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A, M. M., H. A. M. Farghali, A. H. Elsayed, I. A. Emam, E. A. Abdelnaby, and R. RT, "A potential Use of Doppler Sonography for Evaluating Normal Hemodynamic Values of the Hepatic, Pancreatic and Splenic Vessels in Domestic Rabbits", Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, vol. 8, issue 5, pp. 506-518., 2020. aavs_8_5_506-518.pdf
A, K., E. FT, A. E. MM, G. SM, S. N, M. A, and E. D. AHM, "Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 rs17576 Gene Polymorphism and Behçet’s Disease: Is There an Association?", Immunol Invest., vol. 46, issue 5, pp. 460-468, 2017. mmp_on_line.pdf
A, N., B. H, M. HK, and S. UW., "[Eye changes following bone marrow transplantation].", Klin Monbl Augenheilkd, 1985. AbstractWebsite
A, A. B. D. E. L. F. A. T. T. A. H. S., E. F. HMM, E. GEM, and I. DY, "Comparative study of the shaping abilities od two nickel-titanium rotary systems manufactured by twistng method versus milling method in-vitro study", Egyptian Dental Journal , vol. 56, pp. 1699-1707, 2010.
A, E. K., H. M, A. F. M, G. M, Y. FG, P. TM, and K. EM, "Role of Blood Cultures in Management of Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Cairo", Intern J Trop Med, vol. 2, issue 2, pp. 59-62, 2007. Website
A, G. - A., S. M, B. U, A. C, H.?hnle M, F. M, M. J, W. L, and W. G., "Flavonoid Production in Transgenic Hop (Humulus lupulus L", Plant Cell Reports, 2011. Abstract

Hop is an important source of secondary metabolites, like flavonoids. Some of these are pharmacologically active. Often, their concentration in wild type plants is rather low.

A, H. M. H., M. R, H. M. H, A. T. A, E. - G. A. O, and S. M. A, "Biological and Chemical Investigation of the Soft Coral Lobophytum pauciflorum Collected from the Egyptian Red Sea", International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research, vol. 8, issue 6, pp. 906-911, 2016. Abstract

Soft corals of the genus Lobophytum, a marine invertebrate, have shown diverse biological activities as antiinflammatory, cytotoxic, and antibacterial. Our research is concerning with biological screening and discovering bioactive substances from the Red Sea soft coral Lobophytum pauciflorum. In vitro cyclooxygenase inhibitory activity using COX-1 and COX-2 kits and antimicrobial screening were carried out for n-hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and methanol fractions. The isolated compounds were elucidated using different spectroscopic methods including nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry. Also n-hexane fraction was subjected to GC/MS analysis. Bioassay guided fractionation resulted in isolation and characterization of two bio-active metabolites nephthenol (2) and gorgost-5-ene-3β-ol (3) with significant in vitro antiinflammatory activity against COX-1 and COX-2 compared to Indomethacin and Celecoxib. Four other compounds were also isolated: Heptadecan-1-ol (1), palmitic acid (4), stearic acid (5) and batilol (6). The isolated compounds showed antimicrobial activity ranging from 25 μg/ml to 50 μg/ml against the tested microorganisms. The fatty acid constituents of the n-hexane fraction were identified by GC/MS analysis; results revealed the presence of hexadecanoic acid, methyl ester as major saturated fatty acid and 7,10-hexadecadienoic acid, methyl ester as major unsaturated fatty acid.
Keywords: Lobophytum pauciflorum, gorgost-5-ene-3β-ol, nephthenol, COX-1, COX-2 and GC/MS.

A, T., Abdelhafez YG, O. AA, H. A, and E. - R. Sh, "Diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG PET/Contrast-enhanced CT versus contrast enhanced CT alone for post-treatment surveillance of malignant ovarian tumors", Nuclear Medicine Communications, vol. 37, issue 5, pp. 453-460, 2016. diagnostic_performance.pdf
A, E. - F. H. S., G. A. F, H. N. E, and N. M. Elsayed, "Effect of Buerger Exercises on Improving Peripheral Circulation of the Lower Extremities among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at Selected University Hospital-Egypt", Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Developmen, vol. 10, issue 6, pp. 692- 697, 2019.
A, F., B. S, S. MA, and E. - F. A, "Young diabetic patients had increased coronary and extracoronary atherosclerotic burden as detected by multidetector computed tomography.", 23rd Scientific meeting of the International Society of Hypertension, Vancouver, Canada, September, 2010.
A, S. S., M. F. A., and F. S. S., Sprout production on leogume, , giza, caio, 2012.
A, T., Abdelhafez YG, O. AA, Hamada E, and E. - R. Sh, "Diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG PET/Contrast-enhanced CT versus contrast enhanced CT alone for post-treatment surveillance of malignant ovarian tumors", Nuclear Medicine communications., vol. 37, issue 5, pp. 453-460, 2016.
A, G., S. AA, E. AA, and L. S, "Effect of gender, obesity and neck circumference on the severity of obstructive sleep apnea in Egyptian patients", European Sleep Research Society 24 th congress, Basel, September 2018.
a, Y. F. B., E. S. ElZanfaly, H. M. Essam, and H. E. - S. Zaazaa, "Development and validation of stability indicating TLC densitometric and spectrophotometric methods for determination of Clobetasol propionate", Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, vol. 54, issue 2, pp. 165–174, 2016.
A, H., S. K, and F. A, "Automatic Morphological Rule Induction for Arabic ", In the Proceedings of The LREC'08 workshop on HLT & NLP within the Arabic world: Arabic Language and local languages processing: Status Updates and Prospects, Morocco, May , 2008.
A,  S., E. H. H, A. H. D, and M. FA, "Evaluation of Medicago sativa L. sprouts as antihyperlipidemic and antihyperglycemic agent.", Pak.J.Pharm.Sci. , vol. 28, issue 6, pp. 2061-74, 2015.
A, D. M., D. A. M, L. A. motelib S, and R. V. C, "Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy;Clinical, biochemical, and molecular study in three Egyptian patients.", Gene Counseling, vol. 10, issue 78, pp. 15, 2016.
A, F., B. SWG, E. aroussy W, and F. E, "Diastolic dyssynchrony has no impact on quality of life in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.", European Society of Cardiology Annual meeting , London UK, August 2015.
A, D., T. L. Sholkamy A, G. RM, and G. EA, "Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Is There a Tumor Size Limit? ", Transplant Proc., vol. 2018.04.038, 2018. Website