Humanities (GEN 217)

About this course:

In this part of the course, students learn about the fundamentals of engineering ethics. This part of the course has the following objectives:

  1. Understanding importance of ethics
  2. Tools and techniques to evaluate different situations
  3. Ethics in different settings for engineers
  4. Many real examples and cases
  5. Enhance presentation skills
  6. Enhance/writing skills
  7. Volunteer work

Students prepare presentations each lecture on one of the following topics, and we have a discussion during the lecture:
  1. Schools of ethics - the 5 rules - Least of two harms - Meaning of ethical behavior
  2. Ethics and volunteer work. Responsibilities of engineers and companies towards society - helping people to know
  3. Why people behave unethically? How to motivate people to behave ethically?
  4. Ethics with the environment, sustainable development , codes of ethics
  5. Rights/respobsibilities of engineers in companies - conflict of interest
  6. Team work, and ethical behavior towards coworkers, support groups - syndicates
  7. Conflict between company/individual rights and the society - whistle blowing
  8. Ethics with customers - gift rules - bribery
  9. Ethics to deal with humanity with technical advancements - universal basic income

Course work:

- 7 points for a presentation
- 3 points for participation during the class
- 10 points for volunteer work


Students can now use this link to reserve the on-class presentation. read the description in the form

Lectures and materials:

Lecture 1: