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Botros, S. H., F. H. Abdel-Azeim, and huda marzouk, Body-Scaled information and reaching strategy in normal and children with hemiplegia, : Cairo University, 2015.
Nermine, H., D. Alaa, and A. Geraldine, Bond Degradation Resistance and Interface Characterization of a Water- Expandable Endodontic Obturation Point., , Cairo, Cairo University, 2016.
said, N. F., Cairo-The Egyptian Capital, , Giza, Cairo, 2017. abstract.pdf
Gad, M. A., A. A.El-Kholy, M. E. G. Anany, and M. M. Sherif, Carbapenems resistant among gram negative pathogens causing infections in ICU, , 2017.
El-Nikeety, M. M., M. H. Ali, and H. A. M. El-Mahdy, Layla D. and Ali, Carrot and mango concentrates as affected by enzymatic treatment, , 2005. Abstract
Awad, A. M. S., A. M. E. Tohamy, H. M. E. Azizi, and A. M. Rehan, Carrying Angle In Relation To Muscle strength In children With Erb's Palsy , , Giza, Cairo univ, 2013. Abstract

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the carrying angle and the muscle strength in children with Erb's palsy and also to assess the effect of reduced muscle strength on the muscle architecture and carrying angle in these children. Subjects and procedures: Twenty three Erb's palsied children (boys and girls) with age ranged from 6 months to 6 years old were selected to participate in this study. Carrying angle was measured by a universal goniometer, muscle architecture parameters (pennation angle and muscle thickness) were measured by ultrasonography and muscle strength was measured by active movement scale for young children and by Laffayette dynamometer for older children. Results: The results of this study revealed that there was a positive significant correlation between carrying angle and pennation angle of biceps during relaxation in affected side of group (2) and a positive correlation between carrying angle and muscle thickness of biceps and triceps during contraction in non affected side of group (1). Also in comparison between both sides there was a significant increase in carrying angle in the non affected side. Also a significant increase in pennation angle of triceps during relaxation in the non affected side. In conclusion: From the obtained results, it can be concluded that there is a relation between carrying angle, muscle architecture parameters and muscle strength.

Adel, A. M., samia rizk, R. Samy, and N. Al-Husseiny, CD177 expression in peripheral blood neutrophil in health and disease states, , Cairo, Cairo university, 2016.
Abdelmaksoud, R., Abdel Wahab M.M, S. A. E. Magd, C. E. Grella, and D. Enaba, Characteristics of Tramadol-dependent Patients Compared to Heroin- dependent Patients, , Cairo, Kasr AlAiny, 2016. Abstract

Objective: To evaluate the clinical characteristics of patients with current tramadol dependence disorder compared to heroin dependence disorder, examine association between sociodemographic variables and dependence disorder of each substance, identify the risk factors correlated to dependence disorder of each substance and correlate the quality of life to severity of dependence of each substance in addition to other characteristics.
Method: A cross sectional observational study including 100 treatment seeking patients with either tramadol or heroin as a primary substance of dependence. Recruited from patients attending Kasr Alainy hospital addiction department (inpatient and outpatient) and Maadi private hospitals for treatment of addiction Psychometric assessment included: Psychiatric assessment using MINI, Addiction severity index (ASI),assessment of Quality of life using WHO QoL BREF, motives of initial and continued substance use and history of traumatic life events.
Results: Tramadol patients had lower educational level, more manual work, initiated any substance at older age, less previous treatment trials (including inpatient admission), more seizures, less legal complications, better environmental QoL, more childhood trauma and less number of lifetime trauma. Kasr AlAiny received less education, had manual work, started cigarette smoking and the use of any substance at younger age. The inpatient groups had worse medical condition, longer addiction treatment history, seizures, more deterioration in occupational, drug and psychiatric domains of ASI, more co-morbid mood disorders, ADHD and substance induced psychiatric disorders and were exposed to multiple lifetime trauma. In the regression models, heroin use predicted worse environmental and social quality of life. Being KA inpatient predicted more lifetime trauma and childhood trauma. Both heroin and KA inpatient predicted worse medical condition.
Conclusion: Heroin patients are worse in most of the aspects of medical, psychiatric, social and legal domains. Tramadol are more likely to suffer from seizures. There is a difference based on recruitment site, inpatient/outpatient.
Key Words: Tramadol- Heroin- Egypt- Mood- Quality of life- Motives- Trauma.

Allam, S. F. M., Chemical and Biological Studies on Some Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar Level, : Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, MS.C Thesis, 2000. Abstract
Metwally, N. H., M. A. Abdalla, and M. A. N. Mosselhi, Chemical Studies on the Synthesis of New Glycosides and Nucleosides, , Egypt, Giza, Cairo University, 2009.
Aidy1., E. E. A., I. A. M. Salam1, A. W. A. H. 1, and A. Hilal3, Circulating Micro-RNAs as Non-invasive Molecular Biomarkers for Early Detection Breast cancer., , cairo, cairo, 2016. my_paper.pdf
Anbar, M. A. E. - F. A. E. - L. M., D. M. S. Mahsoub, D. Y. A. E. - M. Fayed, and D. H. E. El-Gamily, The Climate of Eastern Nile Delta and its Environmental Impacts, using Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing , , cairo, cairo, 2012. cu-pdf.pdf
El-Motey, G. G. A., F. I. Moursy, M. M. A. Wahab, A. K. Shalaby, and G. S. Al-Afandi, Climatic effects of surface condition in regional climate model over Nile Basin, , Giza, Cairo, 2015. phd_thesis.pdf
Amer, M. S. M., CLINICAL AND EDUCATIONAL STUDIES ON SOME EQUINE FRACTURES , , Cairo, Cairo University, 2013. full_thesis.pdf
Amer, M. S. M., CLINICAL AND EDUCATIONAL STUDIES ON SOME EQUINE FRACTURES, : Faculty of veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, 2013. Abstract
Amer, M. S. M., CLINICAL AND EDUCATIONAL STUDIES ON SOME EQUINE FRACTURES, : Faculty of veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, 2013. Abstract
ali, H. H., and E. amin, Clinical pharmacology of mivacurium, , 1988.
Kotb, M. M. W., Clinical picture and management of supratentorial gliomas, , Cairo, Cairo University, 1984.