Salwa Abd El-Hamid Hamdi Abd El-Salam, professor of Zoology, Department of Zoology – Faculty of Science – Cairo university, 12613-Giza-Egypt, 

Scientific degrees:   

(from Faculty of Science Cairo University)

-B. Sc.  In Zoology With a  general grade "very good with class honour" in may 1990.

-M. Sc degree in Zoology "Immunology and Parasitology".".(1994)

-Ph. D. degree in Zoology "Invertebrate".(2001)

 Professional career:

- Demonstrator of Zoology, in Faculty ofScienceCairoUniversity.(1990-1994)

- Assistant Lecturer of Zoology, Faculty ofScienceCairoUniversity.(1994-2001)

- Lecturer of Zoology, Faculty ofScienceCairoUniversity.(2001-2007)

- Assistant Professor of Zoology, Faculty ofScienceCairoUniversity.(2007-2012) 

- Professor of zoology , Faculty ofScienceCairoUniversity.(2012-till now)

Conferences, workshops, 

Training courses and publications :

-attending and participating in 20 national and international conferences and workshops.

- Attending and participating in 25 training courses including 12 training courses from FLDC (Faculty andLeadershipDevelopmentCenter) inCairoUniversity.

- Completion of microcomputer software programs "Quattro-pro, Excel for window, windows, Harvard and SAS'.

- Completion of English course (Advanced level).

- Published over 26 papers and 3 books published in local and international jornals and      publishers