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A, H., E. - S. A, H. E, and H. N, "Association between nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and the incidence of cardiovascular and renal events", J Saudi Heart Assoc, issue 25, pp. 239-246, Submitted. pdf.pdflswdy.pdf
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A El Shafei, Y Nyame, H. Arora, and M. Eltemamy, "PD28-09 DOES MRI-FUSION PROSTATE BIOPSY IMPROVE RISK RECLASSIFICATION FOR PATIENTS WITH PROSTATE CANCER ON ACTIVE ", Journal of Urology, vol. 197, issue 4, pp. 521, 2017.
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A Sayed, M Shimy, M. E. M. M., "Impact of subsystems on the overall system availability for the large scale grid-connected photovoltaic systems", Reliability Engineering & System Safety, vol. 196, 2020.
a*, L. S., D. M. b, F. H. b, R. S. b, R. Z. b, S. H. c, I. G. E. d, and E. Bertini, "Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome presenting with ataxia and external ophthalmoplegia: Case report", The Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics 351–357, vol. 13, pp. 351-357, 2012. mitochondrial_depletion_published_version_-_copy.pdf
a*, L. S., M. Y. Fahmy, and A. A. Orabi, a screening study of congenital disorders of glycosylation in undiagnosed patients with neurodevelopmental delay, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2017.
A-Kader, H. H., A. Abdel-Hameed, M. Al-Shabrawi, N. Mohsen, H. El-Karaksy, B. Hassanein, B. Elsayed, M. K. Abdel-Khalik, and M. Karjoo, "Is biliary atresia an autoimmune disease?", European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology, vol. 15, issue 4, pp. 447, 2003 Apr. Abstract
A-Rahman, A. A., "On Characterizing Oyuang's Family of The second Type Using Lift and Double Truncated Moments", International Journal of Mathematical Archive, vol. 5, issue 9, pp. 210-221, Submitted. AbstractWebsite

This paper considers characterizations of a certain class of probability distributions proposed by Oyuang [20]. A recurrence relation between two consecutive conditional moments of h(Z) given x

A-Rahman., A. A., "A Unified Approach of Some Characterization Results", Journal of Statistics and Mathematics. Bioinfo. Publications. , vol. 4, issue 1, pp. 141-146, 2013. Abstract

This paper considers the problem of identifying some probability distributions using the concepts of right and left truncated moments of some function of the kth order statistic. Furthermore, it investigates the necessary and sufficient conditions to characterize distributions by the equation as well as Some wellknown results follow from our results as special cases.

A-Rahman., A. A., "On Characterizing Some Mixtures of Probability Distributions.", Juornal of Applied Mathematics and Bioinformatics., vol. 3, issue 3, pp. 153-172, 2013. Abstract

The concept of recurrence relations is used to characterize mixtures of two exponential families, two 1st type Ouyang's distributions and two 2nd type Ouyang's distributions. Our results are used to deduce conclusions concerning some mixtures of some well known distributions like Burr, Pareto, Power Weibull, 1sttype Pearsonian and Ferguson's distributions. Furthermore, some characterizations related to some recently distributions like, mixtures of two exponentiated Weibull, exponentiated Pareto and generalized exponential distributions are derived from our results. In addition, some well-known results follow from our results as special cases.

A-Y, H. S., M. F. M, RandS, M. F, M. F, and W. A. R, "Taq1 B Polymorphism Of Cholestryl Ester Transfer Protein; A Potential Risk Factor For Atherosclerosis In Niddm Diabetes Mellitus", Life Science Journal, vol. 12, issue 9, pp. 25-30, 2015.
A., M., and H.M.Onsi, "A Proposed Textual Graph Based Model for Arabic Multi-document Summarization", International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA), vol. 7, issue 6, pp. 435-439, 2016.
A., R. S., and R. R. T., "Macroscopical anatomy of the air sacs of the turkey", International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences, vol. 3, issue 8, pp. 149-159, 2016. Macroscopical anatomy of the air sacs of the turkey .pdf