Prediction of Aged Transformer Oil and Paper Insulation

Abstract—Power and distribution transformers reliability is limited by the electrical insulation system quality, which also operates additionally as a heat transfer medium. On the other
hand, cellulose insulation decomposes due to overheating of the transformers causes reduction in their life time. Hence, it is very important to check the insulation levels and the oil insulation quality of the transformers. Several efforts have been made over the past years to study the electrical, physical, and chemical properties of the insulating oils. To manage the life of transformers, to reduce their failures, some measurements are being adopted. In this article, new diagnostic and monitoring technique using Polynomial regression modeling has been developed for these goals. This article contains study done on ten power transformers, which are in operation in the Egyptian networks. The transformers oils are monitored in this study for periods up to 10 years. The results of the used Polynomial regression modeling technique prove a good agreement with the experimental oil characteristic. In this article also, the remaining service life of the transformer is estimated by using the degree of
polymerization of paper insulation

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