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AboElNaga, S. M., Approaches of national and regional land use planning, , Cairo, Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University, 2016. abstract.pdf
Tawdy, A., M. Fawzy, Z. Maadawy, and M. Amer, Aquaporin 3 as a hyperproliferative marker in BCC, SCC, and psoriasis , , Cairo, Cairo, 2013.
Abulhameed, N. E. A., and S. A. Melad, The Arab paleography in Mamluk and Ottoman Documents : An analytical Study with Preparation the Arab paleographical data base, , الجيزة, جامعة القاهرة, 2010. Abstract

The main issue of this study is to etude and analyze the Arab paleography in Mamluk and Ottoman Documents, and design an Arab Calligraphic data base.

The study is divided into introduction and three chapters . The introduction presents the history of the Arab paleography, the first chapter deals with the Arab Calligraphy in Mamluk documents, chapter two reviews the Arab Calligraphy in Ottoman documents, and chapter three focuses on the data base making and designing.

Then the conclusion comes to explain the findings of the study, and present some recommendations about preparing a dictionary of the Arab Calligraphy, and updating the data base .

foraysa talaat, nervana el faoumy, S. Nassef, and A. Abdelalim, arterial stiffness and carotid artery changes in multiple sclerosis, , 2013.
HUSSEIN, A. M. I. R. A. H. U. S. S. E. I. N. A. H. M. E. D., F. A. A. E. Mahmoudy, and U. M. Ali, The Artist Values For Combination Between Transparent And Reflective Surfaces As An Experimental Approach To Create Of Contemporary Handicrafts, , Giza, Cairo univ, 2013. Abstract

The research concerns with art values of pairing between surfaces transparent and reflective of light as an empirical approach for the innovation of contemporary artwork, through dealing with some materials of transparent and reflective property, through which the relationship between the artworks as a field, and transparency and reflection as a property, confirmed through materials the artist deal with to achieve their ideas in different forms.

Elsharkawy, L., hossam el dessouky, ayatallah sheikhany, and yehia ahmed aly, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Deglutition Disorders after Conservation Laryngeal Surgeries, , cairo, cairo, 2012.
Saad, I., S. Abdelaziz, A. Zeeneldin, A. Eltoni, and I. Loay, Assessment of axillary nodal status post neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: rationale and predictors, , Cairo, Cairo, 2013.
Amin, S. N., S. M. Younan, and I. Mohamady, Assessment of cognitive functions and Some Markers of Synaptic Plasticity in Diabetic rats, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012.
Zaki, S. M., T. E. Abdlgalil, and A. G. Metawee, Assessment of different parameters of mandible using cone beam CT scan, : Cairo University, 2018.
Abdelmoty, P. A., P. B. Elkhouly, L. M. A. Hessein, and D. H. Ahmed, Assessment of EBV in Behcet's disease, , cairo, cairo, 2014.
Abdelmoty, A., B. Elkhouly, M. Hussien, and H. Ahmed, Assessment of EBV in Behcet's disease in Egyptian patients, , Cairo, Cairo University, School of Medicine, 2014.
AbuTaleb, A. S., A. H. Abdelazeem, and Y. A. Radwan, Assessment of Kasr Al-Ainy protocol in management of hemodynamically unstable pelvic fractures, , Cairo, Cairo, 2015. abstract.pdf
Elawar, A., G. Sayed, N. Ibrahim, and W. Abdelrahman, Assessment of metabolic syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis patients and its realtion to disease activity, , Cairo, Cairo university, In Press.
hamid, A. Y. Z., M. A. Nada, A.M.Nawito, and undefined, Assessment of mixed forearm conduction velocity in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, , Submitted.
Makled, H. T. S. M., P. D. M. A. El-Hamid, P. D. M. A. Eldaly, and D. M. A. S. E. Abdelhakim, Assessment of Open Globe Injuries during Egypt Uprising of 25th January, , Cairo, Cairo University, 2012.
Hamid, M. A. - G., P. D. H. A. Sami, P. D. H. Moustafa, and D. A. M. Amin, Assessment of pulmonary embolism using V/Q scan (Planar & SPECT) and MS spiral CT, , cairo, cairo, 2008.