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Journal Article
Omara, M., N. Abdelwahed, M. Ahmed, and M. Hindy, "Simultaneous implant placement with ridge augmentation using an autogenous bone ring transplant.", International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery, vol. 45, issue 4, pp. 535-44, 2016 Apr. Abstract

The severely defective socket, in which implant placement within the remaining bone will result in a significantly off-axis implant position, precludes immediate implant placement and requires bone grafting as an initial surgical intervention. The aims of this study were to evaluate autogenous chin bone ring consolidation after the augmentation of severely defective sockets and the clinical application of these rings in the premolar-molar region with simultaneous implant placement in a one-stage procedure. Ten patients with 12 defective sockets were included. Sockets were prepared with a trephine bur. Bone rings with a tapped implant osteotomy were harvested from the chin with a larger trephine bur. Bone rings were fitted in the prepared sockets. An implant drill was used to prepare the bone apical to the ring through its central osteotomy. Implants were screwed through the rings and the apical bone. Patients were examined clinically and radiographically immediately and at 6 months postoperative. Crestal bone changes were measured and evaluated statistically. All grafted sockets showed bone healing with no significant crestal bone resorption and no infection; only one ring showed dehiscence, which healed during the follow-up period. All implants showed radiographic evidence of osseointegration. The autogenous chin bone ring augmentation technique was found to be a reliable alternative method for the management of severely defective sockets.