Dr. Osama Shaeer is Professor of Andrology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. He also serves as Academician at the European Academy of Andrology and head of its training center in the Middle East, editor in chief of the “Journal of Genital Surgery”and managing editor of “Human Andrology Journal”. Prof. Shaeer is double-qualified in Andrology (from Cairo University and University of Amsterdam) and General/Plastic surgery and is the author of over 50 Medline-listed publications, and is a certified trainer for penile prosthesis implantation surgery.

Among his publications are many innovative surgical techniques, focused on management of difficult cases of penile prosthesis implantation, treatment of genital abnormalities and infertility. Shaeer’s Corporal Rotation, Shaeer’s Penoscopy, Shaeer’s Anti-scarring Technique, Shaeer’s Pelvi-Scrotal Vaso-vasostomy and Dorsal Palloplasty are just examples of his surgical innovations in Andrology.

Furthermore, Prof.Shaeer launched the “Global Online Sexuality Survey” in 2010, re-launched in 2015. The survey has resulted in more the eight international publications investigating and comparing sexuality across different cultures.

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