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Effat, D. H. E. A. D. H., D. H. E. G. D. N. Samer, D. S. S. D. A. E. Sherif, D. N. A. D. A. E. Sessi, and D. W. Radawan, "Efficacy of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin in Critically Ill Anaemic Septic Patients", The Medical Journal of Cairo University, vol. 73, issue 4, Submitted.
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(Author), O. E. - S. G., Environmental Impacts on Underground Power Distribution, : Idea Group,U.S., Submitted.
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Saadi, M. G., A. A. Elmeligi, M. S. Elansary, G. R. A. Ahmed, and A. K. Alkemary, Estimation of blood micro RNA192 in patients with diabetic nephropathy, , Cairo, Cairo university, Submitted. MD thesis.docx
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Ragab, H. M., H. M. Shaaban, N. Abd El Maksoud, S. M. Radwan, W. A. El Aziz, and N. E. S. R. E. E. N. H. HAFEZ, "Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Protein in Both Serum Samples and Excised Tumor Tissues of Breast Carcinoma Patients", International Journal of Cancer Research, vol. 12, issue (3-4), pp. 152-161, Submitted. published_vegf_paper.pdf
nehal hamdy elsaid, F. Taha, ghada abelaziz, and marwa abdeltawab, feutin A level in type 2 diabetic patients,relation to microvascular complications, , Submitted.
nehal hamdy elsaid, F. Taha, ghada abelaziz, and marwa abdeltawab, "feutin A level in type 2 diabetic patients,relation to microvascular complications", Egyptian journal of internal medicine 2018, vol. vol 30,2018, Submitted.
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