Sahar Imam is a Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Department of Architecture, Cairo University. She received her BSc (1998), and her MSc (2001) from Cairo University, followed by her Ph.D. (2007) in a program of Data Collection with ‘Universite De Montreal’ Canada. The Ph.D. degree was awarded From Cairo University. Her published research papers appear in International Journals such as the “International Journal for Housing Science”, “Open House International Journal” and “Journal of Engineering and Applied Science”. From 2017 to 2019 she was a member of the Architecture Committee at the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture. In 2016 she was a team member of the research project ‘Sustainable Green Markets, regenerating the urban historic core to sustain Socio-Cultural heritage and economic activities’ Project Id: 26452 - (Ah/N009169/1) funded by Newton-Mosharafa Fund, under the supervision of the Sciences and Technology Development Fund (STDF); and the British Council in Egypt. In the course of the DAAD-funded program of transformation partnership and Middle East cooperation in the field of urban design and architecture she participated in organizing several Design workshops in Port Said 2014 and in Baharia Oasis 2012, and the University of Brandenburg, Cottbus, Germany 2013.