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Attia, D. M., "Detecting of Forgery of an Aivazovsky’s Oil Painting", Journal of the General Association Arab Archaeology, vol. Vol. 10, pp. Pp. 122-150, 2009. detecting_of_forgery_of_an_aivazovskys_oil_painting.pdf
Attia, Y. A., Y. M. A. Mohamed, and T. A. Altalhi, "Photobiosynthesis of metal/graphene nanocomposites: new materials for water desalination and purification", Desalination and Water Treatment, vol. 57, issue 54, pp. 26014-26021, 2016. photobiosynthesis_of_metal_graphene_nanocomposites
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Attia, A. F., A. A. Abdel-Ghaly, and H. M. Aly, "Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Step-Stress Accelerated Life Test for The Parameters of Pareto Distribution Under Censoring", Annual Conference on Statistics, Computer Science and Operation Research, Institute of Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University, December, 1996.
Attia, M. M., M. Abou-Okada, M. S. Shamseldean, and S. M. El-Gameel, ""Insecticidal effects of Curcumin (Curcuma longa) against the horse stomach bot fly, Gasterophilus intestinalis (Diptera: Oestridae)."", International Journal of Tropical Insect Science., pp. 42917-42926., 2021. Abstract
Attia, A. A. ‐A., A. K. S. Abdel‐Hameed, M. A. E. M. Amer, H. Mamdouh, sameh fayek gamalEl Din, and H. E. ‐D. G. M. El‐Moslemany, "Study of the prevalence and patterns of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor use among sexually active Egyptian males: A National Cross‐sectional Survey", Andrologia, vol. 51, issue e13364., pp. 1-6, 2019.
Attia, H. A., W. Abbas, A. M. D. Salama, and M. A. M. Abdeen, "Transient Couette Flow of a Dusty Fluid between Parallel Porous Plates with the Ion slip Effect and Heat Transfer under Exponential Decaying Pressure Gradient", International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, vol. 4, issue 8, pp. 1333-1340, 2015.
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Attia, G. M., and E. - S. I. El-Badawi, An Manufacturing industries in the state of Khartoum: A Study in Economic Geography, , Egypt, Cairo University, 2012. Abstractgamal_mohamed_attia.pdf

The study contains an introduction and a preface, six chapters and a conclusion.
The introduction provides reasons for selecting the topic and objectives of the
study, Approaches, methods, previous studies, sources of study, field study and the
difficulties faced the study. The preface includes a geographical glance on the state
of Khartoum and then follows the stages of the development of manufacturing
industries. The first chapter deals with the geographical distribution of
manufacturing industries and geographical factors affecting the manufacturing
industries in the state. Second Chapter discusses the industrial localization in the
state, factors of localization in every industry and industrial evaluation of
localization in the state in respect of the model of Hamilton. Third Chapter deals
with the size structure of the manufacturing industries. The fourth chapter analyzes
the problems of manufacturing industries. The fifth chapter deals with the future of
industrial development, Sixth Chapter examines the map of land use in Khartoum
Bahri industrial area as a case study The study concludes that the manufacturing
industries in the state of Khartoum passes through three stages: the first stage is
the stage of the traditional industries that prevailed during the period 1821 - 1956
during the Turkish rule , the rule of Mahdia and bilateral rule.. The second stage is
the manufacturing industries oriented to replace imports. This stage extends 1956 -
1992. The third stage is the stage of export-oriented industrialization which started
since 1992. The study concluded that the manufacturing industries in the state of
Khartoum are concentrated geographically in the localities of Khartoum,
Khartoum North, East of the Nile and Omdurman, respectively. A set of
geographical factors were impacted on the geographical distribution of
manufacturing industries; the most influential factors were water, land, power
sources, education services and population density. The study also realized that the
manufacturing industries in the state of Khartoum is localized in El mokhtar
administrative unit in the locality of Khartoum North and Omdurman North,
Omdurman South and El thwera elsnaate administrative Units in the locality of
Best Theses Awards, Cairo University (BTACU)
Information System Unit - 64 -
Omdurman. It also localized in administrative Units of Khartoum, Khartoum West
and Khartoum East in the locality of Khartoum. The study also found that the
manufacturing industries in the state were dominated by the pattern of small and
medium industries. The study has completed to show a range of problems
affecting the manufacturing industries in the state; the most influential problems
were funding problems, different taxes and fees, poor administrative capacity and
competitiveness. The study deal with the effects of these problems, most notably
many industrial plants are out of work. The study of the problems resulting from
the manufacturing industries in the state show that the potential impact of
manufacturing on the Nile water pollution , contributing to climate change and
expectations of an increased incidence of malaria. In The future of industrial
development in the state, there will be several changes in manufacturing
industries. Qualitatively, Spatially, Functionally, as well as the trend towards
integrated industries. The study concluded that the levels of industrial use in the
industrial area of bahri are four types: The first type, blocks are the level of using
less than 50% of the total area of the block such as blocks (1&7).The second type,
blocks ranging rate of land use between 50-60%, such as blocks (2&6) . The third
type, blocks ranging rate of land use between 60-70%, such as blocks (3& 5&2
Kafoury. The fourth type, blocks represent using areas more than 70%, such as
blocks (4&8).

Attia, M. S., M. M. Megahed, and A. Gaber, "Weight Minimization of Natural Gas Distribution Riser Systems", Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, vol. 131, no. 6: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, pp. 065001, 2009. Abstract
Attia, M. M., and O. A. Mahdy, "Fine structure of adult fly and different stages of larvae of camel nasal bot; Cephalopina titillator (Diptera: Oestridae)", International Journal of Tropical Insect Science In press, vol. 42(1), pp. . 677–684, 2022.
Attia, H., S. A. Elbanna, R. A. Khattab, M. A. Farag, A. S. Yassin, and R. K. Aziz, "Integrating Microbiome Analysis, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics, and Histopathology to Elucidate the Protective Effects of Pomegranate Juice against Benzo-alpha-pyrene-Induced Colon Pathologies", International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 24, issue 13, 2023. Abstract

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g., benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), are common dietary pollutants with potential carcinogenic activity, while polyphenols are potential chemopreventive antioxidants. Although several health benefits are attributed to polyphenol-rich pomegranate, little is known about its interaction with BaP. This study integrates histochemical, microbiomic, and metabolomic approaches to investigate the protective effects of pomegranate juice from BaP-induced pathologies. To this end, 48 Sprague–Dawley rats received, for four weeks, either pomegranate, BaP, both, or neither (n = 12 rats per group). Whereas histochemical examination of the colon indicated tissue damage marked by mucin depletion in BaP-fed animals, which was partially restored by administration of pomegranate juice, the fecal microbiome and metabolome retained their resilience, except for key changes related to pomegranate and BaP biotransformation. Meanwhile, dramatic microbiome restructuring and metabolome shift were observed as a consequence of the elapsed time (age factor). Additionally, the analysis allowed a thorough examination of fecal microbiome–metabolome associations, which delineated six microbiome clusters (marked by a differential abundance of Lactobacillaceae and Prevotellaceae, Rumincococcaceae, and Erysipelotrichaceae) and two major metabolome clusters (a sugar- and amino-acids-dominated metabotype vs. a cluster of fatty acids and hydrocarbons), with sugar alcohols maintaining a unique signature. In conclusion, using paired comparisons to minimize inter-individual animal variations allowed the dissection of temporal vs. treatment-derived variations. Microbiome–metabolome association clusters may be further exploited for metabotype prediction and gut-health biomarker discovery.

Attia, M. M., O. A. Mahdy, and N. M. K. Saleh, "Prevalence of Linguatula serrata (Order: Pentastomida) nymphs parasitizing Camels and Goats with experimental infestation of dogs in Egypt", International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences, vol. 4, issue 8, pp. 197-205, 2017. linguatula_serrata.pdf
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Attia, M., R. R. A. - B. M. A., "A Compact Arabic Lexical Semantics Language Resource Based on the Theory of Semantic Fields,", LREC2008 conference , Marrakech-Morocco,:, 2008. Abstract