Torsion of the penis in adults: prevalence and surgical correction.

Shaeer, O., "Torsion of the penis in adults: prevalence and surgical correction.", The journal of sexual medicine, vol. 5, issue 3, pp. 735-9, 2008 Mar.


INTRODUCTION: Torsion of the penis is a condition where the penis rotates around its longitudinal axis, whether congenital or acquired. Extreme degrees may provoke a cosmetic complaint.

AIM: We describe surgical correction of congenital torsion of the penis in adults, and its prevalence among a special patient group.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Success and ease of surgical repair.

METHODS: Sixteen cases with congenital torsion were operated upon, by counter-rotation, using a dartos flap in eight cases, and skin realignment in the other eight. The prevalence of congenital torsion was examined in 12,307 patients attending two andrology clinics.

RESULTS: Full correction was achieved in all cases. Skin realignment was easier and faster than dartos flap, and was equally effective. Congenital torsion was present in 11.993% of the epidemiologic study group, mild in 80%, moderate in 15%, and severe in 5%. Only 2.2% was bothered by the condition.

CONCLUSION: Torsion of the penis is not uncommon but rarely provokes a complaint. Surgical repair by degloving and skin realignment is effective and easy. Dartos flap technique may be utilized if the former is inadequate.