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ATTIA, S. A. M. A. R. S. A. Y. E. D., M. O. N. A. M. A. H. M. O. U. D. ALY, M. A. I. S. A. SHALABY, S. H. A. I. M. A. A. E. L. SAYED, and S. O. H. E. I. R. MAHMOUD, "Therapeutic Effect of Lauric Acid, a Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acid on Giardia lamblia in Experimentally Infected Hamsters", PARASITOLOGISTS UNITED JOURNAL, vol. 6, issue 1, pp. 89-98, 2013. therapeutic_effect_of_lauric_acid_a_medium_chain_saturated_fatty_acid_on_giardia_lamblia_in_experimentally_infected_hamsters.pdf
Attia, A. A. E. M., and A. M. Hassan, "Effect of cryotherapy on pain management at the puncture site of arteriovenous fistula among children undergoing hemodialysis", International Journal of Nursing Sciences, vol. 4, issue 2017, pp. 46-51, 2017. effect_of_crytherapy.pdf
Attia, N. F., S. Sami, S. E. A. Elashery, and J. Siddiqui, "Nanostructure Materials as a Promising Route for Efficient Renewable Energy Production, Storage, and Conversion ", Journal of Nanomaterials, vol. 2020, issue 7261625, 2020.
Attia, A. S., S. Ram, P. A. Rice, and E. J. Hansen, "Binding of vitronectin by the Moraxella catarrhalis UspA2 protein interferes with late stages of the complement cascade", Infection and immunity, vol. 74, no. 3: Am Soc Microbiol, pp. 1597–1611, 2006. Abstract
Attia, O. E. A., T. K. Lowenstein, and A. M. A. Wali, "Middle Miocene gypsum. Gulf of Suez; Marine or nonmarine?:", Journal of Sedimentary Research (Formally Journal of Sedimentary Petrology), vol. A65, pp. 614-620, 1995.
Attia, M. A., A. R. Zekri, J. Goudsmit, R. Boom, H. M. Khaled, M. T. Mansour, F. de Wolf, H. M. el-Din, and C. J. Sol, "Diverse patterns of recognition of hepatitis C virus core and nonstructural antigens by antibodies present in Egyptian cancer patients and blood donors.", Journal of clinical microbiology, vol. 34, issue 11, pp. 2665-9, 1996 Nov. Abstract

Serum samples from 429 cancer patients, 82 unpaid blood donors, and 74 paid blood donors were tested for hepatitis C virus (HCV) markers in two commercially available enzyme immunoassays (EIAs). A total of 229 of 429 (53.4%) cancer patients were positive by the two EIAs. A total of 34 of 156 (21.8%) of the blood donors were positive by the EIAs, with a higher prevalence among paid blood donors (20/74; 27%) compared with that among the unpaid blood donors (14 of 82; 17%). EIA-positive sera were tested for confirmation of the results in an immunoblot assay (LiaTek) in which reactivities to four synthetic peptides representing the HCV core protein and two synthetic peptides representing nonstructural proteins 4 and 5 were measured. Of 243 first and/or second EIA-positive samples from cancer patients, 188 (77.2%) were confirmed to be positive in the synthetic peptide immunoblot. A total of 33 of 35 (94.3%) blood donor samples were confirmed to be positive. A great diversity in reactivity patterns was seen. However, all sera from the group of paid blood donors were exclusively reactive to core peptides 1 and 2. A subset of LiaTek assay-positive samples were tested by the four-antigen RIBA-2 assay. The sera from the paid blood donors were all nonreactive. A subset of the LiaTek-positive sera was analyzed for the presence of the HCV genome by reverse transcriptase-PCR. Eleven of the 20 serum samples with reactivity to LiaTek core peptides 1 and 2 only were HCV reverse transcriptase-PCR positive, as were the majority of the sera with other reactivity patterns by the LiaTek assay. The results confirm the very high prevalence of HCV infection in Egypt. Furthermore, the results indicate that there is circulating in Egypt, particularly in the group of blood donors paid for their donation, an HCV variant which elicits an immune response that is not detected by the RIBA-2 assay.

Attia, H., S. A. Elbanna, R. A. Khattab, M. A. Farag, A. S. Yassin, and R. K. Aziz, "Integrating Microbiome Analysis, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics, and Histopathology to Elucidate the Protective Effects of Pomegranate Juice against Benzo-alpha-pyrene-Induced Colon Pathologies", International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 24, issue 13, 2023. Abstract

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g., benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), are common dietary pollutants with potential carcinogenic activity, while polyphenols are potential chemopreventive antioxidants. Although several health benefits are attributed to polyphenol-rich pomegranate, little is known about its interaction with BaP. This study integrates histochemical, microbiomic, and metabolomic approaches to investigate the protective effects of pomegranate juice from BaP-induced pathologies. To this end, 48 Sprague–Dawley rats received, for four weeks, either pomegranate, BaP, both, or neither (n = 12 rats per group). Whereas histochemical examination of the colon indicated tissue damage marked by mucin depletion in BaP-fed animals, which was partially restored by administration of pomegranate juice, the fecal microbiome and metabolome retained their resilience, except for key changes related to pomegranate and BaP biotransformation. Meanwhile, dramatic microbiome restructuring and metabolome shift were observed as a consequence of the elapsed time (age factor). Additionally, the analysis allowed a thorough examination of fecal microbiome–metabolome associations, which delineated six microbiome clusters (marked by a differential abundance of Lactobacillaceae and Prevotellaceae, Rumincococcaceae, and Erysipelotrichaceae) and two major metabolome clusters (a sugar- and amino-acids-dominated metabotype vs. a cluster of fatty acids and hydrocarbons), with sugar alcohols maintaining a unique signature. In conclusion, using paired comparisons to minimize inter-individual animal variations allowed the dissection of temporal vs. treatment-derived variations. Microbiome–metabolome association clusters may be further exploited for metabotype prediction and gut-health biomarker discovery.

Attia, M., M. A. A. Rashwan, and M. S. M. El-Mahallawy, "Autonomously normalized horizontal differentials as features for hmm-based omni font-written ocr systems for cursively scripted languages", Signal and Image Processing Applications (ICSIPA), 2009 IEEE International Conference on: IEEE, pp. 185–190, 2009. Abstract
Attia, A. A., M. M. Saadeldin, H. S. Soliman, A. - S. Gadallah, and K. Sawaby, "Structural and optical properties of p-quaterphenyl thin films and application in organic/inorganic photodiodes", Optical Materials, vol. 62, pp. 711-716, 2016. a_b_s_t_r_a_c_t.docx
Attia, M. M., MY Elgendy, M. Abdelsalam, A. Hassan, A. Prince, N. M. Salaeh, and N. A. Younis, "Morpho-molecular identification of Heterophyes heterophyes encysted metacercariae and its immunological and histopathological effects on farmed Mugil cephalus in Egypt", Aquaculture International,, vol. 29(3), , pp. 1393-1407, 2021.
Attia, H. R. M., M. Hamed Ibrahim, S. A. H. El-Aziz, A. H. Abdelrahman, M. E. Sobeih, H. A. A. Hagag, M. E. Yassa, R. A. Osman, R. Rawi, O. A. Y. El-Dayem, et al., "Evaluation of prognostic variables in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and association with disease stage.", Molecular and clinical oncology, vol. 14, issue 5, pp. 100, 2021. Abstract

The aim of the present study was to investigate different biological prognostic markers to identify high-risk patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with a higher tumor burden, in order to ensure appropriate management. A total of 81 Egyptian patients with CLL were enrolled in the present study, with 75 healthy subjects serving as the control group. The expression of CD49d, CD38 and ZAP-70 in CLL cells was assessed using flow cytometry. The fluorescence hybridization technique was employed to evaluate (del17p), ataxia-telangiectasia (del11q) and (del13q14) genes and the presence of trisomy 12. The serological markers β2 microglobulin (B2M) and sCD23 were measured by ELISA. The gene was highly expressed in 25.9% and cytogenetic aberrations were observed in 66.6% of all recruited CLL patients. The patients were categorized according to the Binet staging system and a significant increase in the expression of sCD23, CD49d and ZAP-70 was detected in group C (P=0.008, 0.034 and 0.017, respectively) when compared to groups A and B. CD49d patients exhibited significantly higher expression of CD38 (P=0.002) and trisomy 12 (P=0.015) and lower expression of del13q14 (P=0.001). Patients who were CD49d with B2M>3.5 µg/ml exhibited higher total leukocyte count (P=0.048), higher absolute lymphocyte count (P=0.036), higher expression of CD38 (P=0.002) and trisomy 12 (P=0.034) and lower expression of del13q14 (P=0.002). Therefore, sCD23, CD49d and ZAP-70 may be considered as an optimal prognostic marker combination to be evaluated in the early stages of CLL and throughout disease management. Integrating both serological markers and CD49d expression by flow cytometry may add to the prognostic value of each marker alone and help identify high-risk patients with a higher tumor burden.

Attia, M. M., M. Abdelsalam, M. Y. Elgendy, and A. H. Sherif, Dactylogyrus extensus and Pseudomonas fluorescens dual infection in farmed common carp (Cyprinus carpio), , vol. 173, pp. 105867, 2022. AbstractWebsite

Dactylogyrus extensus and Pseudomonas fluorescens are serious pathogens in Cyprinus carpio aquaculture causing severe impacts and substantial economic losses. During the early spring of 2021, abnormal mortalities were reported among farmed C. carpio. Moribund fish showed anorexia, respiratory distress, dermal ulcers, and septicemia. The water analysis revealed low dissolved oxygen (3.4 mg/L), and high un-ionized ammonia levels (0.65 mg/L). Seventy moribund C. carpio specimens were collected and subjected to parasitological and bacteriological examinations. The monogenetic trematode D. extensus was discovered in wet mounts from the gills of all the examined fish samples (100%). The identity of recovered parasites was confirmed by sequencing and alignment of the 28S rDNA gene. P. fluorescens was concurrently identified in the infested fish samples (58.5%) based on phenotypic characteristics using the API20 E. The identity of bacterial isolates was confirmed further by sequencing and alignment of 16S rRNA gene. The IL-1β and MHCII were upregulated in infested fish in tandem with the severity of infections. P. fluorescens isolates displayed high resistance to most of the tested antibiotics. The study is one of the earlier reports on D. extensus and P. fluorescens co-infections in farmed C. carpio and highlights the need of effective control programs to protect fish health and minimize losses.

Attia, A. A. E. M., S. Dabash, and H. Waheed, "Effect of Routine Daily Nursing Care on the Preterm Neonates' Body Temperature in Incubators", New Egyptian medical Journal, vol. 39, issue 1, 2008. effect_of_routine_daily_nursing_care_on_the_preterm_neonates.doc
Attia, M., "Detecting Forgery of an Oil Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky", Center for the Global Study of Cultural Heritage and Cultural, Kansai University, Japan, vol. 1, pp. Pp. 241-257, 2014.
Attia, M. M., M. K. H., M. Abou-Okada, M. Shamseldean, M. A. I. A. SALEM, and M. N. S. Al-Sabi, "Chitosan–silver nanocomposites as a promising tool for controlling the bed bug: Cimex lectularius (Heteroptera: Cimicidae)", Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers, vol. 38, issue 2, pp. 178-186, 2023.
Attia, A. F., A. A. Abdel-Ghaly, and H. M. Aly, "Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Step-Stress Accelerated Life Test for The Parameters of Pareto Distribution Under Censoring", Annual Conference on Statistics, Computer Science and Operation Research, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University, December, 1996.
Attia, S., M. Mohareb, M. Martens, N. Yoosef Ghodsi, Y. Li, and S. Adeeb, "Shell finite element formulation for geometrically nonlinear analysis of straight thin-walled pipes", International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, vol. 137: Elsevier, pp. 103829, 2021. Abstract
Attia, M. S., M. M. Megahed, A. M. Darwish, and S. Sundram, "Assessment of corrosion damage acceptance criteria in API579-ASME/1 code", International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design: Springer Netherlands, pp. 1–11, Submitted. Abstract
Attia, H. A., A. L. Aboul-Hassan, M. A. M. Abdeen, and E. - D. A. Abdin, "MHD flow of a dusty fluid between two infinite parallel plates with temperature dependent physical properties under exponentially decaying pressure gradient", Bulgarian Chemical Communications, vol. 46, issue 2, pp. 320-329, 2014.
Attia, A. A., H. A. S. S. A. N. M. ABDALLA, S. H. E. R. I. F. F. NAGUIB, M. A. J. E. D. ELSHAFIEY, H. A. N. Y. ELDEWINY, and A. B. D. E. L. H. A. M. I. D. H.EZZAT, "INTERNAL HEMIPELVECTOMY, A LIMB SAVING PROCEDURE, NCI EXPERIENCE.", Minoufia Medical Journal, vol. 20, issue 1, pp. 205-215, 2007. internal_hemipelvectomy_menofeya.doc
Attia, A. A. E. M., and E. A. F. Hassan, "Effect of a Self-Instruction Package on Cognitive Performance among Egyptian and Saudi Pediatric Nursing Students", IOSR Journal of Nursing a nd Health Science, vol. 6, issue 2, pp. 93-100, 2017. azza_eman_abd.pdf