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Awad, A., M. Weidlich, and M. Weske, "Consistency Checking of Compliance Rules", Business Information Systems, 13th International Conference, {BIS} 2010, Berlin, Germany, May 3-5, 2010. Proceedings, vol. 47: Springer, pp. 106–118, 2010. Abstract
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Awad, A., A. M. Abd-El-Wahab, H. M. Abd-El-Mottaleb, and M. M. M. Hussein, "Effect of seeding rate and nitrogenous fertilizer levels on flax. 3.-effect on fiber yield and quality", Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research (Egypt), 1997. Abstract
Awad, A. I., A. E. Hassanien, and H. M. Zawbaa, "A cattle identification approach using live captured muzzle print images", Advances in Security of Information and Communication Networks: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 143–152, 2013. Abstract
Awad, M., A. E. Hassan, and H. Bekhit, "The use of connectivity clusters in stochastic modeling of highly heterogeneous porous media", Arabian Journal of Geosciences, vol. 11, issue 98, pp. DOI 10.1007/s12517-018-3432-7, 2018.
Awad, M. I., S. Sata, K. Kaneda, M. Ikematsu, and T. Ohsaka, "Ozone electrogeneration on Pt-TaOy sol-gel film modified titanium electrode: Effect of electrode composition on the electrocatalytic activity", Journal of Energy Chemistry, vol. 24, issue 2, pp. 178-184, 2015.
Awad, A., and S. Sakr, "On efficient processing of BPMN-Q queries", Computers in Industry, vol. 63, no. 9, pp. 867-881, 2012. Abstract


Awad, A., "« La mort : une double figure de la vie. Le rapport entre “ Le Livre des morts ” des anciens égyptiens et Passage de Milan de Michel Butor »", Romanistische Zeitschrift für Literaturgeschichte / Cahiers d’Histoire des Littératures Romanes, vol. 36, 2012.
Awad, M. A., M. E. Hasanin, M. M. Taha, and A. A. Gabr, "Effect of stretching exercises versus autogenic training on preeclampsia.", Journal of exercise rehabilitation, vol. 15, issue 1, pp. 109-113, 2019. Abstractpreeclampsia.pdf

Preeclampsia (PE) is the most common medical complication of pregnancy characterized by hypertension and significant proteinuria after the 20th week of gestation, its prevalence is about 2%-8% of pregnancies. Antihypertensive drugs were found to have an adverse effect to both the mother and the fetus so interest is increased in nonchemical treatment. This study was conducted to compare between the effects of stretching exercises versus autogenic training (AT) on PE. This study was carried out on 40 preeclamptic primiparous women, their gestational age was exceeding 20 weeks. They were randomly divided into two equal groups; group A consisted of 20 women received stretching exercises and group B consisted of 20 women received relaxation training in the form of AT. All patients in both groups A and B received (3 sessions per week for 6 weeks) and received methyldopa as the antihypertensive drug. Evaluation of all patients in both groups A and B was done before and after the treatment program by assessing arterial blood pressure and proteinuria. Results of this study revealed that there is a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and proteinuria in both groups A and B after 6 weeks of treatment. There was no significant difference between both groups post-treatment in systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and proteinuria. It can be concluded that both stretching exercise and AT were found to be effective nonchemical methods which control the symptoms of PE.

mahmoud awad, N., M. ibrahim faramawey, and B. gamal, Management of pediatric condylar fractures using specially designed pivot splint, , 2015.
Awad, E., Bayoumi, Farha, O. A., and Gobashy, M, "Gravimetric studies on the Eastern portion of the Mediterranean sea", Paper presented at the International conference on aquatic resources of the arab region., Alexandria, Egypt., 7-9 May, 2005.
Awad, H. A., and Z. A. Alrefaie, "An evidence for the transcriptional regulation of iodothyronine deiodinase 2 by progesterone in ovarectomized rats.", Journal of physiology and biochemistry, vol. 70, issue 2, pp. 331-9, 2014 Jun. Abstract

Recent literature lacks studies on the effects of progesterone withdrawal on peripheral conversion of thyroxin (T4) into triiodothyronine (T3) by iodothyronine deiodinase 2 (D2) in different body tissues. The present study aimed to assess the possible relation of progesterone to T4, T3, and D2 in ovarectomized rats. Thirty female Wistar rats were included into a sham-operated control group and an ovarectomized group. Four months following the surgical procedures, measurements of estradiol, progesterone, free T4, free T3, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) were done. Also, estradiol/progesterone and T4/T3 ratios were calculated. Tissue homogenates from the kidney, liver, brain, thyroid, mandible, and femur were used to assess expression of D2 mRNA. The estradiol/progesterone ratio showed a significant increase in ovarectomized rats. T4 showed a significant increase in contrast to T3 which showed a highly significant decrease following ovariectomy. The T4/T3 ratio was significantly increased in ovarectomized rats. In addition, D2 expression was significantly attenuated in all tissue homogenates of the ovarectomized group. The present work showed a significant positive correlation between T4 and T3 in the sham-operated control rats, which was abolished in ovarectomized rats. A negative significant correlation between progesterone and T4 was revealed in ovarectomized rats. There was also a significant positive correlation between progesterone and D2 expression in the ovarectomized group. The results of the present study hypothesize that progesterone withdrawal may underlie the decrement in D2 expression, with consequent reduction in the peripheral conversion of T4 into T3 leading to a hypothyroid state.

Awad, A., A. Mohamed, A. A. El-Sherif, and O. A. Nasr, "Interference-aware energy-efficient cross-layer design for healthcare monitoring applications", Computer Networks, vol. 74, Part A, pp. 64 - 77, 2014. Abstractcomputernets_health_2014.pdfWebsite

Body Area Sensor Networks (BASNs) leverage wireless communication technologies to provide healthcare stakeholders with innovative tools and solutions that can revolutionize healthcare provisioning; BASNs thus promotes new ways to acquire, process, transport, and secure the raw and processed medical data to provide the scalability needed to cope with the increasing number of elderly and chronic disease patients requiring constant monitoring. However, the design and operation of BASNs is challenging, mainly due to the limited power source and small form factor of the sensor nodes. The main goal of this paper is to minimize the total energy consumption to prolong the lifetime of the wireless BASNs for healthcare applications. An Energy–Delay–Distortion cross-layer framework is proposed in order to ensure transmission quality for medical signals under limited power and computational resources. The proposed cross-layer framework spans the Application–MAC–Physical layers. The optimal encoding and transmission energy are computed to minimize the total energy consumption in a delay constrained wireless BASN. The proposed framework considers three scheduling techniques: TDMA, TDMA–Simultaneous Transmission and dynamic frequency allocation scheduling. The TDMA–ST scheme schedules the weakly interfering links to transmit simultaneously, and schedules the strongly interfering links to transmit at different time slots. The dynamic frequency allocation scheme allocates the time–frequency slots optimally based on the application’s requirements. Simulation results show that these proposed scheduling techniques offer significant energy savings, compared to the algorithms that ignore cross-layer optimization.

Awad, M. I., M. M. Saleh, and T. Ohsaka, "Recent progress in the electrochemistry of planar and reticulated vitreous carbon: Fundamentals and applications", Current Topics in Electrochemistry, vol. 17, pp. 15-45, 2012. published.pdf
Awad, M. A., P. D. H. A. Sami, and D. N. Abdel-Razek, Musculoskeletal application of multislice CT, , cairo, cairo, 2006.
Awad, H., "A New Light on Coptic Cryptography", Abgadiyat, vol. 8, no. 1: Brill, pp. 59–66, 2013. AbstractWebsite


Awad, T. M., and M. A. Kandil, "Dosage-mortality studies of some recommended insecticides on the pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders).", Dosage-mortality studies of some recommended insecticides on the pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders)., issue 1323, 1980. Abstract
Awad, Z. M., and O. M. Shalabiea, "Deuterium Chemistry in the Young Massive Protostellar core NGC 2264 CMM3", Astrophysics and Space Science, vol. 363, issue 1, pp. 12, 2018. 5-lbhth_lkhms.pdf
Awad, M. I., M. M. Saleh, and T. Ohsaka, "Electroactivity regeneration of sulfur-poisoned platinum nanoparticle-modified glassy carbon electrode at low anodic potentials ", Journal of solid state electrochemistry, vol. 19, issue 5, pp. 1331-1340, 2015.
Awad, H. M., W. A. L. I. D. FAYAD, S. M. El-Hallouty, T. A. Farghaly, and M. M. Abdallah, "Anticancer activity of some [1,2,4]triazepino[2,3-a] quinazoline derivatives: monolayer and multicellular spheroids in vitro models", Med Chem Res , vol. 25, pp. 1952–1957, 2016.
Awad, A., "BPMN-Q: A Language to Query Business Processes", Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures - Concepts and Applications , Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures (EMISA'07), St. Goar, Germany, October 8-9, 2007, vol. {P-119}: {GI}, pp. 115–128, 2007. Abstract


Awad, E., Bayoumi, Farha, O. A., and Gobashy, M, "Geological Implications of BAhymetry data of the southeastern Mediterranean sea, Egypt.", Paper presented at the Fourth international conference of the geology of Africa, , Assiut-Egypt., April, 22, 2005.