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Pichia pinus biomass obtained from growth on methanol medium was fed to rats as 10% protein of the diet. Its nutritional, Physiological and histological effects were estimated. The protein efficiency ratio (PER) and the apparent digestibility of the biomass (Dapp) were 2.74 ± 0.107 and 73.99 ± 1.21, respectively, while that of casein (control) were 2.91 ± 0.127 and 90.16 ± 0.64, respectively. the alkaline phosphatase levels mostly showed no significant difference from the control. While the GOT levels were mostly significantly lowered, and the GPT levels did not show consistency. The urea nitrogen and creatinine levels in serum were unchanged, While that of uric acid was only significantly increased after 35 feeding days. Histologically no changes were observed.

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