Glans reconfiguration for management of glanular mutilation.

Shaeer, O., A. El-Sebaie, A. Sherif, A. El-Sadat, and A. Shaeer, "Glans reconfiguration for management of glanular mutilation.", The journal of sexual medicine, vol. 5, issue 2, pp. 500-3, 2008 Feb.


INTRODUCTION: The glans penis is prone to mutilation in a handful of conditions, some accidental and others iatrogenic. Deformed functioning remnants of the glans challenge the surgeon's decision. Neither is the glans totally amputated, justifying a neoglansplasty, nor are the remnants cosmetically acceptable, though retaining sensibility and engorgement.

AIM: In this work, we described the "reconfiguration of the glans penis" whereby deformed glanular tissue remnants can be made into a functional and cosmetically acceptable glans.

METHODS: Five patients with separate mutilated lumps of functioning glanular tissue were operated upon. The lumps were mobilized and flattened into sheets and configured to redrape the summit of the penis, minding their vascular and nerve supply.

MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Cosmetic and functional outcome.

RESULTS: The outcome was cosmetically acceptable for all patients in comparison to the preoperative state.

CONCLUSION: Glans reconfiguration may possibly confer an acceptable cosmetic outlook to a mutilated glans without compromising valuable functional characteristics.