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Attia, M., and M. Rashwan, "A Large-Scale Arabic POS Tagger Based on a Compact Arabic POS Tags Set, and Application on the Statistical Inference of Syntactic Diacritics of Arabic Text Words", Proceedings of the Arabic Language Technologies and Resources Int’l Conference, 2004. Abstract
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Attia, M. M., M. M. Khalifa, and M. A. R. W. A. T. H. ATWA, "The prevalence and intensity of external and internal parasites in working donkeys (Equus asinus) in Egypt", Veterinary World, vol. 11, issue 9, pp. 1298-1306, 2018. prevalence.pdf
Attia, Y. A., C. V. - Vázquez, and Y. M. A. Mohamed, "Facile Production of Vitamin B3 and Other Heterocyclic Carboxylic Acids Using an Efficient Ag/ZnO/Graphene-Si Hybrid Nanocatalyst", Research on Chemical Intermediates, vol. 43, issue 1, pp. 203-218, 2017. 8-_research_on_chemical_intermediate-vitamin_b3.pdf
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Attia, S., H. A. H. Fahmy, and H. Mostafa, "Optimizing FPGA-based Hard Networks-on-Chip by Minimizing and Sharing Resources", Elsevier Integration VLSI Journal, vol. 63, pp. 138-147, 2018. [PDF]
Attia, A., and M. S. Elbasiouny, "Treatment of verrucous epidermal nevus using long pulsed Nd: YAG laser", Egyptian Dermatology Online Journal, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 2, 2010. Abstract
Attia, Y. A., M. Samer, M. A. Moselhy, A. H. Arisha, A. A. Abdelqader, and E. Abdelsalam, "Influence of laser photoactivated graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets and nickel nanoparticles on purple non-sulfur bacteria for biohydrogen production from biomass", Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 299, issue 126898, pp., 2021.
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Attia, Y. A., M. Samer, M. A. Moselhy, A. H. Arisha, A. A. Abdelqader, and E. M. Abdelsalam, "Influence of laser photoactivated graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets and nickel nanoparticles on purple non-sulfur bacteria for biohydrogen production from biomass", Journal of Cleaner Production , vol. 299 , issue 3, pp. 126898, 2021. 1-s2.0-s0959652621011173-main.pdf
Attia, K. A., A. F. Abdelkhalik, M. H. Ammar, C. Wei, J. Yang, D. A. Lightfoot, W. M. El-Sayed, and H. A. EL-SHEMY, "Antisense phenotypes reveal a functional expression of OsARF1, an auxin response factor, in transgenic rice", Current issues in molecular biology, vol. 11, issue 1, pp. I29, 2009. Abstract