo, Cairo, 2015.
Marei, M., Feminizing genitoplasty in virilised females with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: Clinical aspects and surgical management, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2013. Abstract

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia in females leads to virilization of the external genitalia and anomalous genitourinary tract. Surgical repair during infancy is indicated to raise a female child with external genitalia matching her gender and to avoid psychosocial and genitourinary complications. Earlier surgery is believed to be easier and of better results. The outcome parameters studied in this work are; (a) parents' and professionals' satisfaction of the appearance of the feminized external genitalia, (b) adequately sized and positioned vagina and urethra and (c) occurrence of short term complications. We propose a link between the two known theories by stipulating that although the confluence depth and operative difficulty occur in a spectrum rather than either "high" or "low"; this spectrum is concentrated in its middle third where the vagina joins the urethra near the point of pseudo-verumontanum.The degree of virilization does not accurately reflect the depth of the confluence or the operative difficulty.

Key Words: DSD, Intersex, Feminizing Genitoplasty, Urogenital Sinus, Virilization, Female Pseudohermaphrodite, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

03/2013, Degree: PhD Paediatric Surgery, Supervisors: Ayman H Abdelsattar, Mona Mamdouh Hassan, Mohamed M Elbarbary, Montasser M Elkotby

Gad, M. A., A. A. Elkholy, I. K. Behairy, and S. M. Radwan, Fluconazole resistant among patient with invasive candidiasis, , 2013.
Basyoni, H. A., M. H. Abdalsalam, K. A. Bayomi, I. M. Fawzy, and L. A. Rashed, Forensic Identification of Mixed Seminal and Vaginal Fluids by using microRNA Markers, , cairo, cairo, 2015. abstract.docx