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Agricultural Microbiology

Under graduate:

1- Agricultural Microbiology  (101 AMB, general course) 2-

2- Agricultural Microbiology  (101 AMB, for food processing students, En.)

3- Fundamentals of Agric. Micobiology ( 203 AMB for Agric Engineering students)

4- Microbial Biotechnology ( 204 AMB)

5- Immunology (305 AMB, English)

6- Immunology (305 AMB , Arabic)

7- Practical Microbiology (310 AMP)

Post graduate :

1- Pathogenic bacteria (618 AMB)

2- Immunology & Serology (659 AMB)

Rashad, F. M., undefined, I. M. Dawood, and F. H. Motawe, "Isolation and characterization of antibiotic /antitumor producing Streptomyces.", Research J. of Pharmacetical, Biological and Chemical Sci, vol. 6, issue 2, pp. 1917-1929, 2015.