Measurements of dielectric properties of High Density Polyethylene-Nano-Composites

Recently, polymers Nano-Composites for various important electrical apparatus are widely used. This paper studies the dielectric properties of high density polyethylene composed with different concentrations of clay-Nano-filler over a high frequency range of 200 to 2 MHz. This paper studies also the frequency and temperature dependence of relative permittivity (er) and loss tangent (tan delta) of pure high density polyethylene and polymer composites with clay-Nano-filler of different concentrations over high frequency range of 200 Hz to 2 MHz and a temperature range of 0–50 C. The experimental results show that mprovements are noticed in relative permittivity (er), loss factor, insulation impedance and dielectric strength by the adding of Clay-Nano-Filler to the polymer material when compared with
High Density Polyethylene without any additives. It has been seen that the dielectric properties of High Density Polyethylene-Nano-Composites at a certain Nano-Filler concentration have been improved.
From the investigation of obtained results, it is concluded that additives of 6% filler concentration by weight is the optimum clay content for HDPE/Clay Nano-Filler material.

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